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I awoke in a field of pinelike grass .

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#31 - In Kristen Stewart's defense, her character in Twilight is wri…  [+] (4 replies) 01/08/2016 on Anakin DID go dark side +2
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#43 - nudybooty (01/08/2016) [-]
Yeah but, in all her films she doesn't change her expression.
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#56 - zuflux (01/08/2016) [-]
Exactly. The character was written to look like a damn log. Watch any of her other films. Hell, watch the interviews of her about Twilight. She talk about it.
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#50 - dndxplain (01/08/2016) [-]
says someone who's never seen any of her films other than twilight.
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#52 - holycrapimacupcake (01/08/2016) [-]
Panic Room was great.
#66 - Picture 01/05/2016 on manlets 0
#158 - Yeah. I can get on board with her being powerful because the F…  [+] (2 replies) 12/23/2015 on Autistic Shit Fit +1
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#166 - ilovehitler (12/23/2015) [-]
Ren might not have quite thought about using the force there because his own alignment is pretty twisted right now- he can't be fully dark or light without further teachings (due to his desire for the dark side but natural tendency for the light), so the force might not have been calling him.
Or Abrams just decided that saber battles look cooler than Ren using the force.
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#172 - zuflux (12/23/2015) [-]
Movies can never really be completely consistent, because of running time limitations. In a book format it probably would've been better explained.
However, I think there's something about the Force, and how you only really use o your full potential if you follow your alignment to it.
Anakin was never really amazing, but as Vader, after more training he became very powerful. Yoda was very powerful, and Luke had a good grasp over it when facing Vader, but had not attained control over his emotions, which are key to mastering the light side.

I might be talking out of my ass, but for Kylo to become properly powerful, he's either gotta accept the light or be driven so far into the dark that there's no way out, which Vader proved to be very difficult, as he turned at the last before he died.

Rey, though. Goddamn. I want more development of these characters.