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User avatar #70437 - nitrojoe (07/10/2012) [-]
How many (next gen (pc or xbox or ps3) games have you beat in total? I have beaten somewhere around 35 so far out of the like 100 games I own. I am trying to beat more stuff lol I am lazy.
User avatar #70504 to #70437 - KwMclovin (07/10/2012) [-]
I've beaten maybe between 20 - 40 games
#70439 to #70437 - bukkakeninja (07/10/2012) [-]
these are my games. I beat i think just about all of them besides digimon world 4 that game is fucking brutal.
User avatar #70587 to #70439 - harvestmoonfanboi (07/10/2012) [-]
To be honest though if i laid out all the games i've finnished like you did too, it'd be about the same. But one random question, how do you manage to have free time if you've played all those games??
#70601 to #70587 - bukkakeninja (07/10/2012) [-]
These are both me (16) and my uncles (19) games put together but we have both beaten each others games and well I just play more than most people if i'm not at a friends house that day i play games from when i get home till around 12am then do homework till 2am which explains why I am a C student. But now I've laid my videos to rest mostly and I'm really big into working out now but when I'm not working out i play some gears of war 3 or pokemon to pass the time maybe watch a little anime.
User avatar #70627 to #70601 - harvestmoonfanboi (07/10/2012) [-]
wow, i wish i had that kind of timetable when it comes to playing games! i usually play till i fall asleep :') plus i usually play addictive as fuck games like Harvest moon and animal crossing!
#70642 to #70627 - bukkakeninja (07/10/2012) [-]
im a tard i just noticed your name.
#70633 to #70627 - bukkakeninja (07/10/2012) [-]
Oh jesus those games in my own opinion are some of the best this world has to offer, they allow you to do what you want and there's no competitive aspect to it and just lets you live a nice life in the game, a fucking favorite of mine.
User avatar #70653 to #70633 - harvestmoonfanboi (07/10/2012) [-]
Same man! Especually Harvest Moon! I love the fact that you can do whatever you want, and it's one of those games that literally take you out of the world you live in and can take you to much more interesting world, which is what a game should do and is meant to do, and what games like CoD (to name one) don't really do.
#70668 to #70653 - bukkakeninja (07/10/2012) [-]
Games like CoD and battlefield don't really appeal to me anymore I became very tired of online multiplayer games and now i'm just really into the story some games tell i mean i play gears of war online often but not much anymore (for some reason it completely clan based now with hundreds of modded controllers) but gears tells a good story and i've even bought the first book for the gears games. Harvest moon is just such a peaceful game, it has a 0 stress factor which is something you don't find in other games which i just find very appealing.
User avatar #70674 to #70668 - harvestmoonfanboi (07/10/2012) [-]
I totally agree about online games, when i was younger i LOVED playing online me and my friends use to play Left 4 Dead all night long, then the appeal just ran out. But for years I've loved Harvest Moon and then animal crossing, when i have kids i'm gonna make them play this game and i bet they'd love it too!!
#70689 to #70674 - bukkakeninja (07/10/2012) [-]
Right man i was just thinking animal crossing and harvest moon are both great family games. I remember when my uncle and played animal crossing on the gamecube we each had our own house and he beat the game first and got the gold trophy in town and then i beat it an got the silver, loved those times so much.
User avatar #70455 to #70439 - ticolai (07/10/2012) [-]
Real G's have Golf and Excitebike.
#70477 to #70455 - bukkakeninja (07/10/2012) [-]
half of my nes-snes games are in my basement and the other half are at my uncles house.
User avatar #70478 to #70477 - ticolai (07/10/2012) [-]
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