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Make You Bleed


Make You Bleed (Assassins Creed 2 Rap Music Video) by TEAMHEADKICK<br />
Lyrics<br />
Im like a Ninja, Hiyaa, come to make you bleed<br />
Tip toein through the shadows, cause Im light on my feet,<br />
Jumping off rooftops, using stealth to kill ya<br />
Its like Ive been here before, this place is looking familiar<br />
With a price on your head, theres no place you can hide<br />
Ill use swords, blades, spears, poison, arrows, and knives<br />
I take lives away, until there aint none left,<br />
Im not a fan of Justin Bieber, Im the Angel of Death<br />
I put the Ass in Assassin, Im kind of a Clown<br />
But the guards will never catch me I dont want to get found,<br />
Signing mad contracts, and and racking up bids<br />
Takin way more hits than Rihanna did Ohhhh,<br />
And did I mention Im the master of disguise<br />
Stab you right in your back from behind 3 times<br />
Was it me, or him, or somebody else<br />
When you see me come a runnin then youll poop yourself<br />
Some People have normal lives,<br />
My only friends are blades, poisen arrows, and knives<br />
Some People have a death wish<br />
Ill Ghost you ************, make you UN exist<br />
Its looking Bleak, I come to make you bleed<br />
No chance to escape, its Assassins Creed, So Bleak<br />
Keep my voice low, no need to get loud<br />
And if you think youve got me pegged, then I blend into the crowd<br />
Hanging around with harlots and prostitutes<br />
Turn around for a second, Ill pickpocket your loot<br />
And shoot my hidden blade right into your chest<br />
The axe to your dome is making a mess<br />
Their perplexed, Hey. where did that guy go?<br />
Crawlin up the building, hanging off the window<br />
On the low, take a nap in the hay, let the law pass,<br />
Then pop out with my blade stick it in your ass<br />
Im fast, and to kill is my mission<br />
Checking out mad butts with my eagle vision<br />
Get out of my kitchen, when Im cooking up pain,<br />
Tossing coins to the crowd, straight making it rain<br />
Im a cereal killer, always eating fruit loops,<br />
But I always got some time to stop and stare at some boobs.<br />
Some People get no respect,<br />
Ill send you swinging with a noose around your neck<br />
Some people are over rated,<br />
Like a chicken with no head, Ill leave you decapitated<br />
Well being a killer really is lonely<br />
Its hard to find a chick that is sick enough to bone me,<br />
So I keep it undercover that my lover is my hand,<br />
And if youve never had to do it, then you wouldnt understand<br />
And my plan is to take everyone of you out,<br />
Toss your ass off the roof or put some poison in your mouth,<br />
And No doubt you cant shout with my sword in your ear,<br />
Like Houdini youll disappear, later<br />
Yeah of course Im running around on my horse,<br />
Always swinging my sword, straight leaving a corpse,<br />
Killing off the bad guys it never gets old,<br />
Revenge is a dish that is best served cold<br />
you can try to run, if you want, but youll never escape,<br />
I got the hidden Gun, Cocked, pointed right at your face,<br />
So watch your back because Im Dangerous,<br />
Im the ************ King of the Animus

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