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#4 - Luke? 10/07/2013 on Star Wars 0
#23 - crazy dream thread? >find myself in small air hang…  [+] (2 replies) 08/29/2013 on I really want this to happen +2
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#24 - scoobi (08/29/2013) [-]
I swear to baby jesus, this was the weirdest dream I ever had. Plus I forget a lot of dreams but this is the only one I can remember that's weird enough

>Be in dream
>On large bus packed with people
>Sitting next to somebody so I decide to chat
>"Hi, what's your name?"
>Guy beside me says his name is Seagull
>Bus heads to bridge, I recognize it
>A bridge from GTA 4
>I look at Seagull and he looks at me
>We hear a snap and look to front of bus
>Creature snapped bus drivers neck and runaway bus speeding down bridge with all us helpless passengers on board
>Bus makes a turn but there is no driver
>Look at Seagull
>Seagull became a seagull
>Sudden explosion at front of bus kills everyone except seagull who became a duck with a sheild to protect him from blast
>Wake up
>Just a dream
>Look down at torso, completely burned and melted
>Wake up for real drenched in sweat, not even in my bed anymore, laying on futon downstairs

I hate it when you wake up but you're still in a dream

MFW I woke up