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    How most people choose How most people choose
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    Art Teachers Art Teachers
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    Japan Japan
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    Why? Why?
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    Cat Cat
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    My confession My confession
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    hes alive hes alive
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    you want. you want.
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    I found /b/! I found /b/!
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    Uploaded: 04/22/13
    Immortal Immortal
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    Do you feel weird? Do you feel weird?

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#103 - Time to help out our old man. 05/22/2016 on Thank you based Brit 0
#54 - This doesn't make me lose faith in humanity, I know plenty of … 05/19/2016 on How to lose faith in... 0
#36 - youre right how dare she report that poor migrant shes racist 05/13/2016 on just ten hours’ therapy... 0
#185 - probably wouldn't have an ugly face if she didn't stuff it ful… 05/02/2016 on MFW trigglypuff 0
#40 - America was founded on the idea that all men are created equal…  [+] (7 new replies) 05/01/2016 on pol BTFO by anti-Trump memes -6
#79 - anon (05/01/2016) [-]
You also don't know how to use punctuation properly.
#47 - hazelnutqt (05/01/2016) [-]
You KNOW that's a lie
Literally every single country other than America has college that is available for everybody, show me where any of these countries have 'devalued graduates' that are not similar to the thousands of Americans who also can't get a job, only they can't get a job while being thousands of dollars in debt. You can't just make up stuff
#88 - anon (05/01/2016) [-]
everbody comes to the usa for college u twit
#108 - hazelnutqt (05/02/2016) [-]
No they don't, there are exchange students in literally all developed nations and you know this, there are actual, legitimate reasons to not just go 'HURR MAKE COLLEGE FREE!!!1!' but these lies make the discussion muddled. For shame Anon, for shame!
#45 - qtipd (05/01/2016) [-]
As lower middle class you would benefit from Bernies Proposed plans, really the only people who don't are like the top .3%
User avatar
#43 - abesimpson (05/01/2016) [-]
Free college doesn't work thst way. In most countries with free college you need a certain grade to get in. For example, in low demand but high paying jobs (such as medicine or dentistry) the grade to get in is very high. Engineering usually requires a small grade (with some exception) because many people simply can't go through with it.

And in the end, it's not mandatory in life to go to college, people go if they feel responsible enough and are sure they want to take that career path.

I think it's detrimental for society that going to certain colleges automatically gets you into a good job, rather than the actual effort.

But don't worry, ivy league universities will still exist. Bernie just wants the public colleges to be free.
#41 - anon (05/01/2016) [-]
Making college free is one thing, making it even remotely fucking affordable is another.
#61 - I do believe that Sanders has the best interest of the country…  [+] (2 new replies) 04/24/2016 on How America looks from Yurop +3
#210 - anon (04/24/2016) [-]
Consider this:

Bernie knew his audience, he's not a stupid man. I allude BLM supporters to children, and I think most would agree with me. However, Bernie was at a rally filled with protective mothers, effectively. Sanders, when the children began their tantrum on stage, had two options: 1) let them cry it out and fall asleep, or 2) spank them for misbehaving.

If Bernie was giving a speech to "dads" he probably could've gotten off with option 2 and little backlash. However, again, Bernie isn't stupid. He knew there were more "mothers" in the audience, so he elected not to hit the brat.

Different, still effective. They finished their shpeel, wandered off, and the adults continued with their business.

I, personally, do not consider that weak. I consider it strategical. The saying "pick your battles" doesn't imply weakness to you, does it?

A lot of close friends are enlisted, and they all constantly shit on the Air Force. Just thought it was funny considering they refer to it as the "Chair Force" and you're giving Sanders shit for being weak. I'm a civilian myself, so I don't mean disrespect by that in any way.
#85 - anon (04/24/2016) [-]
sanders let black people speak this one time even though they were rude

ignore all his campaigning for the past 50-odd years and how he's never once compromised his ideals, those aren't the signs of a strong leader

that guy? yeah, he insults people! he's said in the past that if he was going to run for president he'd do it republican because they're just that stupid! yes, THAT'S the strong leader i want!

u understanding how dumb you sound yet?
#3 - This method of horticulture has been passed down the Armstrong… 04/23/2016 on The Trees +304
#21 - Well yeah, thats their business model, they release elder scro… 04/01/2016 on Deacon lies tho -1
#12 - Neglect? are they ******* cats? how do you die of neglect as a…  [+] (9 new replies) 04/01/2016 on Gendercide +295
User avatar
#119 - cannibalvegan (04/02/2016) [-]
What if those shelters are not for abused women, but actually for stray women?
User avatar
#44 - duthar (04/02/2016) [-]
There are certainly some "feminists" out there that are so dim that you need to put them out to get sunlight and water them occasionally. Maybe that's what they're talking about.
User avatar
#34 - richardastley (04/02/2016) [-]
I'm guessing it meant children (even though "women normally refers to adults). Not that I think it's true at all.
User avatar
#127 - puckisthis (04/02/2016) [-]
Maybe after puberty
User avatar
#30 - shleker (04/02/2016) [-]
In China alone the number newborn girl who have been killed by being abandonned in the wild must exceed millions, I think thats what the term "by neglect" refers to...

I think "women" appllies as they were killed because of their gender. Even is the use of the term "female" would have been more accurate. But it's facebook "facts" so we can't except any kind of accurate wording from them...

Still, it's pointless to compare those statistics, humans dies and its sad regardless of them being a man a women or an attack helicopter...
#33 - anon (04/02/2016) [-]
"all the wars" would include WW2....

there is no way more women died than men when you include wars like that.
#28 - locke (04/02/2016) [-]
honestly Feminism has been infantilizing women and "oppressed" groups for a long time. this is just another way feminism suggests women are too weak willed to be responsible.
User avatar
#27 - skeletorexplains (04/02/2016) [-]
Not sure what that lizard has to do with your comment, but its cute. What's the lil guys name?
User avatar
#126 - sorentytoalba (04/02/2016) [-]
Her name's Lizzary. Be careful, she bites... hard.
#51 - but we have protested before, both political sides have had ma… 03/30/2016 on Protests 0
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