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#25 - andrakian
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(06/22/2014) [-]
It's simple. The gangbanger got much more money because 1- People are morons. And 2- People will do anything to get in the most recent trend.
The ones who donated to the gangbanger had no ******* idea of what they were doing, plain and simple. They didn't thought "O, this man's cause is pretty reasonable, much more than that heart surgery guy. I'll help" They just had money and wanted to jump on the bandwagon because "he's, like, soooo cute and, like, he's on tv! ON TV!!!!!"
If the veteran had half the coverage they gave him, he would have received much more funding. Not because they wanted to sicerely help him, but because the media told them this is a trend and they want to feel included. Most people are drones, and will follow whoever has the most popularity.