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#105 - Comment deleted 06/14/2013 on Contact Your... Lawyer? +1
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User avatar #205 - mrgoodlove (06/14/2013) [-]
I don't like or agree with your opinion, but I respect it.
User avatar #197 - mazzyrazzy (06/14/2013) [-]
#489 - Can someone please show me a "comparison chart" betw…  [+] (16 new replies) 06/11/2013 on How Sony Won E3 2013 0
User avatar #520 - oceanmist (06/12/2013) [-]
-PS4 and Xbox1 have similar processing, both with Custom AMD 8 core processors with 8GB of RAM, with the PS4 having a very slight Edge with DDR5 over DDR3. The PS4 Also has a slightly better GPU, but overall in terms of power they are quite similar.

-PS4 does not have used game fees, Xbox one does not have used game fees, but allows developers to charge a fee if they wish (Probably Companies like EA who already charges for online passes will take advantage of this)

-Games Debateable, but most agree Xbox1 is winning at E3 so far, stealing big names from PS like Metal Gear Solid V and getting the next final fantasy, as well as continuing their own big names. PS4 is doing better in the indie games categories.

-Xbox one will need an online check in every 24 hours

-Xbox 1 will be $500 with Kinect included, PS4 is $400 alone.

-Xbox1 Kinect Camera is NOT always listening and watching, only responding or reacting to the commands Xbox on/ Xbox off
#534 - daynox (06/12/2013) [-]
In terms of the RAM a slight difference arises when you think about OS, both have 8gb but XOne gives 3 to OS at all times to PS4's 1, so 5gb to 7gb dedicated to games. Not that big a deal considering the jump from 256mb, but in conjunction with the slightly better GPU it could give higher end games a bit more of an edge and in any case your not wasting extra just so if you felt like switching between tv a few times you could (which my tv remote does anyway :/)

And in terms of games, PS4 is still getting Metal Gear Solid V and the next Final Fantasy, they were just showcased on Microsoft's pannel as Destiny was Sony's. Also consider the big indie games like Blacklight Retribution and Plantetside 2 on PS4 which are free and seem to have a better reception than most current AAA console titles.
User avatar #500 - racrox (06/11/2013) [-]
I don't have a picture, but here's basically what you need to know:


Requires an online check in every 24 hours or you won't be able to play games (effectively losing all costumers that don't have internet)

Requires you to pay a fee to play used games

Kinect's camera will be always listening and watching, Microsoft assured people it was for ease-of-access purposes only but imagine if somebody tapped it

15 exclusives in the first year


No online check in \
shouldn't need to be advertised as features but that's how bad MS fucked up
Can play used games /

Camera is not required

Presumably more powerful as they both have 8gb of ram however 3gb's of MS's is for the OS while only 1gb of Sony's if for OS

20 exclusives in the first year with a 40 game launch line up
#543 - winterfrost (06/12/2013) [-]
Just to let you know, the used games and kinect thing was debunked. You can fully turn off the kinect and turn off the "always listening", there is no fee to play used games, there's no fee at all...still getting a PS4 though.
source: www.ign.com/wikis/xbox-one/Xbox_One_Kinect
Although the 24 hour check in is right, but still stupid.

Have a good day, sir.
#508 - anonymous (06/11/2013) [-]
One more thing that Sony tried to hide:

Multiplayer is NOT gonna be free for PS4. You have to subscribe to PS Plus to play games online... just like on XBOXLive.

Daymn shame.
User avatar #521 - Tyranitar (06/12/2013) [-]
You mean I'll have to pay to have little kids talk about sleeping with my mother?

I didn't even care about that when it was free.
User avatar #512 - racrox (06/12/2013) [-]
Yeah but they did so well I don't think anyone cared, not to mention XBL is $60 a year for just online, while PS+ is $50 a year and gives you online, at least 1 new full game every month, and tons of other freebies including indie games, it really pays for itself by the second month
#538 - daynox (06/12/2013) [-]
I don't know about pricing where you are but here Xbox Live is like $10.95 a month to PSPlus's $5, so it ends up under half the price, so even better for all the improvements you get
#531 - anonymous (06/12/2013) [-]
No, it doesn't pay itself at all. Of course it's better than XBOXLive, that's a given, but while "bad" is better than "worse," "bad" is not "good"

In the matter of subscriptions:
PS3 is Good; PS4 is Bad, XBOX One is the worst.

If people want to get Plus then good for them, they should be forced into it to play online.
User avatar #542 - racrox (06/12/2013) [-]
That's true, buuuut it does still pay for itself, you're getting full retail priced games free every month for $50 a year, yes I agree that it is kind of shitty to have to pay for online, but if we think about it, making people pay for online essentially means Sony has to make the online, well... better. And think about how much they are adding to the online experience, livestreaming games from you PS4, cross-game chat, in background downloads where you can choose which part of a game to download first and even play said game while it''s downloading... PS3's online was free because it was limited in features, I'm sure all these new features cost a lot to hold up and I think the price is perfectly justifiable
#551 - anonymous (06/12/2013) [-]
No buddy, it doesn't pay for itself. It pays for itself for users who ALREADY getting Plus anyways.

I mean one analogy would be like if you want to buy a decent car with an average price(< $50K) then someone tells you "OH NO! You have to get a $500,000 Aston Martin. And if you don't buy the Aston Martin, you get nothing, BUT GUESS WHAT?! We are gonna sell you the car for half a million dollar, we are gonna sell it for $250,000. So there you go, it pays for itself."

I mean sure it's a bargain, but it's only a bargain for someone who's already planning on getting an Aston Martin, same thing for those who already want to get PS Plus.
User avatar #554 - racrox (06/12/2013) [-]
I'll defend that point, but allow me to point out you did not address my point about the much better online experience and that money it takes to keep it good.

As for your thing, you analogy is flawed, a better one would be like if you went to the store to buy toilet paper, and they offered to sell you 12 packages for the price of 1
#559 - anonymous (06/12/2013) [-]

If your intentions are to pay up anyways, then yeah sure it's great. Otherwise, not really.

And come on, let's be honest. The!! average non-Plus user!! right now on PS3 would rather keep the 5 bucks in his wallet, and to hell with live-streaming gameplays and whatnot.
User avatar #563 - racrox (06/12/2013) [-]
Well I take a look at my friends list and probably 90% of the people have Plus, but saying it would be okay to shut out 10% of market would be wrong, that would be like saying MS's 24 check in requirement is ok, which it is not, I am not about to come of hypocritical.

I see what you're saying, and all I have left to say, at least it's better than the XB1. You have your right to complain, but why bother when there's nothing you can do, in my opinion Plus is absolute great value and people who don't have it are missing out on great free games and services that other companies just don't offer.
#562 - anonymous (06/12/2013) [-]
anyway, gotta go

anonfag awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
#523 - evictedone (06/12/2013) [-]
Someone give this man a thumb!
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#22 - CAN someone please explain to me what's that texts below the p…  [+] (2 new replies) 06/02/2013 on National Hero -8
User avatar #27 - astonop (06/02/2013) [-]
Yes, it was introduced a while ago. It tries to read what text is in the post and puts it into the description, but frankly it's quite crap.
#31 - winniedawho (06/02/2013) [-]
yeah, crappy, but I think that really was awesome, but not so much.
#74 - My dad came from UAE, and he doesn't have a single courage to … 06/02/2013 on London 0
#29 - That's why I'm gay .  [+] (1 new reply) 06/02/2013 on Women -3
#45 - anonymous (06/02/2013) [-]
Here's a list of people that care:

End of list.
#54 - 98% of FJ population. 06/02/2013 on I haven't been fully honest... +7
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#21 - I just realized that the guy's head is beating to the music  [+] (2 new replies) 06/02/2013 on Back seaters -1
User avatar #22 - tdhd (06/02/2013) [-]
#27 - Mesmus (06/02/2013) [-]
#12 - I'd give so much to the government as long as I could see how … 06/02/2013 on Ah Ha +5
#53 - ******* , try going to any asian countries. 06/02/2013 on London +1
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#48 - So that I could add something to my miserable life :(  [+] (1 new reply) 05/09/2013 on JEWpiter +1
User avatar #49 - sackit (05/09/2013) [-]
Well i dont like funny pages on facebook:) becuase they are all like whores etc, this picture was just some thing my brother had liked i think:)

If i now right the sight was called "dafuq did i just read"
So if you want you cn check it out:) but its probaly just shit any ways..


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User avatar #7 - revengeforfreeze (01/06/2014) [-]
You're a ******* cocksucker, Jonathan
#8 to #7 - winniedawho (01/11/2014) [-]
User avatar #10 to #8 - revengeforfreeze (01/11/2014) [-]
Ah **** that didn't work. I couldn't embed videos at a certain time. Wait, let me check. Skip to 3:54
User avatar #9 to #8 - revengeforfreeze (01/11/2014) [-]
B/W Cartoon about Berries

Just kidding, mate.

I just wanted to try this and see reactions. It's from this video. Nothing personal.

I just searched either "MFW my name is Jonathan" or "My name is Jonathan and"
User avatar #3 - asongulol (08/14/2012) [-]
Musta? di ka collect items?
#4 to #3 - winniedawho (08/15/2012) [-]
di eh, grade 2 lang natapos ko, di ako marunong mag math
User avatar #5 to #4 - asongulol (08/15/2012) [-]
#1 - tamamamamamamamama (07/09/2012) [-]
Happy late birthday.
#2 to #1 - winniedawho (07/10/2012) [-]
THANKS! ohgawd you are the first to greet me T_T
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