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hmmmhm ah no yuh Di'nt

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#267 - nice. 06/29/2012 on Black humor 0
#75 - for everyone if there already isnt one... either way i did it so here.  [+] (2 replies) 06/29/2012 on I laughed out loud +17
#113 - yuknowherpderp (06/29/2012) [-]
here, have a bigger version :)
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#137 - zombiemanic (06/29/2012) [-]
ohh lol, thanks :)
#169 - do you know what movie or tv show this is from it looks famili…  [+] (2 replies) 06/29/2012 on He doesn't understand... +1
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#184 - cheezuscwist (06/29/2012) [-]
No Country for Old Men i believe
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#188 - zombiemanic (06/29/2012) [-]
oh wow, i was thinking something completely different but thank you
#2694 - never really thought of it, ill consider it when it comes up, …  [+] (5 replies) 06/29/2012 on Oreo Hate 0
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#2706 - jakefenris (06/29/2012) [-]
I'm sure there are plenty of girls whose eye you've caught, some people are better at hiding the fact that they're checking you out or flirting. Also, confidence helps a lot. Be up beat and well dressed and you'll see.
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#2707 - zombiemanic (06/29/2012) [-]
ok that is a good point, but no I have too high standards and im fat and ugly so therefore they dont mix and ill just have to put up with being forever alone -_- it doenst matter anyway lol im probably gonna an hero soon and I know im going to get red thumbs for this.
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#2710 - jakefenris (06/29/2012) [-]
I doubt you're ugly, as for fat, that is something that is easy to fix. I have a friend who is working on his weight by working out and jogging. My boyfriend is a fluffy guy but he has an amazing personality and a great mind. Looks will only ever get you so far.
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#2713 - zombiemanic (06/30/2012) [-]
I have been riding my bike for 3 years 5km, and walking my mums junk mail route and nothing has changed, and i have diabetes... so i give up thanks for the support anyway but yeah
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#2714 - jakefenris (06/30/2012) [-]
Try a change of diet. A lot of things in life aren't easy.