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#268 - It seems fatness has reached an all-time high in this country...  [+] (4 replies) 06/27/2012 on Pizza cones -8
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I want to thumb you down for your comment but that picture is from avatar so i can't
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#274 - wtfxbomberboom (06/27/2012) [-]
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So as long as my pictures are from Avatar, you're saying you won't thumb me down? Challenge accepted.
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#280 - wtfxbomberboom (06/27/2012) [-]
Probably not the best idea....
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#245 - AcidFlux (06/26/2012) [-]
Your comment is confusing. You mean this wounded warrior would make it less appealing for your brother to be a Marine?
To be honest, I'd rather every potential recruit saw a few wounded warriors returning home, so they fully understood what they are potentially sacrificing. Coming from a military family, I knew before going in what to expect. Not everyone does.

This is but one of many sacrifices we've agreed to make, if necessary. If your brother is uncomfortable with that, then I respectfully suggest he seek another career. It's a tough job, and there are moments when I hated it. But I knew it was important, and I knew that I wanted to repay my debt to society.

It's not the choice for everyone, and I have respect for anyone making the decision that's right for him or her. If he choices to make the attempt and earns the title, I'll be happy to call him my brother. If not, then I wish him well.
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