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User avatar #70499 - muffinzexe
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(07/10/2012) [-]
Storytime bitches!

>play Dayz
>spawn at NW Airfield with firends
>be 4 people
>get into firestation
>loot it
>killed some zombies
>go into hall close to barracks
>more fucking zombies killed
>get into small building next to the hall
>prone all the time
>I'm the only one that know where that barrack excaly is
>they get into the small building while I'm right next to it watching over the airfield
>they all break their legs because they were proning inside the building, fucking bugs
>we all have enough morphine
>get to next building
>look around
>6 zombies between the barracks that are close to us
>run into it
>agro some zombies
>look around while zombies are getting shot by friends
User avatar #70501 to #70499 - muffinzexe
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(07/10/2012) [-]
>it's looted
>friends get mad
>well fuck it
>sneak back to the fire station
>agro a zombie after 5 seconds of sneaking
>fuck it
>run to the firestation
>kill ALL the zombies
>since we have made so much noise and probably some snipers are watching us we decided to run into the hangar and loot shit on the go.
>we all take one hangar each
>I have the 4th one
>everyone looted their hangars on the go
>2 more hangars
>we will just loot them on the go again
>nearly nothing in the hangars
>wait, what do we do now?
>this is why we can't have nice things
User avatar #70502 to #70501 - muffinzexe
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(07/10/2012) [-]
>don't have other option
>run over the airfield while some sniper were probably watching us
>look behind me
>around 20 running zombies are chasing us
>around 50 more crawling zombies are chasing us
>get to the barracks
>climb over bench inside it
>find 2 M4 CCO
>find 1 M4 with a grenade launccher
>pretty cool
>friend dies because he's running around outside
>tell them to gtfo
>friend says wait
>put barbed wire in the barracks door
>hehe, alright
>run the fuck out of there
>20 mins later on chat

tl;dr raiding airfield, doing stupid shit, people get mad
long story is long
User avatar #70507 to #70502 - Timmietim
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(07/10/2012) [-]
DayZ sounds pretty cool, is it really serious or also just for fun? If arma 2 gets on the steam sale i will get it
#70510 to #70507 - awesomeninjathing
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User avatar #70509 to #70507 - muffinzexe
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(07/10/2012) [-]
Well, it is supposed to be serious but you can do so much funny stuff in that game.
For many people the endgame of Dayz is trolling other people, do funny stuff, blown things up, driving around with busses and pick up everyone up you see or get a chopper to rape people.
User avatar #70513 to #70509 - Timmietim
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(07/10/2012) [-]
Oh sounds cool