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User avatar #32120 - redwolfradolf (05/27/2012) [-]
So what's one game you really wish they'd redo, with modern graphics and such?
User avatar #32200 to #32120 - herecomesjohnny (05/27/2012) [-]
indigo prophecy, it would totally be a blockbuster
#32152 to #32120 - thegreenalloy has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #32237 to #32152 - redwolfradolf (05/27/2012) [-]
SWBF I and II were awesome.
I'd love to do a remake with first-person, an epic campaign, and super-realistic graphics, COD style
#32126 to #32120 - sahakid (05/27/2012) [-]
I'm assuming I can't say FFVII
sooooooo I dunno
I kind of want an HD remake of Psychonauts
or like an HD collection of Kingdom Hearts would be awesome
User avatar #32158 to #32126 - fuckitbucket (05/27/2012) [-]
A HD collection of kingdom hearts with ports for all the portable made ones...
Now that would be awesome
#32124 to #32120 - anonymous (05/27/2012) [-]
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