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#645 - xXJkillerXx (02/27/2011) [-]
I don't think I'm gonna get orange text, even though something I posted two days ago got 160+ thumbs... Cause the thing says I uploaded it yesterday...

That's ********, man...
#646 to #976 - wulfdogkat (02/27/2011) [-]
well that just means you gotta upload another epic post!
you've uploaded a few front pagers before!
#647 to #977 - xXJkillerXx (02/27/2011) [-]
If I upload something else, I still won't get orange text.
That was one time, I just got really lucky.
I'm not emo, I'm just sad that I worked so hard to get orange text but then I just got nothing.
#648 to #978 - wulfdogkat (02/27/2011) [-]
wow, just trying to cheer you up, but you know what? we work hard for ****
all the time, i had about 200 bucks in my wallet from saved up allowance and christmas
money, one sucky day in gym and someone went through my backpack (i left my wallet and pants there) and he stole every dollar i had there, that day sucked but i moved on!