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#109 - Actually, most gun homicides are commited with a firearm that…  [+] (2 replies) 01/24/2013 on Ban baseball bats! +1
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#124 - Onemanretardpack (01/24/2013) [-]
Actually, the first part of the second amendment has nothing to do with the rights of gun ownership. It's a justification clause (or something like that, I had this explained to me once and I can't remember it for the life of me), which is a reason for the proceeding clause. It's basically saying that we need guns to be able to have a well regulated militia, not we have guns because of we are the militia
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#123 - iamslender (01/24/2013) [-]
I meant to say legally obtained, thanks for pointing that out. But anyways, If we had these background checks, and the guns came with a lock box, I think it would be a much better system than outright banning them
#75 - Thanks dude :D 01/10/2013 on Brain food +1
#42 - >implying the money matters after you're dead.  [+] (1 reply) 01/09/2013 on How to +35
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#69 - raynagrimm (01/09/2013) [-]
only if you chicken out
#306 - Not really. I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, …  [+] (1 reply) 01/06/2013 on nigger quiz +2
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#308 - ThatsMyJizz (01/06/2013) [-]
Fair enough. To be honest I think OP's just trolling us hard