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User avatar #52790 - austinschut (06/20/2012) [-]
In less than 2 hours I will be attempting to run Crysis 2 on the highest settings. It is currently downloading. I figure if I can run BF2 on full, I should be able to.

My system specs if anyone cares:
i5 @3.3 ghz (3.7 turbo)
8gb DDR3
Radeon sapphire 6870 1 gb GPU
Cooler Master elite 431 mid tower with massive airflow (60 degrees Fahrenheit when idle, around 100 degrees Fahrenheit when gaming)
Will be played on a 23" Samsung 1080p monitor.

I will post results of my performance when I'm done, with me luck!
User avatar #52843 to #52790 - mrsirandsir (06/20/2012) [-]
Will post here just to make it easy to check out the end results in about 10 hours (sleeping'n'stuff).
User avatar #53017 to #52843 - austinschut (06/20/2012) [-]
Well It played beautifully on the highest settings. That's pretty good for an under-$1000 computer.
User avatar #53246 to #53017 - mrsirandsir (06/20/2012) [-]
Cool, how often did the frame-rate drop below 20 fps during the most 'graphically intensive' moments?
User avatar #53271 to #53246 - austinschut (06/20/2012) [-]
not as often as it does when I play battlefield. Crysis was actually semi-constant.
User avatar #52830 to #52790 - herecomesjohnny (06/20/2012) [-]
me thinks you should be good
User avatar #52832 to #52830 - austinschut (06/20/2012) [-]
I hope so. I want to se it as a performance test to see if I can start working in the Cryengine.
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