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#172 - dude, this post is 4 years old...what are you even doing here  [+] (1 new reply) 06/21/2016 on Not even once 0
#173 - thedonkeykong (06/21/2016) [-]
browsing old posts
#15 - how did you even get that from what he said? i'm genuinely curious 05/11/2016 on Manic Monday +1
#120 - I feel like someone will get a kick out of this 04/11/2016 on Star Wars -1
#94 - i'll just leave this here 03/29/2016 on Fandoms +1
#81 - if i had 2 days of cannabis treatment, i wouldn't be able to talk 03/03/2016 on Did You Know Comp Part 6 +33
#46 - didn't projared also do something like that?  [+] (1 new reply) 03/03/2016 on Anon is messy +1
#77 - stupiddumblosr (03/03/2016) [-]
#36 - or i could i could hit up my dealer, meet at waho, get an eigh… 02/23/2016 on Waffle house chefs 0
#15 - where i live, if you are at waffle house, you're within walkin…  [+] (3 new replies) 02/23/2016 on Waffle house chefs +7
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#30 - kanatana (02/23/2016) [-]
Bruh, if you got a Waffle House and your cook AIN'T a drug dealer, you pack up your shit and get out of there. I can go to my WH at midnight, ask my buddy Chuck for the hookup, and I'll have an eighth delivered to my fucking BOOTH for $50 if I promise to spark it up with him behind the dumpster when he's done making that steak. Fucker knows where to get the best drow in town.

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#36 - youngfearless (02/23/2016) [-]
or i could i could hit up my dealer, meet at waho, get an eighth for 40, toke up with him and then enjoy high conversations and good hash browns
#28 - comradewinter (02/23/2016) [-]
Everything's within walking distance if you're not a pussy.
#6 - i'm...i'm almost grossed out by this 02/01/2016 on Rubber Band Ball Slowly Moving +9
#52 - south park can make some pretty good points though  [+] (1 new reply) 02/01/2016 on PC +7
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#102 - ChuckNorrisVsMRT (02/01/2016) [-]
Nah, it over simplifies complex world issues and spoonfeeds it to the public in an easy to digest manner that panders aggressively to whatever their demographic 12-28 year olds, majority male and politically unaware already believes. Same thing john oliver is doing, same thing stephen colbert did for years and countless others.