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#63 - Picture 07/18/2016 on Kung fury +7
#60 - >being this obvious 0 seems like a great number to…  [+] (2 new replies) 07/18/2016 on Kung fury +10
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#61 - hillaryforprez (07/18/2016) [-]
they're puns you dip
#63 - wlflvr (07/18/2016) [-]
#23 - What about giving their homeland the ability to rebuild? I'm n… 07/16/2016 on 'have to learn to live with... 0
#20 - The middle east loves martyrs. The Abramic Religions are ALL A…  [+] (2 new replies) 07/16/2016 on 'have to learn to live with... +1
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#22 - daftiduck (07/16/2016) [-]
Of course I don't mean it; the minute a nuke is launched, MAD goes out the window.

The point I was trying to make, badly, I'll admit, was that these people don't react to the death of their own. Like you said, they thrive on martyrdom.

They're not gonna stop because we kill some of them. Something needs to happen to either take out every single one of them, or give them a reason to stop.

Holding their most precious religious site hostage is the only thing that I can think of that might come close to the second option.
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#23 - wlflvr (07/16/2016) [-]
What about giving their homeland the ability to rebuild? I'm not talking about the bullshit that Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom tried to do.

These people are coming to Europe to avoid persecution, to get out of a religious dictatorship. To avoid murderers and rapists and thieves. Because the Middle East is dead. It is a land filled with people who just want a normal life, but keep falling for the tricks of men abusing their religion.

Why not show them truth? Why not show them prosperity and wealth. Why not tear down the regimes that assfuck the people? Stop giving shipping them weapons to defend themselves, and start sending them people who can help them. All these problems started from our hope that, if we give them to tools to free themselves, they'll build a great nation. Well, they freed themselves of Hussein and are freeing themselves of the Assads. But they're replacing them with even more extremist and violent institutions. Nations born of rage will live in rage all their lives.

Violence and threats will only create threats and violence. But reeducating their whole society about how the real world works, and just how absolutely unacceptable the actions of the past are, now that can make a change.

We don't need rebirth in flames. We need to give them tools, REAL TOOLS, other than guns and bombs and greed and hatred. Tools to help them build their world into someplace great.

#18 - As a Midwestern American, I feel really removed from the issue…  [+] (1 new reply) 07/16/2016 on 'have to learn to live with... +1
#21 - zephire (07/16/2016) [-]
>implying the Crusades were a bad thing

The only bad thing about them is that they weren't successful enough
#19 - Oh, and 07/14/2016 on GO VALOR +4
#18 - Instinct  [+] (3 new replies) 07/14/2016 on GO VALOR +19
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#42 - xxkelevraxx (07/14/2016) [-]
I regret nothing
#22 - inverseiconoclasm (07/14/2016) [-]

I'm part of it tho, I just thought this was funny.
#19 - wlflvr (07/14/2016) [-]
Oh, and
#3 - What 4chan doesn't realize is that's pretty much how the real … 07/11/2016 on gullible internet people +9
#124 - Picture 07/05/2016 on Trumps final weapon +12
#86 - I'm actually kind of excited, they haven't really jumped at th…  [+] (1 new reply) 07/01/2016 on Welp, it came true. +8
#89 - iom (07/01/2016) [-]
to me it looks more like this rare shark but your idea makes more since because its not a water/dragon