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I awoke in a field of pinelike grass .

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#80 - Good attitude. I definitely sounds like you had a mild eperien… 02/22/2016 on The More You Know +1
#63 - I don't know what kind of dosage a "Half tab" is, bu…  [+] (4 new replies) 02/22/2016 on The More You Know +1
#74 - shuckmywang (02/22/2016) [-]
ya i'll take more if i ever try it again. i think it definitely wasnt enough since he told me i was supposed to see stuff move or something and all that happened visually was everything looked brighter and sorta pretty. i think it affected my other senses a little more- like i was very interested in sitting in a place where i could hear a lot of things but none of it was distinct or it felt very very intense if he touched me.

i went to sleep because i had some homework due the next day and i needed to sleep kinda regularly because i had to get up at six the day after that to go home. next time, ill try it on a weekend when i dont have so much going on.

id like to try it again and have it work. i really liked how much it opened my mind and made me able to think outside myself and even learn. id like to have more of a visual effect. it seems like it would be fun had it worked right
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#128 - liquidfunny (02/22/2016) [-]
I completely agree with zuflux, i was going to send you pretty much the same thing he said.
also if you want good visuals you need 2 tabs, it might sound like alot but alot of people I know started with 2 tabs.
also fucking on lsd is 10/10
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#140 - shuckmywang (02/23/2016) [-]
i was going to find out about fucking but i was already really really sensitive that weekend and i kinda got overstimulated, started to suck his dick, and got nauseous so i had to quit
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#80 - zuflux (02/22/2016) [-]
Good attitude. I definitely sounds like you had a mild eperience, when considering your obligations might have been a good thing. Lsd works really well in conjunction with large patterns in the visual department and makes picking up different sounds easier in the auditory department. If you actually have visions that differ from just having a warped "Living" Field of view varies. On a festival once I tripped all day, and once evening came and me and a friend laid down in the grass, I could see fractals in the sky. It was really nice, as I was just coasting on the landing part of my high at that point.

I highly suggest watching this movie: www.imdb.com/title/tt1014762/
while tripping sometime.

Finally I'd like to mention a thing a friend who introduced me to weed, and psychadelica. If you get the chance to try Psilocybin (Shrooms, Magic mushroms) do it. It's similar to an acid trip but very, very different from person to person, and is for most an introspective experience. He said this about the two: "Acid is like watching a tv. Shrooms is like picking up the remote and changing channels."

Oh, and if you like music to go with the experiences, Shpongle, Ott and Carbon Based Lifeforms and similar artists are great, if you don't mind strange soundscapes.
#18 - The 'Yote also ****** 5 bitches and got charged for 3 rapes af… 02/20/2016 on random shit comp 2 0
#12 - Every time people write like this? I wanna track them down…  [+] (2 new replies) 02/20/2016 on bear punch +4
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#18 - mrdrprofbraeden (02/20/2016) [-]
What are you taking about!
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#14 - xgeneration (02/20/2016) [-]
i totally agree like oh my god?????????
#65 - I dunno. There's just something about it that feels off. I've … 02/20/2016 on Morbid-ish comp 0
#38 - You'll be "Madmin" and that is that. 02/20/2016 on I'm transitioning 0
#2 - Damn, Papyrus is a dapper bonehead. 02/19/2016 on Undertale Mob Part 10 +9
#95 - Sometimes I wonder how you even get that much experience in us… 02/19/2016 on tinder truth spit by guy 0
#81 - Yea sure, but I started out reading the manga, and until I cau… 02/19/2016 on Basically my daily routine +1
#78 - It started out great. I loved the manga first and foremost. Tr…  [+] (2 new replies) 02/19/2016 on Basically my daily routine +7
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#79 - ironstorm (02/19/2016) [-]
I like tiddies and zombies so I'm fine with it. Fan service is funny.
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#81 - zuflux (02/19/2016) [-]
Yea sure, but I started out reading the manga, and until I caught up with the recent chapters it was actually fairly serious. The anime felt like it took all the fanservice and none of the serious.