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User avatar #50013 - funnyjunkersss (06/17/2012) [-]
Hey, anyone played Bioshock 2?
Any thoughts and opinions on it?

In my opinion It had a wonderfully sad story, liked it very much
User avatar #50083 to #50013 - ramerez (06/17/2012) [-]
yeah, it is a great game and it has things from Bioshock 1 in it ( none that effect the single player if you haven't played it , just little hints) . The reason it is different from number 1 is that you play as a big daddy and not a human :3 trying to find you're sister

Sadly it is very hard to find anyone playing multiplayer.
User avatar #50079 to #50013 - kargale (06/17/2012) [-]
it was tedious, the guns were powerful, but limited ammo made it a bitch to get to in depth, because yo'd be pulled back out by having to break the thrill of the hunt, the drill was a semi nice feature, but the fact that needed oil to use kinda ruined it, because it ate through that rather quickly, the look was quite nice, but it did get rather confusing and you often get turned around in it
User avatar #50034 to #50013 - muffinzexe (06/17/2012) [-]
I didn't played the first one.

I really liked the second one, the hole kill the little sister or don't thing took me 15 minutes to decide at the first vent. The weapons were fantastic and the story is brilliant, I nearly cried the moment when you and Eleanor runned around the corner and suddenly a fucking wall of explosive was infront of you. The end was awesome too, I had the one without killing one little sister.
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