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#71 - Here it is man  [+] (3 replies) 05/06/2016 on Random shit on my phone 20 +3
#115 - zenethe (05/07/2016) [-]
Thank you, I'm so drunk now but thank you.
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#84 - redclover (05/06/2016) [-]
mark pls
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#81 - ridivey (05/06/2016) [-]
mark mark mark mark


mark pls

mark, mark mark mark
#91 - THANK ME LATER or now  [+] (1 reply) 09/20/2015 on This sounds like a fun... +1
#92 - cazabrow (09/20/2015) [-]
nigga if i wanted to read an essay i'd become a highschool teacher.
#172 - I dont get the immediate hate a person receives for being fat.…  [+] (3 replies) 04/04/2015 on Fat Shaming Friday Comp 4 +3
#215 - anon (04/04/2015) [-]
That woman was attacked for her weight because of her bigotry toward homosexuals and her attempt to dismiss it on religious grounds.

Is it classy? No. Is she of such notable obesity that warranted it? Not particularly, but it was noticeable enough to make a quick quip to attack her for her beliefs (even though it does nothing to counter her faulty logic).
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#221 - zxxxmightyxxx (04/04/2015) [-]
Need link, because i didnt see anything close to bigotry in the post. Even so, insult her on the post that is anti-homosexual. Just no on every other post she makes.
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#208 - distortedflare (04/04/2015) [-]
Because people here and some in real life are so self conscious that they feel the only way to divert attention from themselves is to insult others. That and most of them are pricks. These are the same pricks that call autistic people tards.

Fat shaming rarely if ever helps. All it does is make people fell like shit and thus people comfort eat. And guess what they get bigger and then people shame and insult them more. You think any person likes being fat? Fuck no it is horrible and it took me a good couple years to get myself fit. But being cunts and fat shaming does nothing.
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