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#524 - I'm +1 to the people who didn't see the joke  [+] (6 new replies) 15 hours ago on give me your feels +2
User avatar #542 - klina (15 hours ago) [-]
For fucks sake it's a quote from Pacific Rim changed to fit big brother admin and FJ.

User avatar #795 - samxdaxman (12 hours ago) [-]
I saw Pacific Rim and I didn't get your joke.

It was a nice try, but you just came off acting like a dick. And your replies after that didn't really help. At all.
#803 - klina (11 hours ago) [-]
Shut the fuck up faggot.
#846 - samxdaxman (11 hours ago) [-]
muh feelings
User avatar #618 - nyanfatcat (14 hours ago) [-]
Nobody knew what you're talking about. Just say sorry and move on.
#578 - youmotherfather (14 hours ago) [-]
I haven't seen Pacific Rim.
#6 - I see. Thanks. 15 hours ago on To the rescue? +32
#2 - I always have to wonder for posts like these: How did it come …  [+] (13 new replies) 17 hours ago on To the rescue? +298
User avatar #39 - Sabor (3 hours ago) [-]
From the brief glimpse I got of the black dude it's KSIOlajidebt in which case it would have been his idea.
#40 - thespartanlegend (3 hours ago) [-]
but that black guy is not KSI...
#33 - anonymous (5 hours ago) [-]
Friends that talk about stereotypes and make fun of them come up with them and then do a short movie (vine) about them.
#29 - anonymous (6 hours ago) [-]
Well this was posted on her vine channel and these are two of her friends so I'd say it was her idea
User avatar #17 - comedicturtle (10 hours ago) [-]
his vine name is Jerry Purpdrank, his "schtick" is that he makes jokes about being a black guy
User avatar #13 - vilememory (12 hours ago) [-]
Black Man National Geographic - Funniest/Best Vines (PageKennedey) Sauce
#10 - originialname (14 hours ago) [-]
the black guy and girl are the "celebrity viners",but its usually the girl that does this stupid shit
#35 - ciacheczko (4 hours ago) [-]
To be honest, I dislike the girl. I think her vines are slightly too centered around her.
User avatar #47 - duedum (1 hour ago) [-]
well, vines aren't funny either way
#7 - anonymous (15 hours ago) [-]
A good comedian isn't afraid to poke at themselves, their race, or their beliefs.
User avatar #4 - sciencexplain (16 hours ago) [-]
I think the black guy is a popular vine video creator, so the popular vine users collab on their ideas since most people use self-criticism and their own race to create comedy in these without the need to consider people's opinions and that. Often, they come together and make really funny and racist or offensive ones.
User avatar #25 - vancecore (8 hours ago) [-]
tldr, he's a sellout.
#6 - wimwam (15 hours ago) [-]
I see. Thanks.
#90 - You are not arsed arguing? Cot damn, lazy enough to leave out … 20 hours ago on Top Kek +1
#61 - Comment deleted 07/20/2014 on m h h hm m mn bmn 0
#33 - What if both people are drunk?  [+] (2 new replies) 07/20/2014 on m h h hm m mn bmn +1
User avatar #36 - lordbyronxiv (07/20/2014) [-]
this case is admittedly the most difficult to handle, but also the most rare.

in this case, i would say, one of two approaches can be taken:
1.) there's almost no way two people, who are soooo drunk that neither can provide consent, can somehow manage to get to a place and have sex. remember, past the point of consent is pretty fuckin drunk. in this case, neither party really knows what happened at all, nor can either provide evidence supporting their claim. unless of course, one of them somehow can. in that case, evidence wins, as it should.

2.) you could also assume through the logic above that one of them muuust have been coherent enough to direct events. in this case, its also difficult, if not impossible, to prove.

thus neither is jailed.
#61 - wimwam has deleted their comment.
#6 - *morale but I thought it was funny 07/20/2014 on 2legit +3
#59 - Yeah it's definitely fake  [+] (1 new reply) 07/19/2014 on Forgetting to turn off cam. 0
User avatar #60 - imofcnotharveydent (07/19/2014) [-]
what Al gore really should make a movie about
#24 - What is with the ellipsis at the end? Is the story to be conti… 07/16/2014 on Shaving her hair 0
#24 - Can someone tell me where this is from or provide video source… 07/16/2014 on Be careful!! +1

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#8 - tacticalbacon (04/07/2014) [-]
so I watched that vid, and what I got from it is a BF that is either a cunt or is going to break up with her, and she literally ruins his life and gets him arrested as well as ruin his personal hygiene, so she is kindaa bitch even after he trys to make amends.
#1 - popnotes ONLINE (03/04/2014) [-]
Your death will be swift.
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