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    Photobomb level: Retard Photobomb level: Retard
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    So true So true
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    Perfect for Chinese restraurants. Perfect for Chinese restraurants.
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    Yup... Yup...
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    Might do that... Might do that...
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    Mines my Xbox controller Mines my Xbox controller
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    Chalk warfare 2 Chalk warfare 2

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#73 - Now you're legal... 09/24/2015 on I love you all +2
#662 - **xebx used "*roll picture*"** **xebx rolled image ** 09/18/2015 on Roll for our new thumbs! 0
#66 - Picture 09/18/2015 on It's like hitting a tree +1
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User avatar #35 - muffincannibal (09/12/2015) [-]
I want to join the secret anime eye comment club.
#41 - anon (09/12/2015) [-]
I want to ask about the ending being different from the mags and if it is worse or not but I am not logged in.

Also the Anime's name is Future Diary.
User avatar #43 - thundagawd (09/12/2015) [-]
Contrary to what a lot of people say, the Anime actually does have the same ending as the manga, the thing is you have to watch the Redial OVA after the series itself. The 26th episode ends on an unfulfilling note, and then there was a 2 year delay before the Redial OVA was actually released so many people don't actually know about it.

The name of the final Volume of the manga is also "Redial". Actual spoilers: After Yuno kills herself at the end of the battle Royale, Murmur from the 1st universe stores the remnants of her memories in a gem and consumes it, but is caught and imprisoned by the Murmur from the 3rd universe. Meanwhile Yuki from the 2nd universe wins and becomes the god of that universe as all his competitors are dead, but lacks to will to create a new world because Yuno is no longer with him, in Redial (both the Manga Volume and the OVA), Deus Ex Machina has not yet begun the battle royale, fearing that it would end the same way it did in the 1st universe (where Yuno wins, becomes god, and then uses her power to abandon that universe to travel to the 2nd universe, where she kills the Yuno from that universe so that she may take her place and relive her time with Yuki before the apocalypse, so he seeks a new method to determine a successor. Meanwhile, Yuno from the 3rd universe begins to experience visions which don't belong to her, but rather to the Yuno from the 1st universe as they had come into contact with one another in the final episode. Eventually, the visions start to overpower her and she sets out to discover the origin, at which point she finds a way into the Cathedral of Causality, where she meets Murmur from the 1st universe who has been imprisoned. Murmur insists that Yuno has the right to know what it is she can't remember, and bestows the gem containing 1st universe Yuno's memories to 3rd universe Yuno. Upon regaining all of these memories, Deus Ex Machina remarks that Yuno and Yuki share a bond so powerful that it bridges 3 different realities, therefore it is fate that they spend eternity together. At this point, he chooses Yuno as the 3rd universe's goddes of space & time, and she uses her newfound powers to travels back to the second universe, where she reunites with Yuki, and they proceed to create a new reality together.
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