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#8 - on a different sort of game I wouldn't care, but overwatch is … 08/09/2016 on I Will Miss You 0
#80 - Oh cool, have fun studying physics! You really do learn a lot,… 08/08/2016 on heart 0
#57 - Physicist here. Air is a pretty ****** conductor of heat, so e…  [+] (2 new replies) 08/06/2016 on heart +1
#78 - corporations (08/07/2016) [-]
So pretty much what I thought it would be.
I was not actually asking because I didn't know, but because I wanted to make anon think about what he just said. Exercise in futility, I know. I need exercise, though. Btw, also gonna study physics, starting this September.
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#80 - zhahje (08/08/2016) [-]
Oh cool, have fun studying physics! You really do learn a lot, you'll see .
#28 - For those curious, the chance of that happening (12 non-dubs a…  [+] (3 new replies) 08/02/2016 on Hacker known as "4chan" +18
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#42 - toxicwarning (08/02/2016) [-]
Then again, no one would have cared if some of the previous posts would have been dubs as well.
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#40 - badgoodass (08/02/2016) [-]
he used scripts
#59 - anon (08/02/2016) [-]
**anonymous used "*roll picture*"**
**anonymous rolled image**
probability is then
**anonymous used "*roll 1, 000-100*"**
**anonymous rolls 098** percent.
#8 - ^ Studied first two years of college (physics) in the usa and … 07/12/2016 on 94 +1
#7 - missed the point. the post is about the fact that you can pron… 07/12/2016 on 94 +11
#28 - "Understood the condept of pi"  [+] (24 new replies) 05/25/2016 on How do i math? +33
#59 - micekill (05/25/2016) [-]
for some people pi is a puzzling concept
it is the ratio between the radius and surface area of a circle apologize for wrong use of term, but my english is not that good as of lately
i like to think of pi in another way
lets look at the formula for the area of a circle:
i like to believe that when we multiply r (radius of circle) with itself, we find the area of a small square with sides r. we then multiply it with 3.1416 to get 3 more squares worth of area, plus the small space that is left to fill in the circle. this makes pi as a constant that corrects for the weirdness of the shape of a circle (again my bad english)
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#71 - iamkagji (05/26/2016) [-]
the radius and the circumference. 2d shapes don't have surfaces
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#73 - stickmansam (05/26/2016) [-]
2d shapes have areas, you stupid piece of trash
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#75 - iamkagji (05/26/2016) [-]
Yes, they have area, but they don't have surfaces. Pi is the ration of a circle's radius to its circumference. You're disagreeing with a factual statement just because you don't like me because I fucking destroyed you and you can't handle it , and it's honestly really sad.
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#79 - stickmansam (05/26/2016) [-]
by destroying, you mean down thumbing me and ignoring my arguement? well, now that i have you.

My arguement would be circular if i said that genderfluid exists because i am genderfluid. I did not say that. I said If i exhibit the definition of what genderfluidity is, then it must exist because i exist. If the definiton of a cat is a four legged pointed eared animal and i produce a four legged pointed eared animal, then i have produced a cat, because thats what a cat is. If i say genderfluid is a state of gender that appears to change in context to the situation and i produce a person whos gender appears to change in context to the situation, then i have proven that person to be genderfluid. I am the proof that genderfluidity exists. Its that simple. The only way it could be incorrect is if im lying, delusional or dont exist. If im lying then theres no point in arguing. Im not lying. If im delusional then i only believe that i exhibit these traits. I cannot prove that i am not delusional, but i find it unlikley since i have no history of any kind of delusions. If i dont exist, well thats nonsense. Ill exhibit an example of my genderfluid nature. When i am having sex with a masculine person, i feel and act femminine. When i am having sex with a feminine person, i feel and act masculine. This is what being genderfluid means. To disagree means that you disagree with the validity of my example or you disagree that genderfluid means what i say it is. Pick one and stop throwing around unrelated things.
#114 - micekill (05/26/2016) [-]
your argument is different fallacies in itself
you can't put yourself forward as an example, as your view of yourself is biased although our view of anybody is biased anyways, so maybe you could not use a personal example but the example of a study, which tend to be unbiased
even if you believe that you exhibit these traits it may well be that you don't. example: a normal person seeing itself as fat, even though they are normally bellow a healthy weight anorexia they say "look i am fat so i know what i am talking about" but they are not fat, so in their own words, they don't know what they are talking about. there are more reason why using yourself as an example is wrong, as wass stated in comment 110. the way you are using it is circular, you have your premise in your conclusion, whiich makes you sound illogical.
then comes your reasoning of why you are not lying. "there would be no need for an argument" is not reason enough. there are plenty of people who keep talking about an issue that are lying about. the fact that you are lying about a subject personal to you does not mean it is instantaneously meaningless. our reality is mostly made up of what is in our fantasy, so making things up is normal our vision for example is almost completely filled by our own creating, hence the more you love someone the prettier they look, and the more you hate someone the uglier they look for anybody.
with your third argument i can't say much, if you have sought professional help and they have deemed you "not delusional" then you are free to make those claims, but you can't state that you are in a state different than most other people are in, butcher your argument this way, then claim that you are not delusional for believing anybody is gonna understand your standpoint.
lastly, what you desccribe sounds a lot like "sub/dom" bisexual fluidity than anything else. What do you mean by acting "femenine" and "masculine"? is there even a difference? from what i know women can pretty much be the dominators in bed and still be heterosexual/gay/bi, same with men, plenty of men that are submisive as fuck. saying that any action is either "feminine" or "masculine" sounds pretty sexist to me. it sounds like you are the type of person that would make fun of a man because he puts on some chapstick or walks by moving his butt a lot, or is a drama queen. in the same way you could be issuing the best of traits of each gender, but as of right now i have not proof of either way. the only thing i have for that is my speculation of how your brain works. you don't need to change your gender for the sole fact that you just act different in different situations.
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#116 - stickmansam (05/26/2016) [-]
i use gender fluidity to describe the idea that I feel differently in different contexts. i either feel masculine or feminine, depending on the situation. what i associate with femininity and masculinity is up to me, regardless of gender roles. i may feel pants are feminine and skirts are masculine, but what i associate isnt important. the important part is that i feel that i change between two genres of association. most people would say that they only have one set of associations that they feel describe them. i am not the same as these people and require a different word to describe how i feel. to be honest, i feel that we only need to describe gender in two ways, contextual and non-contextual. i wouldnt describe genderfluid as dynamic, as dynamic associations arent possible. how can an association set change without your personality changing? and if your personality does change, it means that youre a different person with a different gender, not the same person with two. does that make sense?
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#132 - monkeybotlove (06/08/2016) [-]
Kilts, the most masculine skirt ever.
#133 - batmanuel (06/09/2016) [-]
Hell yeah. I never go to a concert without one.
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#134 - stickmansam (06/09/2016) [-]
I know why monkeybotlove is here, but why are you?
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#135 - batmanuel (06/09/2016) [-]
My scotty senses were tingling.
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#136 - monkeybotlove (06/10/2016) [-]
Rob Roy! The just as good as braveheart scot movie!
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#137 - batmanuel (06/10/2016) [-]
Somebody get this man an Innes&Gunn!
#121 - micekill (05/26/2016) [-]
your reasoning is filled with your own bias
i understand that you have set your mind on it
but i can't accept your explanation.
i kind of get what you are saying. to me it sounds like you have multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia or are bipolar
seek help
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#122 - stickmansam (05/26/2016) [-]
i am bipolar, that has nothing to do with it.
#123 - micekill (05/26/2016) [-]
#113 - anon (05/26/2016) [-]
Genderqueer is a catch-all category for gender identities other than man and woman, thus outside of the gender binary and cisnormativity. ...

here, give yourself an edge.
#109 - dashgamer (05/26/2016) [-]
"Genderfluidity exists because I think I'm genderfluid."
Wonderful circular logic, there boy-o. Woops, I mean girl-o. Oh, wait. Neither of those apply, because apparently you are Schroedinger's faggot.
User avatar
#110 - stickmansam (05/26/2016) [-]
so, either you read the comment and youre stupid or you didn't and your stupid.
what part do you disagree with? i narrowed them down to just a few for you

a) im lying
b) im delusional
c) i dont exist
d) genderfluid isnt what i say it is

pick one, genius. tell me why you picked it.
#111 - dashgamer (05/26/2016) [-]
You have literally said "Because I think that I fit this definition for a thing I made up, it exists."
You are trying to say that your conclusion is proof of itself.
You're a moron and it's so fucking laughable.
User avatar
#112 - stickmansam (05/26/2016) [-]
thats how all words are made up you retard.

dr. 1: what should we call this animal that has four legs and two pointed ears doctor?
dr. 2: we need to make up a name. how about cat!
dr: 1: yes, cat, an animal with four legs and two pointed ears.
dashgamer: well how do you know cats exhist? prove they do.
dr 1: well, you see, a cat has four legs and two pointed ears
dr 2: here is an animal with four legs and two pointed ears. it is a cat.
dashgamer: but you made that up you idiot
dr 1: yes, we did make the word cat up.
dr 2: but we made it to describe something that exists. this cat clearly exists.

are you now aware of your mental disabilities?
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#82 - iamkagji (05/26/2016) [-]
>now that I have you
nah, i can't be bothered to deal with your bullshit anymore
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#83 - stickmansam (05/26/2016) [-]
you mean you cant admit that you were wrong
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#72 - stickmansam (05/26/2016) [-]
radius and area
#107 - last one went from fatass to freaking viking. Impressive.  [+] (1 new reply) 05/18/2016 on If they did it, why can't you? +20
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#167 - mintea (05/18/2016) [-]
His eyesight even got better
#8 - Plus the space withing the ring hes doing with his fingers is … 04/15/2016 on Tanakilf Heat Vamulytu +14
#48 - Ah, forgot to mention that blizzard doesn't like these servers…  [+] (1 new reply) 04/08/2016 on Nostalrius Players begin a... +2
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#52 - vigilum (04/08/2016) [-]
They usually don't give a shit though.
Guess this is what happens when those servers get too big.