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Fail Compilation September 2010


The fail compilation of September 2010 is out. Enjoy the video. I already did. Over 8 minutes of fail. Most people in this video didn't know that they shouldn't defy gravity.<br />
Please rate, comment and favorite this video. You'll help get this video featured and I greatly appreciate that. Many thanks from me.<br />
My goal is to get 1 million views with my video. I already found out on my twisterfail channel with the fail compilation of August that it isn't impossible. So please share this video with your friends, submit this video onto video sharing sites, advertise this video on twitter, facebook etc. etc. Make this video one of the most watched videos of the day. I know it's possible and it would make a great comeback of my channel. Everyone have a nice day and next month we will do the same trick again.

Views: 1834 Submitted: 09/29/2010