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I like what I see, Treyarch have always been one to make games that are a bit off the rails i the CoD series. Looking at the trailers it looks like they've gone all the way now and Black Ops Two is going to be bat-shitting-insane. The CoD series was never realistic, not even in the slightest (for god sakes it uses hitscan!) so the last two modern warfare games were pretty terrible because they felt like poorly made army sims. But the Treyarch games took themselves way less seriously and this makes them more fun in my opinion. I'd rather they just made the games fun than even attempt to be realistic. The Zombie mode out does most other multiplayer experiences because it is a lot of fun, you can't take it seriously and that's why it's awesome. Now that the campaign is just as insane too, I get the feeling this is going to be the best CoD since the original Modern Warfare. I haven't bought the last two call of duty games, but this one has actually managed to catch my attention. It seems worthwhile.
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Oh shit, nice. But I thought you merged that with Crysis 2 when I saw the 'pick up' font.
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Didn't like the first one but I'm keepin an eye out for multiplayer. Don't really care for campaign.
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They are obviously trying to redefine the genre and be creative and I like that but now everyone is bitching saying "the story looks to terminatorish or it looks like they are copying halo and crysis" and I say WTF to all the people that think that because they wanted change in CoD and now they got it and now they are still bitching
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I don't mind; I've actually been waiting for a CoD set in the future, and now there is one, I guess I'm happy. Also 8 Person Zombie Mode
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To be somewhat of an anal douche, the MW series was set in the not to distant future...
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although I never have genuinely liked a treyacrch CoD I am curious to see how they will take the story through the past and future and make a better multiplayer and zombie mode
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And what of the multiplayer? I don't see how I could be bothered. When I went on MW3 Multiplayer for the first time, there were already about 6 prestiges. I don't see how I will be able to survive with people in quadrotors (picture). But it could be changed, so we don't know.
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