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#21 - xxane (02/22/2012) [-]
WHY look, you have now accomplished the goal of becoming DUMBASS OF THE YEAR!! Congrats
User avatar #22 to #27 - xanthiumxxxxx (02/22/2012) [-]
Why thank you and how thoughtless and uninventful of you! Especially since that was the first joke I pulled on you while posting to your profile... yet you somehow managed to pathetically scrounge up the desperate action of not only copying me initially... but yet you then copy your own copying of my very action! Well I guess they say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery so I suppose I've got no choice but to just say thanks on this one. ; )
#23 to #29 - xxane (02/23/2012) [-]
Oh sorry heres your official certificate of being a dumbass.
Oh sorry heres your official certificate of being a dumbass.
User avatar #24 to #30 - xanthiumxxxxx (02/23/2012) [-]
Haha. But... who's the dumbass??? All you did was rework your broken imitation of my likeness. You're nothing but a desperate fan.

I mean... is that all you've got? C'mon you ******** .... give me something I can work with here. You're a pathetic bitch who can't think worth a **** and it shows bold and clear. Usually when I argue with people online I like a bit of a challenge. But, sometimes it's fun to have some helpless flailing ******** to slap around at perfect ease, just for something different. I'm actually happy that you're filling that role for me.
User avatar #25 to #32 - xxane (02/25/2012) [-]
lol ur a ******* dumbass prick, go make another dumb ass daniels post. Your content sucks dick, ur a jobber. Ur stupidity makes me laugh, ur 33 and ur on the internet complaining with a 17 year old. Lmfao ur pathetic. im having fun, ur just mad.
User avatar #26 to #33 - xanthiumxxxxx (02/26/2012) [-]
Listen, I'll argue with anyone who pitches **** in my direction, plus you started it you **** . And my content sucks? Is that why I get way more thumbs per pic than you? Plus, my content alot of times is pretty offensive and not everybody likes it, resulting in alot of thumbs down. But even so that doesn't prevent me from whipping your ass in the thumbs department.

You're a total ******* clown. And, you're a half-wit chimp. Only a half-wit retarded ******** would try to bust out that lie you told about getting 50/80 posts to the front page. And to top that off... you let me see your profile which you should've known was a mistake, giving me all the evidence I needed to dissect you and expose your fake plan... as if I believed it for even a millisecond to begin with. But it's so gratifying to take the proof you gave and shove it right down your throat and make you admit your fraudulency.

And then, you try to criticize my content when you don't even have a single post on your profile. A bit hypocritical don't you think? You're nothing but a fake lying joke, a moron and you've thoroughly proved yourself as such. So how's it feel to get exposed ************ ??? You try to say I'm mad but I'm sitting here with a big fat smile on my face as I stomp your ass into the earth over and over. We both know who's mad. It's you, because I've got my foot right on your ******* throat and you can't do **** about it. I've exposed you for the fake you are and caught you in every lie you told. So suck my dick you stupid pig bitch, you stank worthless ************ .

You think you're a troll? I've played you like a puppet this whole time, pulling your strings and picking you apart. You don't fool me for a second with your pathetic facade... I know you're boiling inside.

By the way... still waiting on that ban you fake, lying rotten cunt. You're a worthless scumbag **** who wouldn't even be worthy to eat ******* off the bottom of my shoe.
User avatar #28 to #37 - xxane (02/28/2012) [-]
OH AND BTW, I just did some calculations and you average 1 front page post every 19 posts you make in every category. Your ******* terrible, at least on my HankHillITellUWhat account I averaged 1 front page post every 5. Your content still sucks.
User avatar #27 to #37 - xxane (02/28/2012) [-]
Okay #1 is that I have never posted content ****** , and if I actually did I would ******* whip u back and forth.

#2 I knew I didn't get 50/80, but me thinking ur a dumbass I thought you would believe it lol.

#3 you totally are a hypocrite to ur #1 complaint. To me your of lower intelligence than a brick. And you stunting and yelling words on the internet saying 'I've got my foot right on your ******* throat and you can't do **** about it. I've exposed you for the fake you are and caught you in every lie you told. So suck my dick you stupid pig bitch, you stank worthless ************ .' shows that your pretty mad. AND ME? No im not mad at all, ur pretty retarded actually. I dont know if u just kidding or what but im gonna assume youre retarded. And the ban? I have no Idea what ur talking about.

User avatar #29 to #38 - xanthiumxxxxx (02/28/2012) [-]
Follow up post below...

My sfw posts averaged 104 thumbs per pic and my last account got way higher than that because I got 4 front pages and a #1 and I’ve got the screen shots to prove it. And, I made all of them myself… OC ************ . Virtually everything I post is OC. I’ve been posting on my 2 recent accounts for 4 months and you’ve been posting 3 times as long… and I’ve got over twice the thumbs that you’ve got.
So tell me something… how much of the **** you posted did you make yourself? I noticed that your ban reason was “ **** off cunt wad, they’re my pictures”. You’re a reposting bitch, you stupid ass maggot. You take other people’s **** and repost it yourself. You have to be a pretty hardcore, cheap and obvious reposter to get banned simply for reposting. I’ll bet you didn’t make any of your pics and if you did, I’ll bet they sucked because I can see how obviously ****** stupid you are. You’re nothing but a fake reposting bitch and you know it. That’s probably why you haven’t posted anything in the entire 3 months that you’ve had your new account because you don’t make **** yourself, and you don’t want to get banned again for being a stank, reposting whore. The only thing you posted is that ultra ****** youtube video, which of course you didn’t make yourself (big surprise) and you took it down right away as soon as I criticized it because you were embarrassed… weren’t ya? You ****** freak.

User avatar #30 to #40 - xanthiumxxxxx (02/28/2012) [-]
And… You’re a half-wit chimp for thinking that anyone would believe that hair-brained 50/80 story. You should have at least made it somewhat believable. But, like I said… you’re a chimp. And again… you further proved your chimphood by trying to come at me, by showing me your ****************** account which exposed you for the lying chimp that you are. And because of that… now I know that you’re also a reposting chimp. You’re a fake lying bitch and a content thief. So suck it you stupid stank chimp. What… did you get figured out again???

And tell me if you would... how'd you come up with that *posts getting to the front page* formula? How'd you come up with those "calculations" because there ain't no way to calculate an amount for posts getting to the front page. Yet you still try to bust out some fake specific number for both you and I… in a fake lying attempt which you should have known by now that I’d figure out, and bust your balls with it after I dissected your ******** and found the truth behind it… again, with you behaving just like the clown that you are. So tell me… how’d ya get that figure that Bozo? But yet again… xxane gets caught in the traps of the Xman and gets technically ripped apart, which I like said… is basically like shooting fish in a barrel due to the fact that you’re such a ****** idiot. I definitely await your next response you goddamn stupid ****** chimp.
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