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Halo reach


Since you all like videogame related videos so much, here's some more I have<br />
/youtube/1034259/Pac+man/<br />
/youtube/973593/Awesome+halo+reach+glitch/<br />
/youtube/1019371/DO+A+BARREL+ROLL/<br />
/youtube/1034182/Douchiest+Halo+Reach+Clip+Ever/<br />
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Thanks for the thumbs. You guys are awesome <br />
All credit to egoraptor. Original description below<br />
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What happens when two kids finally get their wish of playing the GREATEST GAME EVER, HALO REACH?!<br />
Find out in the new Awesome cartoon, AWESOME Reach!!!<br />
Special thanks to Xenogenocide for providing the track &amp;amp;amp;amp;quot;Riding on the Edge!!&amp;amp;amp;amp;quot;

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