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#3 - anon
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(02/13/2011) [-]
What I hear in this:

(Chorus)Foolish Nazi, Please hurt me while I molest, Good piss/I'm pissed, Irishmen/Foolish men never gonna **** with me
(1st & 3rd verse) That's enough, we're giving up
(2nd verse) Listen up/Easy now, Please don't eat my snot
(1st and 3rd verse) I'm molesting oxes now/bless the Nazis now/I'm molesting horses now/bless the oxes now
(1st & 2nd verse) Hell Yeah. My mage will own you (echo) On a boat, Flips porn, on the masse end, Sister lie, ********, ****** needs a whole (echo) Bottle of soap, my mage will own you
(3rd verse) I really mean it, Oh honey, punch the ******........ I could go on but I CBA