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Earlier Today I decided to try something new with my FTL; I renamed the first trio after people on the video games board.
Muffinzexe had taken the Pilot's Seat, because I assumed Cortex Command had ships or something like that.
Veradux took to the engines
And Epicsauciness was the gunmen. Well, he ran the guns at least.
The ship sported was a stealth cruiser named "The Vidya gaymes".
It seemed like the Ship's stealth functions had aided in substitution with the shields; giving a chance to dodge shots instead of taking them like a bitch, but a surprising thing occurred when we had landed on a planet and recovered a survivor of some decepreatated ship, whom was ironically named "Dolan"

It's unknown if this is a good omen or a bad omen.
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Things started to turn roller coaster-y

We hit another gold spot when we ran into SLAVE TRADERS, who were offering us slaves.
It was decided to take an Abe Lincoln initiative and FUCK UP those slavers.
They amptly surrendered, willing to give us a slave under the idea that they'd all die anyway.
We decided to accept, the slave being an Engi with an un-notable name like Charlie.

The spree of luck didn't seem to end, so it was decided to land on a planet in search of another crew member, whom appeared to be in a situation no different than Dolan's. Picked 'em up, spoke to 'em.

He bashed Muffinz's head in and killed him.
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Why did you let me die?!
Why did you let me die?!
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It was a dialogue message so there wasn't much I could do.
Guess your experience as a cortex commander didn't help much
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Y-yeah man, that's what you do in cortex commaaaaaaand right?
y-y-you command cortexes, right?
C-c-c-command cortexes maaaaaaaan
Cortexes maaaaaaaaaaaan
co-coc-o-comaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand maaaaaaaaaan
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Things were starting to turn downhill from there.

Charlie would replace Muffinz as the pilot, and more fights would ensue. Some were won, a lot of them involved retreats.
EpicSauce proved to be quite the combatant, alongside with Dolan, they had both taken on not one but two breaching droids, swapping back and forth to the medbay. They had both been at low health when Epicsaue was returning to the medbay, with high hopes that the battle would be won and things would start to turn-

And he got blasted by an oncoming missle headed for the medbay into complete gore.

Ironically enough, the Pirates decided to surrender and offered us supplies.
It was accepted.
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Overtime it became clear that the ship was becoming less and less of a fighting ship and more a ship of avoidance.
To re-iterate a rather overused stereotype; we built a French Cruiser.

This was making it more and more unlikely that the rumored Last Stand was going to include the remnants of the Vidya Game's crew as the victors.
Every battle was followed with retreat and successful evasion thanks to the skills of Vera as an engine master at this point.
Unfortunately, the Last Stand had came, and it too was met with retreats, and eventual failure.

R.I.P. Veradux the Master Engineer, MuffinzExe the super pilot, Epicsauciness the guy who got blasted into smithereens, and I guess the rest of those other guys too.
You will be missed.
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Rest in pieces you magnificent bastards!
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lol this is funny. Probably going to make stories aswell.
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You were the longest living Engineer I ever had too

Most of my engineers die in horrible engine fires or gang banged by breachers

Or missle'd like epicsauce
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Pilot Muffinz reporting in.
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I'm sorry you got victimized by Gooby.
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It's funny cause you didn't die hilariously
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