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#110 - Picture 04/26/2015 on \o/ +2
#258 - Just mixing some stuff around, but how well would this work/wh… 03/17/2015 on PC Build: Freddy 0
#256 - I was looking at the custom builds on pcpartpicker, and I was … 03/17/2015 on PC Build: Freddy 0
#253 - Would there be any better options for any of the parts if you …  [+] (5 new replies) 03/17/2015 on PC Build: Freddy +1
User avatar #259 - zeusx (03/17/2015) [-]
so your budget seems to be anything below $600 right? at that price i'd toss the cpu cooler. the stock amd one is perfectly functional, if marginally louder. unless you're OCing the cpu cooler that comes with the cpu will serve you well. with the money saved you can make the jump to a 280x which'll play lol and payday max settings 60fps or above, not to mention like 95% of the other games out there too. the motherboard seems light on imputs to me but for that price and for what you need it to do it'll do just fine. keep in mind though that you'll have to run ethernet to it as it doesn't support wireless, unless you buy a dongle. everything else is solid.
User avatar #257 - zeusx (03/17/2015) [-]
for the price no. athlon is pretty much a dead brand. fx is newer and faster and you can get an fx 6300 for around the same price. you can also get a better motherboard which may or may not have wifi, depends which one you choose. the ram is fine, the hdd is fine, but personally i would choose an r9 280 over the gtx 960. comparable or better performance with 3gb vram instead of 2. it's also like $10 cheaper right now. the psu is alright but if you want to spend another $5 the jump to 500w will give your parts a lot more breathing room. in regards to the difference between a large (full ATX) and a mini (mATX or mini ITX) it's mostly going to be number of ports/ pci e slots/ sata and other inputs. they'll perform exactly the same except the smaller on saves room at the cost of expandability. most smaller form factor boards for example don't support sli which is multiple nvidia gpus. the smaller ones do tend to have built in wifi more often though.
User avatar #258 - xXxEttlyxXx (03/17/2015) [-]
Just mixing some stuff around, but how well would this work/what would be a better option. pcpartpicker.com/p/WDTXpg I'm really not looking for a beast of a computer as I am not a hardcore PC gamer, its usually just League of Legends or Payday 2.
User avatar #254 - zeusx (03/17/2015) [-]
yeah man definitely, if you take away the os but still want to spend the same amount of money my first addition would be a brand spanking new ssd as your boot drive. the difference in speed is substantial. for me, personally, it's to the point where i dont even bother going into sleep mode anymore. booting from shut down is just as fast. after that everything gets just a little marginally better. the next step in gpu would be a gtx 980 but thats completely overkill for a sub $900 rig considering it's a more than $500 gpu. The 970 is really going to get you the best balance of price and power. if you're into overclocking you can even get it to the level of a 980 but that'll require some tinkering. the next thing would be either a z97 board or an i5 4690k or both. these together'll run you around $50-60 more. both of these parts are the top of the line in their class and offer OCing which isn't possible on the h97 or i5 4590. this is really just future proofing though. many people go years without needing to OC but if you want to spend more money, features is features. the psu is solid and reliable, but if you want to spring for something with more power so you can add another gpu or something later you may be inclined to spend more. also you may want to look into a modular psu which'll make actually building the thing easier and cable management a dream. i recommend spending $50-80 total on a trustworthy 80+ certified brand. you may also want to splurge a little on maybe a prettier or more functional case. you can optimize for silence. depending on the case this could run you $50 or more. as far as ram goes, 8gb is plenty for most but if you want more and you want to drop another $70 for 16gb its your money. all of these upgrades would be secondary to the ssd though. that's going to give you the most immediate tangible improvement. you won't be able to do all of these just by dropping the os but just know that you definitely have options.
User avatar #256 - xXxEttlyxXx (03/17/2015) [-]
I was looking at the custom builds on pcpartpicker, and I was just wondering if this would be a good enough build for its price. pcpartpicker.com/user/Ettlyv1/saved/kmsWGX and is there any difference between a mini or a larger computer?
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