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User avatar #59804 - themastertroller (06/27/2012) [-]
has ANYONE found deadshot's 3rd victim yet in arkham city?
User avatar #59807 to #59804 - Timmietim (06/27/2012) [-]
The 3rd victim is behind a car down the west end of the street that runs in front of the courthouse, very close to the "vote Harvey Dent" sign. There are also a few thugs standing around the body that need smashing. Listen for them, their conversation indicates you are near.
User avatar #59806 to #59804 - neoyahtzee (06/27/2012) [-]
Yeah. If you can't find him, just wait until you hear a gunshot. Oracle will tell you about it.
User avatar #59834 to #59806 - themastertroller (06/27/2012) [-]
i have traced down the area, but cant find him at all. i've looked everywhere in that circle
User avatar #59867 to #59834 - Timmietim (06/27/2012) [-]
check my comment
User avatar #59868 to #59867 - themastertroller (06/27/2012) [-]
yeah i read it, but forgot to reply to you. thanks man
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