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#12 - I wanna read some Baltimore - but I wanna do so from the begin…  [+] (1 new reply) 12 hours ago on Baltimore: The Play 0
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#14 - csgtsheep (10 hours ago) [-]
OP has posted all the issues thus far. You click on his name and start at the beginning which is the plague ships. They're relatively rare so you'd either have to torrent it or try your best to look around.
#482 - **zaywoot used "*roll picture*"** **zaywoot rolled image ** 18 hours ago on FJ is shutting down :( 0
#30 - What's your problem OP? I just shared a video - not u… 06/30/2016 on Niggah in 3rd Person 0
#56 - I mean, they could still play the music at their own private event? 06/30/2016 on thats just daft 0
#6 - Picture 06/30/2016 on Niggah in 3rd Person -1
#35 - Arent you also black, gay, and a weeb? Jeeesus... All… 06/29/2016 on A story about religion 0
#15 - The artist is Mike Mignola You might know him from such ot… 06/29/2016 on Baltimore: The Curse Bells 0
#42 - Portrait of an egyptian dating from 125 - 150 AD Look… 06/28/2016 on Really makes you think +48
#41 - Name some Not saying they don't exist, I just don't k…  [+] (8 new replies) 06/28/2016 on Really makes you think +10
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#101 - rakaka (06/28/2016) [-]
ok i'll be honest I only know Mansa Musa off the top of my head but you could take Ethiopia as an example of something to be proud of-given that it was an incredibly long lived empire.

I'm just parroting what I saw another guy say on here a while back, I just forget the names he gave.
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#47 - thegrimgenius (06/28/2016) [-]
There's people like Mansa Musa, the second richest man ever, and there's also the many prominent warlord leaders (like you said, Shaka). But then again, warlords generally aren't looked fondly upon unless they were really, really good.
#165 - anon (06/28/2016) [-]
You're talking about African figures. African-American culture and African culture is notably separate. The OP is correct. The main source of black role models in America, the majority who make it out of poverty and gain some form of notoriety? Are rappers, thugs, and sportsmen. They are still 'black', and successful. Where you see black lawyers and such and they've almost utterly affected euro-centric attitudes, customs, personalities - because if they didn't, they wouldn't get successful in their line of work to begin with, proving that this is still the case.

But those same role models aren't the ones anyone wants, yet the only ones in any number to look up to. The ones that get ridiculed and drowned out by white society are ignored by the modern African-American, where the thug culture stands strong and defiant against criticism and attacks on its sub-culture identity. This FEELS like success to the people who have common ground with them, especially in black culture.

When black doctors and lawyers and judges and scientists become more celebrated by society as a whole, and don't have to be 'white' to get anywhere in life, you will find more blacks looking up to better behaved role models, I feel. The problem these days is that anyone trying to make that the case gets met with resistance by 'white pride'. Every time someone tries to do something positive for the black image, there are large outcries of 'white extinction' and 'unfair to whites', so the ball never gets rolling due to fear of the intense social backlash.

People may not want to hear it, but this is the way it is. Source: Seventeen years a study of psychology and sociology.
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#71 - theruinedsage (06/28/2016) [-]
Warriors and warlords from ancient times are generally looked fondly upon, as it was not only acceptable but admirable.
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#55 - iviagic (06/28/2016) [-]
Not the second richest.

THE richest.
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#56 - thegrimgenius (06/28/2016) [-]
Don't you dare diss Crassus.
User avatar
#76 - oxymoronking (06/28/2016) [-]
technically agustus ceaser could be considered the richest because he said he "owned all of egypt" which is just fucking mountains of gold
User avatar
#110 - thegrimgenius (06/28/2016) [-]
But Crassus actually owned more money than the empire was worth, considering he owned a lot of it.
#127 - But I feel like the season overall suffered because of it - I …  [+] (1 new reply) 06/27/2016 on Game of Thrones Finale Comp... +3
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#275 - severepwner (06/28/2016) [-]
I don't really feel like any pacing was negatively affected here. Maybe the quality of certain episodes prevailed over others, but I can't see any discernible drop in storytelling quality.