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oh bo


hittin a club up, VIP<br />
a got a fake moustache and fake ID<br />
i look like wooly willy with a really wooly willy and i<br />
bypass the bouncer, pass by an ex and i flex and bounce her, wowzers<br />
look at all of bo's hoes, looking for a ride on bo's hose and i<br />
spot a little latina, booty so big call it oprah's ego,<br />
we go do it, through it she says &amp;quot;dios mio mi amigo!&amp;quot;<br />
pull it out, stick it in your mouth, and i bust in the back of ya,<br />
swallow bitch! there's people starving in africa.<br />
single every single day, do it every single way<br />
make the single ladies say, oh bo.<br />
and if i were gay, though i swear i'm straight<br />
i'd make the fellas say, oh bo.<br />
you're an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top, <br />
but careful, cherry, cause i'm the king of pop, pop, pop<br />
pop goes my weasel, now you look like Jackson Pollock's easel.<br />
my suggestion is, you don't blow til you know what congestion is,<br />
swallow when you know what digestion is,<br />
follow bo, the only question is - <br />
have you been splattered before by the mad hatter matador?<br />
cake batter, nevermore, it don't matter whether you're <br />
spanish, french, swedish or cambodian<br />
i'll slime you so hard you could be on nickelodeon.<br />
chorus.<br />
you think that you can handle me, girl don't make me laugh<br />
my junk is bipolar, it'll split you in half.<br />
and if you're lucky, i might just bring you home,<br />
and i'll have you going down like you're growing an extra chromosome.<br />
and when you love me, don't grab me by my buns,<br />
cause i got a bad case of the runs. i got the runs. i got the runs.<br />
chorus. <br />
i'd like to break it down for y'all. i came from the streets with nothing, now i'm making hit records. for all my people still livin in the streets, still livin in poverty - i want to tell you, i'm doin this for you. my success is your success. and i know you may be thinking &amp;quot;hey, if you really believe that, why don't you use some of your money to help rebuild the neighborhood instead of putting spinning rims on a gold jetski...and to that i say...uh, chorus is coming up.<br />
you got a fume like a tuna. i'll smell you later. <br />
i met a fat chick and i ****** her in an elevator.<br />
it was wrong on so many levels...<br />
single every single, do it every single<br />
pop that single like a pringle jingle, oh bo<br />
the song's almost completed all this little ditty needed, <br />
instrument that's double reeded, the oboe.<br />
oh bo play that oboe.

Views: 1834 Submitted: 12/22/2010