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wtf man

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#17 - legends say that the kid was born with a neckbeard and a taste…  [+] (2 replies) 10/17/2015 on Do ur jahb +29
#47 - anon (10/17/2015) [-]
Better than a God botherer with a taste for children.
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#73 - talldumbdork (10/17/2015) [-]
At least make it funny.....you didn't even try.
#63 - in my experience cold water is better for your muscles than hot water  [+] (1 reply) 10/06/2015 on Showers 0
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#66 - sanguinemybrother (10/06/2015) [-]
Hence the fact elite sportsmen take icebaths.
#18 - i have no idea what they are called but when i want to see the…  [+] (2 replies) 10/05/2015 on So it's October.. 0
#24 - ugoboom (10/05/2015) [-]
>still using cuckchan
>not using fullchan /webm/
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#19 - lejunkyfaceman (10/05/2015) [-]
thank you very much, wtf-man! u a super-hero now
#25 - yeah but all of those mods isn't going to change the fact that…  [+] (12 replies) 10/02/2015 on The problem with open world... +17
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#330 - ponchosdm (10/03/2015) [-]
combat sucked? if using sword and shield and not blocking die of 2-3 hits, if you are a mage, almost anything is going to kill you on 1 hit, I needed to have an army with me all the time , 3 daedras(one summoned by Lydia), Lydia and me, ranged needed to be well aware of the surroundings to avoid getting trapped and melees needed to time their moves and be aware of all the enemies that were attacking them, playing in lower difficulties would miss the need for such tactics...
the side quest and dungeons, no objection, they were repetitive...
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#44 - thesupervillian (10/03/2015) [-]
In what way did the combat suck? I played the game not expecting anything much different then other 3d games like fallout, which I personally love the combat system for. So i'd honestly like to know what problems you see with it.
#141 - anon (10/03/2015) [-]
The complexity of Skyrim combat is broken down to one, two, maybe three functions, depending on how you play.

You pull the triggers to attack.
You might pull the left trigger to block.
You might have to keep track of your stamina.

Potions completely erase the third function, you can ignore stamina completely once you learn what potions are and how to get your hands on more than one at a time. Blocking may not be relevant if you deal heavy damage or dual wield. So you may just be pressing the trigger to deal damage to kill your opponent before you die.

There is no back and forth. There is no strategy. There is no ebb and flow of battle. There are no large battles. There are no scheming/planning/learning/adapting enemies. You can just mash the attack button (trigger) until your opponent falls dead, and you're champion. In fact, if you keep health potions or food on hand, you literally only have to worry about mashing the attach function, because if you are ever in danger, just heal up to full in the pause menu, and keep mashing.

The combat system is not even a combat system. It's just a series of numbers that you will inevitably and easily wittle down to 0 so you can continue on your short and unfulfilling path to grand king/wizard/etc of every faction in the world. And since over half of those numbers belong to the same dragur model you saw last quest, they aren't even interesting to watch struggle and die.

Bow combat is more absurd because of how broken and stupid the "stealth" system is in this game, so bringing that up as an alternative just makes it all worse. And magic is a direct downgrade from Oblivion, which was a direct downgrade from Morrowind, so bringing that up just highlights the problems of Skyrim compared to the previous games even more clearly.
#316 - nickelakon (10/03/2015) [-]
Honestly, one of the reasons I want to see a WRPG, or just a more open world RPG done like infinite undiscovery is because the combat was fun. It was fast paced and the big battles where everything is depending on you always felt like it. Certain segments of the game like you put castles under siege and have 3 seperate parties running routes through it, npc soldiers that you save might join your party or stay behind and hold off enemies. Sometimes you fight with a time limit and have to rush past the fights and see guards holding enemies back as you rush to stop castles from burning down. The gameplay integrated everything you'd see in something like final Fantasy into a real time combat system. The game wasnt anything to write home about but shit if the moments that they wanted to feel epic didn't.
#48 - alf (10/03/2015) [-]
The problem with Skyrim's combat is its no more than pull trigger/click mouse over and over and over again till shit dies. Unless of course you mod it to have actual difficulty.
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#54 - thesupervillian (10/03/2015) [-]
That's reasonable. I've never personally had any problems with games like that due to how easily I can lose myself in them. So hitting something like right trigger on a controller just kind of becomes muscle memory and makes me feel like i'm actually fighting something.
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#51 - hydraetis (10/03/2015) [-]
Even with mods the combat barely changes. It just becomes the exact same shit but with fancy surprises or more damage
#71 - alf (10/03/2015) [-]
Yea I agree its still only slightly better. You just have to actually block/dodge every now and then instead of swing like a mad man constantly.
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#266 - emiyashirou (10/03/2015) [-]
>Dodging every now and then
>Not playing at a difficulty where even a mudcrab 2-shots you
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#331 - ponchosdm (10/03/2015) [-]
well said, not everyone likes to play games on the hardest difficulty available, they usually complain about it was too easy
#349 - alf (10/04/2015) [-]
Not complaining about it being too easy. Never once did I say easy. However, the combat system was repetitive and pretty boring, which was what was being discussed.
#34 - riggedride (10/03/2015) [-]
except it will... there are mods for better combat and quests and unique and interesting dungeons, they are pretty much the best ones out there.

if you didn't like skyrim I would recommend modding the skyrim out of skyrim. You can make one seriously customizable rpg.
#36 - "i have never seen something done a certain way so that m…  [+] (1 reply) 10/01/2015 on there i fixed it 0
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#37 - twentyseconds (10/01/2015) [-]
i never said it doesn't exist, i just cant relate to that being a possible solution for me
#48 - the ant-man movie already came out and it was pretty good  [+] (1 reply) 09/28/2015 on Well played, kid, well played. 0
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#52 - manofparody (09/28/2015) [-]
Not saying it was a bad movie, just an obscure hero.

Looks like I pushed graphomaniac's button though.
#13 - they're big guys  [+] (4 replies) 09/21/2015 on (untitled) +7
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#17 - sphincterface (09/21/2015) [-]
#15 - liamdurf (09/21/2015) [-]
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#18 - ridivey (09/21/2015) [-]
omg I've been searching for this for the longest time
#14 - anon (09/21/2015) [-]
Quit baneposting