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    Uploaded: 05/30/13
    Sounds like Canada Sounds like Canada
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    Just a small uncomplicated question. Just a small uncomplicated...
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    Uploaded: 07/17/12
    Why?? Why??
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    Uploaded: 07/13/12
    This one time. This one time.

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#337 - Definitely, but he said "in his lyrics anymore" So I… 2 hours ago on Modern Hip Hop In A Nutshell. 0
#238 - Like anon said. He still has some amazing songs with emotional…  [+] (2 new replies) 6 hours ago on Modern Hip Hop In A Nutshell. 0
User avatar #331 - ninjaspartan (2 hours ago) [-]
Brah. Mockingbird, Hailey's Song, Careful What You Wish For, Like Toy Soldiers, and goddammit if you didn't include Stan you're no fan. Stan is the absolute epitome of emotion that Em has ever produced. You do not hear that in Headlights.

I'd also like to mention Kim, but I don't want to give any kiddies nightmares.
User avatar #337 - yudodat (2 hours ago) [-]
Definitely, but he said "in his lyrics anymore" So I only mentioned newer songs.
#237 - I would assume so. Yelawolf is the **** . I hate most of…  [+] (1 new reply) 6 hours ago on Modern Hip Hop In A Nutshell. +2
User avatar #319 - ninjaspartan (3 hours ago) [-]
Mmmmyeeaaaah, let's not get a shit tone of purple lines started talking about Eminem. He's become an artist that's the acception to the rule about good rap, such that even though it's "good rap" it's really just bad now. He used to be the example for rap for the mainstream to show people rap could be good. Now he's not an example anymore and everyone thinks rap sucks again. After MMLP2 took a nose dive with the core fans opinions he kinda started to fall off. Some people think he fell off sooner than that. Em himself thinks he fell off right around Encore because of the lack of critical praise it got compared to his first three albums (check out "Careful What You Wish For" on Relapse: Refill). I would not put "Headlights" up there with the rest of the songs you listed myself.
#18 - Nothing wrong with being gay, faggot. 10/04/2015 on Love +2
#32 - I had it preordered on Amazon, but I canceled it because I rea… 10/03/2015 on Behold bitches! 0
#178 - Honestly these news comedians are a great thing. Lots of peopl… 10/03/2015 on The Switch 0
#177 - Exactly. His writers aren't going to let him hate on the migra… 10/03/2015 on The Switch +1
#23 - You can tell where his writers I'm not sure if he actuall…  [+] (1 new reply) 10/02/2015 on The Switch +3
#89 - anon (10/02/2015) [-]
Don't forget her blatant and consistent lies she spouts and someone going "I disagree and heres why...." is considered verbal harrassment
#16 - He was comparing CS:S might be 1.6 i'm too lazy to go bac…  [+] (1 new reply) 10/02/2015 on A YLYL Compilation +4
User avatar #27 - potatot (10/02/2015) [-]
you are right, its css to csgo
#46 - Honestly though with context it isn't even that cringey. I rem… 09/30/2015 on Return of the Cringe - 1 0

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