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#575 - ITSSUPERAFFECTIVE (01/25/2011) [-]
i like your idea......but lets talk here, for um, privacy sake so no1 takes your idea.....lets brainstorm a main plot to this superhero parody
#576 to #903 - wulfdogkat (01/25/2011) [-]
ok, the main characters cold either be you and me and other friends or nerds
i was thinking a parody of the avengers or te justice leaugue, or maybe our own group
and instead of actually fighting crime we just screw around with our powers
#578 to #904 - wulfdogkat (01/25/2011) [-]
could* league* that was killing me
#577 to #904 - ITSSUPERAFFECTIVE (01/25/2011) [-]
thats to general i need a focus idea...

i can do it and i have some ideas, but my ideas are too limited i need a story line of sorts
#579 to #905 - wulfdogkat (01/25/2011) [-]
you mean a "to be continued" story?
#580 to #907 - ITSSUPERAFFECTIVE (01/25/2011) [-]
Doesnt have to be but it can be multiple parts...
i just need a main thing to go on..
#582 to #908 - wulfdogkat (01/25/2011) [-]
well you can still use the superhero parody idea, a series, and each comic jokes
about something in the superhero world like token black guy heroes
#583 to #910 - ITSSUPERAFFECTIVE (01/25/2011) [-]
ITS TOO GENERAL....i cant just take a leap of faith...your missing my point

i need something to go off of not just superhero parody its TOO GENERAL i need a narrow point of view so i can get the idea...
#584 to #911 - wulfdogkat (01/25/2011) [-]
narrow pont of view? inspiration you mean?
maybe you need to take a break just so you can get an idea on the outside
true stories y'know?
#586 to #912 - ITSSUPERAFFECTIVE (01/25/2011) [-]
idk man, im tired but my point is its not easy to just make up this **** willynilly you know?
#587 to #914 - wulfdogkat (01/25/2011) [-]
yeah, i know, that's why i suggest a break from comic making or real life inspiration
#588 to #915 - ITSSUPERAFFECTIVE (01/25/2011) [-]
meh, not easy i got nothing else to do right now....was playing assassins creed brother hood multi ealier but thats not a good source, TV not a good source, im listening to music ATM so MAYBE if im lucky ill get an idea
#589 to #916 - wulfdogkat (01/25/2011) [-]
i hope so
#581 to #908 - ITSSUPERAFFECTIVE (01/25/2011) [-]
like i can make up the ppl...IRON LADY, and her power is to iron the **** out things....MANSPIDER 8limbs and can shoot webs... WONDERBUM, just sits there on the couch drinking bear, Bat Lady, she has 30 pet bats and cant get a date..

etc so forth
#585 to #909 - wulfdogkat (01/25/2011) [-]
something like that