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#56318 - moscardo
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(06/24/2012) [-]
Hi funnyjunk. I'm going to play again minecraft until 6 month without playing, I used to like it a lot but I got tired of it.

I want to play, but with a lot of mods and stuff to make it more funny, I will play it with a lot of mods. I want to make it a very complete experience and more realistic than the original one. I'm going to use mods like buildcraft, finite liquid and millenaire.
I'm also going to use a 256x256 texture pack, because I'm tired of the normal graphics.

So I would love that someone would sugget me some mods to improve my gameplay, thanks
User avatar #56362 to #56318 - thesilence
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(06/24/2012) [-]

This mod is awesome, you can chop skeletons, zombies and pigmen into pieces. Behaves quite realistically - if you chop a skeleton's bow hand off, it won't shoot arrows, and if you chop heads off they die almost instantly. Hope more mobs will be able to be dismembered though.

Careful about having loads of mods though, there might be a lot of lag and also some mods won't be compatible with one another.