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I get that the whole franchise is overrated, and that the newer games don't really bring anything new to it, but it seems that rather that just disliking the series after 5 this board seems to actually hate it, so I just thought I'd ask why you guys hate the later games in Call of Duty series so much (preferably with actual reasons rather than just jumping on the CoD hate bandwagon)?
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I just haven't been able to have fun with CoD since after World at War. Every game I've tried to play since has been full of people running around 360 no-scoping or using that one gun that's lubriciously broken but the devs refuse to fix. It's just not fun for me. As for the playerbase, it irks me how it seems like everyone and their mom has a mic, but only uses it to talk trash and show off how years they've got until puberty sets in, but when I play BF3, where some radio chatter would be useful, it's dead silent.
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It's alright, but each game seems like a reskin in a new time period. The multiplayer also gets boring really fast for me.
And the community is just... fuck...
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How does it seem that we hate it?
Maybe some people hate it, most don't.
I like to play MW2 with friends to be honest (FourDeltaOne) but I don't imply that it's a good game, it never was. I played Black Ops and modern Warfare 3 after they took down AlterIWNet and it just wasn't fun. I could not run Blops on PC (although I have a good one) so I bought it for PS3. Blops Multiplayer wasn't fun. It was just frustration and no rewarding for the amount of frustration.
Modern Warfare 3 was also not fun. The balance is totally fucked up (I'm not implying that there was any in Modern Warfare 2 or Blops) and so much destroyed the fun.
I won't say anything about Black Ops 2 because I haven't seen anything.
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i don´t hate them (it´s only my opinion and note that i have never played multiplayer of any MW CoD or BO CoD , only single) but ...... CoD1 and CoD2 ( maybe even CoD : MW1 ) they were fine, they were full, playable games with decent storyboard and not so much scripts, but later, every CoD single was there only to " be there ", storyboard was short, pathetic, and fugly OVERSCRIPTED ... and the only reason IMO why they release new CoD every year, is to earn as much money from that franchise as possible .... it´s normal, every studios dies to do things like this to earn much more money ( who the hell cares for players anyway nowadays), but everytime (every year) they release new CoD, they tottaly broke previouse tittle community and force dedicated CoD players to buy new games ... and that´s why i don´t like CoD : MW2 and further ...
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I started disliking CoD when MW2 came out. With the removal of the server browser the game felt more restrictive. Black Ops wasn't that bad. MW3 was better than MW2 (Woo server browser), but since all the newfags were used to just using the matchmaking the servers were dead. Black Ops 2 looks like it could have some potential, I might buy it when I some spare cash to spend.
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