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#644758 - adrilazzaro
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(08/31/2013) [-]
>playing mount and blade napoleonic wars
>its a line event and things are getting tense
>really have to shit
>PTS(permission to speak for all you casuals)
>"granted" says the captain
>can i go afk for a few minutes i really have to take a shit
>"no there's only a few rounds left"
>but please sir i-
>"PTS is in effect get back in line
>the 4 last rounds last over a fucking hour
>shitting myself at this point
>PTS, i dont even wait for a response and say i have to shit
>i come back to see i've been demoted from my sgt status and lost my teamspeak channel.
MFW when i start teamkilling everyone in the next linebattle out of rage
#644767 to #644758 - ajmartin
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(08/31/2013) [-]
I have seen that game before. Would you recommend? I need something else to occupy my time besides Civ 5
#644771 to #644767 - adrilazzaro
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(08/31/2013) [-]
yes definitely, the mount and blade warband single player is very fun and gives plenty of hours on end gameplay and if it gets boring there are plenty of mods that make the game even bigger. The community is quite big. Though my story was about the regiments which are basically clans for multiplayer events that happen on said game's DLC expansion which is called Napoleonic wars and introduces firearms like muskets and such. Though the expansion doesn't have a singleplayer
#644770 to #644767 - imnotkickthecat
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(08/31/2013) [-]
yea, and while you are at it get all of paradox's games.
#644764 to #644758 - imnotkickthecat
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(08/31/2013) [-]
You mean to tell me that people actually get on mount & blade to form boring as fuck musket lines and shoot at each other for hours on end?
#644766 to #644764 - adrilazzaro
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(08/31/2013) [-]
pfft no who'd waste their time doing that
yes, many many people
#644760 to #644758 - awesomerninjathing
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(08/31/2013) [-]
lol srs
#644761 to #644760 - adrilazzaro
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(08/31/2013) [-]