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#368 - Picture  [+] (1 new reply) 04/28/2015 on Pot Facts +1
#398 - randacc (04/28/2015) [-]
#69 - Choose me choose me! 04/27/2015 on Some amazing things part 7... 0
#85 - Don't want to pay for MODS? Don't buy ******* MODS then....  [+] (13 new replies) 04/27/2015 on Gabe Talks Paid Mods -2
User avatar #89 - huntergriff (04/27/2015) [-]
"The mods that are being charged for on steam are no longer being updated on the nexus. It's fine if you're okay with outdated/more buggy mods."

As BerwindTwentyFour put it.
User avatar #108 - alfrebecht (04/27/2015) [-]
If it's worth using, freaking pay for it,
If it's not, how can you bitch?
User avatar #110 - huntergriff (04/27/2015) [-]
Okay, then Buy it, If it breaks your game then don't fucking bitch. :^) and enjoy not getting a refund.
User avatar #111 - alfrebecht (04/27/2015) [-]

I'm not sure I see your point.
User avatar #113 - huntergriff (04/27/2015) [-]
So, you're completely okay with wasting money (hard earned money) on a mod that's not guaranteed to work, will possibly break your game, and will probably get abandoned once the modder can't fix it? You're either an irresponsible consumer, a retard, or trolling.
User avatar #114 - alfrebecht (04/27/2015) [-]
User avatar #115 - huntergriff (04/27/2015) [-]
Well that's what you're getting once you spend money for this shit.
User avatar #116 - alfrebecht (04/27/2015) [-]
Except I won't.

I'll only buy a mod if, after looking at the reviews of others, it looks like something that will improve my experience, and not game-breaking.

Otherwise if I feel like experimenting I'll try one of the other 99.95 percent of mods available through steam, or anything from elswhere.
User avatar #117 - huntergriff (04/27/2015) [-]
then more power to you. just remember that mods are unpredictable, and will fuck up your game eventually. Once that happens you're fucked out of a refund.
User avatar #118 - alfrebecht (04/27/2015) [-]
ditto eating fancy cake and my digestive system.

I still pay for cake though.
User avatar #126 - alfrebecht (04/27/2015) [-]
Wow cyborgninja, you sure are dedicated.

That salty about not having free access to the work of others?
#119 - huntergriff (04/27/2015) [-]
then enjoy.
#112 - huntergriff has deleted their comment.
#48 - From MO, but you couldn't be more correct about Kansas 04/27/2015 on OH MY 0
#64 - People who buy early access...  [+] (53 new replies) 04/23/2015 on killing floor 2, before and... -20
User avatar #105 - MatthewsGauss (04/23/2015) [-]
because I trust tripwire
#174 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
Read their EULA
User avatar #176 - MatthewsGauss (04/24/2015) [-]
what about it?
#177 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
No free speech. Ever. This is enforced across all servers. The price isn't a ban, the price is being unable to play the game online ever, even if you spent 30$ on it, for as little as a silly joke or remark. No questions asked.
User avatar #178 - MatthewsGauss (04/24/2015) [-]

They said they will only do it if enough people bitch, you're just overreacting over something petty.
#179 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
Uh, no.
" and you will have no right to play KF2 or any KF2 Mods against other players or make any other use of KF2."
You own that right when you payed for the game. If they tried this against ANYBODY, they'd be liable to be taken to court and get fucked out the ass for thinking that EULAs are legal contracts, which they aren't.

And they say that server owners can't allow this. The devs aren't idiotic, they don't plan to go hunting for the occasional griefer or troll, instead they insist that the admins regulate themselves regardless of their server policies.

And once again, this denies free speech. IT's a have or do not have, once somebody decides when it's okay or not okay to say certain things, it's gone, because I wouldn't be surprised if you got Banned for disagreeing with the devs on anything.

But even aside from that, the game is casualized and became a basic piece of trash in general. SJW pandering, early access crap, and Casual trash, all come together to make a terrible game. Yet people still shill out for it.
#180 - MatthewsGauss (04/24/2015) [-]
If you don't like the game then don't buy it dude. If you're really scared about them banning you for trying to share your dick to girls they said multiple times that they are only going to take away the game very very very rarely 2 people out of 10 million plus it's tripwire and they won't fuck up their poster child so i'm not even remotely scared about the game being shit.
#181 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
For trying to share my- what the fuck are you on about? Also, you really trust the devs? Really? Haha, that's as funny as trusting a compulsive liar. They're word isn't worth shit, and if the cases were THAT rare, they'd have no need for such a generalized EULA and would be more specific that "Hey, don't be a huge dick all the time or we'll get on your ass for it.". Read the fucking EULA closer, and realize that they are mandating that everyone be nice. Lest your game be taken away.

That, and as I already said, the game is a casual-ized game. crosshairs? Hardmode barely being a challenge? And it's early access?
Personally, the game itself isn't my cup of tea with just the way it plays, but thats my tastes, It's objectively casual trash, It's objectively SJW shit, and early access is almost always bad. This being no exception.
#93 - Zyklone (04/23/2015) [-]
People who don't understand early access.
#175 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
Early access is no excuse for your game being shit. Finish it or make it presentable before you try to shill it out.
User avatar #182 - Zyklone (04/24/2015) [-]
"im trying to make this badass game but im broke and cant continue"

"i will give you 5 dollars to complete the cloud animations"

"Cool thanks! have this early release, its not finished but you can play around and help me find bugs"

"Fuck you asshole make it presentable before you try to shill it out"

"oh...Okay I'm sorry."
#184 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
Tough titty. If they need 5$ to help fund their game, it won't ever be finished. And it's not needed. I will give you a perfect example of how you do early access right.


Angels Fall First, used to be a mod for Homeworld, then Unreal Tournament 3, now it's a full game. It's going to be early access, but the devs are going to atleast make it presentable before doing that. Given the features it already has, the game will be worth it if it's not lying, and the devs actively talk on the discussion aswell.

7 Years, out of pocket, started as a mod. No extra funding needed, no patreon, no kickstarter, none of the bullshit. And it looks good.

And I don't recall ANY games being finished due to early access and being good and/or badass. I don't recall any that ask for 5 dollars either, whereas KF2 is asking for 30$ a person (And threatens to take the game away if you don't act the way the devs think you should).

And most of the early access games themselves suck, the concepts suck, and never get finished. Killing floor 2 has no excuse, NO excuse, for being so lacking in content and high in restrictions. That, and the stupid fuckers casual-ified it to the point where it's not even a challenge. Press F to pay respects, press M1 to kill the clot.
#185 - Zyklone (04/24/2015) [-]
#186 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
Well, as usual, the shills give up immediately after getting told.
If you have no argument, quit posting. Your childishness isn't wanted by any.
#187 - Zyklone (04/24/2015) [-]
Oh god, now what will i do with my pathetic life?...

umadbro? chillson
#201 - bluenebula (04/24/2015) [-]
MFW he blocks anyone smarter than him. His block list must be eternal. Welcome to the club, brother.
#188 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
Shill harder. At the end of the day, you're the one who sold out and ignored logic and facts.
#189 - Common Pepe (04/24/2015) [-]
Talk more trash then block me?

At least im man enough to stand behind my bullshit.
You are no fun.

post as anon cuz ur gay like that
User avatar #215 - Zyklone (04/24/2015) [-]
You care WAAAAAY too much about early release games.
I dont come to FJ for logical discussion on current events.
If you think this is shitposting ive got some news for you. You are the one with shitty posts bro
Feel free to thumb down all my comments even though i cant thumb you down.
You must feel so superior.

*tips fedora* good day sir.
#190 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
Shitpost and make no sense? Get blocked.
I couldn't care less for your silly shitposting, and when you decide to deny all logic in hopes that the bandwagon will help you, you've lost any chance of actual discussion.
#90 - listerthepessimist (04/23/2015) [-]
FJ users in general
User avatar #72 - marioslmg (04/23/2015) [-]
Except this was a good game, and not an EA one.
#94 - gangbangtime (04/23/2015) [-]
Except it's not. It lacks content, quality, the EULA is bullshit SJW crap, and the devs are general cunts.

Plus, it's STILL early access. Remember when people got payed to play betas? Remember when you had to finish a game to sell it?
#124 - bluenebula (04/23/2015) [-]
Oh boy, the autistic shits are coming out of the woodwork again. So I'll just assume you're not pants on head fuck balls retarded, which you probably are, and pretend you simply don't know some things. So I'll educate you. I hope.

Early access is exactly what is sounds like. It's access early. It's called early because early means before the original time. So, what it means, is that early access is a thing that you get access to early. Or in this context, before the game is out. Are you keeping up with me so far? So let me phrase it like this. If the game came out all completed and shit, it would NOT be early access. It would be regular access. WHEN the game comes out proper, it won't be early access, because it won't be early anymore. Did I lose you yet? Alright, then lets move on.

The EULA says shit like 'Don't be racist, sexist, or a dick'. How fucking far off the deep end are you that saying "Don't be mean" is Tumblr shit now? You're one of those people who thinks you should be allowed to call blacks "Fucking shit niggers" without being judges, aren't you? Oh I'm so sorry to hear that.

"Devs are general cunts." Care to share why you think this?

"Remember when you had to finish a game to sell it?". Early. Access. The game is NOT finished and nowhere on earth is anyone saying it is. Only you. You idiot.
#170 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
The EULA removes free speech, end of discussion. Disagree with the devs? Banned. Be rude? Banned. Don't speak the way people want you to speak? B&. The idiots who wrote the EULA and the general devs being dickheads are proof enough that they're shitheads.

Uh, that's a stupid excuse, used by stupidpeople who don't know what they're talking about. "Early access, it's passed!".

Unfortunately, you're still paying a rather large sum of money for a contentless game, when it's not finished and there is no gaurantee that it will be. When a game has decided to sell itself for money, It is up for debate and discussion. It is judged like it is a game, and I will compare it's current state with it's current price. It would be illogical and to be biased to go "B-but it will get more content" even though there is never a guarantee for that.

So no, Early Access is not a fucking pass for a game being garbage. And killing floor 2 itself is a casual-ified piece of shit. Not to mention it's severe lack of content is abhorrent. It's BARELY presentable.
User avatar #172 - bluenebula (04/24/2015) [-]
Except you don't own the fucking game you shit. I as a business owner can tell you to fuck right out of my store without any real reason. Are you black? Get the hell out. Nothing illegal about that, I own the joint. Tripwire doesn't want you hounding women for nude pics and yelling faggot like a 15 year old? They can do that. Honestly, no one will miss you people.
"They don't agree with my ideology therefore they are bad people" is why you are a bad person.

If you don't want the game before its out, don't get the game before its out. It's Beta. The early release is the best way humanly possible for a dev to get data about how their game is played. Who will find bugs in a game faster, a team of three or four game testers, or 10,000 gamers with no lives? Actually, I'll just answer that for you. It's the gamers. Fuck, I doubt you could use that kind of basic reasoning.

As for there being no content, YES, early access is the reason. No fucking shit there are no maps, it's not done. "Oh but that's no excuse!" judging a game based on its half way point is fucking retarded, so yes, it is an excuse. If the game comes out proper and there is still no maps, you can come to my house and fuck my sister. Otherwise, you can go fuck yourself.

$30 is a large sum of money? Man, being in middle school must be hard these days. Sorry to hear that kid. Oh, and I've only pointed this out like twelve times so you may have missed it, but the game isn't done yet. I know the devs tricked you into thinking it was, what with them telling you straight up at the fucking get-go that it's not done yet, and therefore isn't done, but I assure you, it's not done. I know, dick move of them to not tell anyone it wasn't done yet, except for everyone. I guess you just didn't get the memo. I feel bad for all those zero people who bought the game thinking it was done, and didn't go in knowing full well they're playing a beta. Again, except for your stupid ass. Do you need me to go over that again maybe? Anything you may have missed?

You think Killing Floor 2 is garbage? Shit son, this beta is more polished than most EA games you jerk off to. The graphics look amazing, the GORE system is amazing, the scrakes and fleshpounds are intimidating as fuck, the levels are dynamic as all hell, and the amount of carnage that lingers throughout the map is just scrumdiddlyumptious. You don't like the game? That's fine. Don't pretend it's because it's an early access game. You don't like it because you like other types of games.

Using the term 'casual' unironicly. You are just jars of autistic, my friend. I bet you fight in the PC MASTER RACE wars too. 10/10
User avatar #199 - bluenebula (04/24/2015) [-]

You bought a game from them. You paid money to have them service you. And, best of all, you AGREED to their EULA BEFORE you bought the game. You can not physically own the game legally until you AGREE to their EULA. Don't like it? Don't buy it. If you want to own the product they made, you will abide by their rules. This applies to literally every fucking game on Steam, Xbox, Play Station, Nintendo, their consoles, everything. Shit, even god damn grocery stores can throw you out if they don't like the language you use. I fucking dare you, right now, go to any grocery store and start calling the cashier a nigger. See how far your "MUH FREEDOM UH SPEECH" gets you. Nigger.

No you can not take them to court. Holy shit you have no concept over the fact that you agreed to a terms of service. You didn't even read it, did you? You just saw a picture on the internet after the fact. Good god you're pathetic.

What the hell did you think you were getting out of this when you got the game? because they told you, straight up, before you could even buy it, what would be in the game. They told you how many maps there would be, and the map names. They told you how many perks there would be. They told you everything that would be in the game, BEFORE YOU FUCKING BOUGHT IT. You..... never read any of that, did you? Just like the EULA. You just ignored any and all writings and paid for a game blindly. I'm starting to think you're just bitter because you're pants on head retarded and don't want to admit it.
Also, gameplay is subjective. You don't like it? Fine. I hear the new Call of Duty get a 10/10 from IGN, you should go play that. I enjoy the gameplay, as it hasn't differed that much from the first game. It's a massive upgrade that leaps off of the concepts of the first game, as a squeal should be.

Do you think Tripwire will charge people again when the game comes out proper? Have you ever read a singe thing in your life? They've told you flat out "Hehe who the fuck am I kidding you don't read shit" that people who buy the early access version already own the full version when it comes out. It's a one time payment. So no matter what, we already own the game. And what did you mean by "for the game we don't want you to own"? The fuck are you on about? Was that a typo?

It's very polished. Very few bugs to be found, and the ones that are found have been fixed quite fast. Let me guess, Intel integrated video card? Not working good for you? If only there was some kind of... writing, somewhere out there in the world, like on Steam, that told you about such things. BAH, fuck that, that would involve too much READING.

I have a funny feeling you don't know what the word Dynamic means.
Oh no, I know other games that do that too. guess we can't do that either. We don't have some 15 year olds blessings to use ides that have been around for more then six days.
Again, 'casual'. No one takes that seriously. I don't think I'm the one that should be sent back to /v/, kiddo. Also, maybe don't play on the easiest setting if you are a seasoned Killing Floor player. You filthy 'casual'. It still goes all the way up to Hell on Earth. Or was that too scary for you back in the first game?

Me not making sense? You don't know how to read for one. You don't know jack shit about law. You don't know shit about what Freedom of Speech means. You don't know how to read. You don't know what Early Access is. You don't know how to use basic fucking logic. You don't know how to argue, as you intentionally avoid any points made against you. You don't know how to address any points made in those arguments to begin with. You don't know what Harassment is. You don't know what Sexism or Racism entails. And you don't know what the following words mean: Objective, Dynamic, Casual, Early, Beta, Terms of Service, Reading.

If you spent half as much time looking shit up as you did huffing paint, you could easily personally disprove 99.9% of your bullshit.
#205 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
Notifications don't work stupid.
>Dropping down to being butthurt and whining
>Going to ad-hom
"Paid money for them to service you" No, actually.
Yes, infact, you can take them to court, as these aren't the ToS, this is just a shittily worded EULA that isn't even legally binding. >More adhom ggnore, Looks like I win this argument.

>More ad hom because you can't actually have a discussion or argument without trying to shitpost. Go back to /v/.

Go back to /v/

Again, go back to /v/. Anecdotal evidence doesn't work.

Against, 2013 called, the game isn't polished, dynamic, and is pretty poor.

A casual game has no depth, is relatively easy, and the higher difficulties usually result in Art difficulty or increasing numbers in a meaningless way that really doesn't effect gameplay: EG: Make enemies soak up more bullets. Although the devs talked about fixing that, they failed so far. In the first game, you got a fair challenge on Hard. You got fucked pretty rough by Suicidal. And Hell on Earth was extremely difficult, but now, Hard is impossible to lose. But hey, ad hom and assume things until you feel justified.
Lets see:
1. I don't study it, and neither do you, although I have a friend studying it and one who is an attorney and basically told me "This EULA looks like garbage".
2. I do, infact. When the devs stop you from being able to voice an opinion without the chance of getting your license revoked, there is no freespeech.
3. Looks like I can.
4. Looks like I do.
5. Looks like I do.
6. I haven't really.
7. I have, really.
8. I do, really.
9. I do, and who the hell doesn't? But the definitions are so skewed that calling a person an idiot will get you called a racist if their skin color happens to not be white.
Objective: (of a person or their judgment) not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.

Dynamic: (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.

Casual: Relaxed or Unconcerned, but in the gaming sense, without depth and difficulty.

Early: You're joking right?

Beta: In gaming, usually the stage before a game is done, when it's not quite finished, and needs polishing up and for some bugs to be stomped. Killing Floor is in an Alpha stage, not a Beta stage.

Terms of Service: You're joking again, right?

Reading: You're still joking right?

TL;DR Ad hom to the max because you have no argument.

Explain, why the game isn't casual trash, why the EULA is not restricting free speech, and why the graphics and general system aren't 2013 levels of trash. If you can, of course, but if you can't, I'll assume I'm correct and you're unable to find any flaws with what I said.
#200 - bluenebula (04/24/2015) [-]
Also, way to block me you butthurt faggot. Seems I hit some nerves. What's the matter? Scared to confront your own retardation? Am I busting the bubble on that one? Oh, I must have hurt your feelings. Man, it's hard to believe you of all people would be against this whole EULA thing.

#173 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
Uh. You contradicted yourself.
"No free speech, you must say what I say and act the way I want you to, otherwise you can't play the game you bought".

Once you pay for the game, you own it, and you can take them to Court over that shitty EULA and probably wreck them for it too.

>No maps
>No weapons
>Shit-tier gameplay
Why didn't they wait until they finished more and it was actually presentable before making it early access you autist?

>It's not done
>Still gib money pls for the game we don't want you to own
They get shit for being shitheads.

Unfortunately, it's not polished. At all. and I don't buy EA shit.

Hrm, the graphics look amazing on Unreal 3, the gore system is amazing? The scrakes and fleshpounds are intimidating?
Well, no. The graphics look like 2013 shit. The gore system? 2013 called. Intimidating enemies? Not when fleshpounds poke you for 5 damage on Normal. they are the opposite of threatening.

"Dynamic as hell" Nope!
"Carnage that lingers throughout the map" 2013 called.
I liked the first. I don't like this, casualized piece of shit. You turn around when clots grab you, fleshpounds are non-threatening, enemies fall apart, and playing on Hard barely presents a fucking challenge.

Unfortunately, the only autistic fool here is you, who went into a silly, blind, and outright stupid rage over no reason. And made zero sense, used exaggeration and lies, AND ad hom. GG, arguments over since you gave up on trying to make sense.

Now go back to shitposting and shilling on /v/.
User avatar #95 - marioslmg (04/23/2015) [-]
The game is already what we asked for kinda.
New graphics, new engine, new weapons, new levels.

FJ dosn't like early access games because they are mostly bad. But KF2 has been pretty good so far, I would even say that everything else is just extra.
#97 - gangbangtime (04/23/2015) [-]
1. Mods
2. You got me there.
3. Mods
4. Maudes

Killing floor 2's EULA, along with it's general devs being fucktarded and the casual-ification is enough to make me go "It's fucking trash", but that, and having no content AND being early access? AND charging 30 fucking dollars? Well fuck me.
User avatar #98 - marioslmg (04/23/2015) [-]
I could really not care for the devs. If they don't ruin the game, they could be as stupid as they want. All i want is a better KF.
#101 - gangbangtime (04/23/2015) [-]
It's all anyone wanted.
But what's that? You called someone a rude name? You can't play online anymore. Ever. As part of their EULA, no warning, automatic, end of story. And Admins of servers MUST enforce this rule, or they get perma'd too.
That, and the game is casual'd into oblivion. Flesh pounds doing 5 damage on normal? The camera switches over to clots when they grab you? GG, press F to pay respects, I guess anyone who wants a slight challenge has to play on suicidal or HoE now. Don't mind me, just upset that one of the best horde-games ever is casual shite now.
#121 - Common Pepe (04/23/2015) [-]
Horde-games mentioned. Swell with pumpkin chainsaw guys, headless kamikazes and biomechanoids.

User avatar #120 - alstorp (04/23/2015) [-]
You really don't understand what "harassment" means in this context do you?
#171 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
Do you?
Read the EULA. It is horrible written and unprofessional. And the idiot who wrote it didn't do it quickly or any of that shit, because admins are forced to enforce the rule aswell. They know they can't control the community on their own, so the server-owners do it or they get banned.

Free speech, yes or no?
User avatar #193 - alstorp (04/24/2015) [-]
Of course I do, did you know that FJ also has a ban rule for harassment? Does that mean I can't call you a faggot without getting banned? Fuck no.

Thumbing me down won't help your cause.
#194 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
>Skirting around my comment
Free speech, yes or no?
User avatar #195 - alstorp (04/24/2015) [-]
Yes, because free speech does not include the right to incite actions that would harm others.
#196 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
That is irrelevant. By this logic, you would disagree with the EULA.
User avatar #197 - alstorp (04/24/2015) [-]
How the fuck is that irrelevant? The EULA completely follows the ideas free speech, harassment is not part of free speech.

How so?
#198 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
Being able to hold an opinion is free speech. the EULA makes you unable to voice or hold one, otherwise they revoke your game entirely (Illegal, by the way). You don't like trannies? You are obviously a bad person because you didn't have the bullying issues/same opinion as the developers. No game for you! And no refunds.

It should be up to the individual server admins, and it would be fine if TWI decided that those are rules for their own dedicated servers, and that being a cunt gets you perma'd off of them and them alone. Otherwise, I'm going to disagree with such mindless attempts at controlling people and forcing them to be nice 24/7.
User avatar #203 - alstorp (04/24/2015) [-]
An opinion is not harassment, telling someone you're going to come to their house and rape their sister and murder their family is harassment, and also illegal. What is not illegal is revoking someone's product when you have agreed that they can do, which is in pretty much every EULA ever, remember you are not buying a game, you're buying a licence to play a game, they have all the right to take it from you if you break the contract you agreed on.

No one is forcing you to be nice, but they are forbidding you to send death threats to people over the game, stalking people or giving out personal information about people.

Do you just hate this franchise and take these super trivial things and make a big deal out of it so you can have more to hate on? At this point I honestly had to check if you were a troll, you seem to have no idea how the world works.
#204 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
Except, the EULA isn't legally binding, has loopholes, and ultimately they can't take that product away just because they said so when it's not part of an actual contract. If they ever got taken to court over someone being rude, they would get FUBAR'd.

That, and this can happen. "Oh, you decided to voice your opinion about something I disagree with? Well I, as a power-crazed developer, am taking your game away"
Rather easily, due to the shitty wording. Remember, you can only have the right opinions.
Actually, not quite. Read the fucking EULA. You cannot be so non-specific and expect it to be taken seriously legally. And it's clearly about "Any other forms of cyber bullying" Which is left up to interpretation GGNORE. You called some kid a faggot for spamming over mic? You could get your license revoked, which is illegal.

Why would I hate the franchise? Why would you make that stupid assumption? And, you seem to be completely ignorant as to how the EULA works and how law fucking works. Anyone with any knowledge on the subject knows that it's bullshit.

Even aside from that, Killing floor 1 was great, Killing floor 2? SJW pandering casualized garbage. Crosshairs? Almost impossible to lose? Literally turning to face enemies who ambush you? U fokkin wot?
User avatar #206 - alstorp (04/24/2015) [-]
Yes it is, the EULA is a contract, and contracts are protected by law and the court does uphold EULAs. Why exactly do you think EULAs would exist if they weren't enforceable by law?

Fucking sigh, the EULA doesn't say that you're not allowed to be mean, it says you're not allowed to harass and stalk other players. No other fucking game developer accepts that shit, because it's ILLEGAL, this is nothing new, did you also know that murder is illegal?

Because you're hating on such extremely, silly trivial things that literally every EULA for online games has.

Ooohhh nooooooo,CROSSHAIRS? FUCKING GAME SUCKS!!!! Play on HoE and get raped by clots and say that it's impossible to lose. It's not easy in any form. The clots fucking grabs you and pulls you to them, this is a game mechanic, it isn't supposed to help you in anyway, this is exactly what I mean by trivial shit, no one but you cares this much about this meaningless shit.
#207 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
>Implying the EULA is legally binding.
Lots of games have EULAs that don't mean jack diddly shit. If you can't grasp this, I can't help you.

Alright, lets see the wording once more.
"We also will not tolerate anyone using the game, or any servers or forums provided for the game, to be continually or repeatedly abusive to other players. This includes, but is not limited to , "griefing", racist bigotry, sexism, or any other forms of "cyber bullying". We will also not tolerate anyone hosting servers for the game where such behaviours are continually or repeatedly allowed to take place."

Alright, first of all, "Is not limited to". "Any other forms of". The poor wording in general? You think this is Legal? You have no grasp of the law in any form, in this case, and I'm unable to help you in understanding that.

And again, if you can't grasp why it's different, I can't help you, I can just tell you that indeed, it's fucking different, hence why everyone is making a racket over it.

The original KF1 didn't have crosshairs, making it difficult to fight specimens from afar. This is casual-shit brought in for the CoD Players, there is absolutely no doubt about that. Casual shit = Less depth = Shallow game

I will, when I pirate a newer version to try it out. I doubt it'll be difficult. But being forced to play on the highest difficulty just for a challenge is ridiculous.

The clots grab you, and immediately the screen turns towards the clot, so you can shoot him and then get back to whatever else you were doing. Why is this? This isn't a good mechanic. This takes away the players choice to prioritize. In the original, this happened, and you had to choose, do you shoot the clot, or do you blast away at the scrake chasing you? It was especially difficult if you ran with a gun that had a long reload time and low ammo. Now? Press M1 to kill the clot. Press F to pay respects.

And, there was an entire thread of it on Fullchan's /v/. I guess it's neither meaningless nor trivial, and it's something more than just I care about. A casual game can be fun, for a little while, but it gets boring fast and lacks depth. The original wasn't incredibly complex, but it was a helluva lot harder than Killing Floor 2.
User avatar #212 - alstorp (04/24/2015) [-]
Butthurt? Why would I be upset? Since you can't explain why you think I'm wrong I can't really take you seriously on that part.

Because you very clearly said that it was put there for CoD fags, which very clearly implies that crosshairs are for CoD fags and that it contribute to Killing Floor 2 being a casual game, therefore games with crosshairs are casual and for "CoD fags". Do you even read what you write?

That's what I'm saying, you don't get a choice, that's the point. When someone grabs your asshole and pulls you towards them, you sure as hell don't get a choice on where to look because of pure instinct. It's hell of a lot better than "Oh shit I suddenly can't move is my keyboard broken?"

Yeah I suppose that's a fair point. I would be lying if I didn't say that I missed games being a little more challenging. Most of the challenge you get from modern "hard" games is just pure artificial difficulty. Games that makes you think for real and use your memory and instinct are gone. It's all about quest markers and guidance and shit mostly now.

Yeah, I can see development on this game going rather slow. We'll have to see.

If they actually do put more zeds in. The baseline KF1 zeds are all in. And I don't think the bosses will use the same gore system, since Hans already doesn't. But then again he's a pretty shitty rushed boss overall so maybe they will remove or change him.
#213 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
>I'm not going to explain how law works to you
If law was this stupid, and this blunt, it would be easy for you to become a literal human slave if the Terms of Service you signed for some silly game had some bullshit in it you didn't read. It hardly even takes common sense to know that the EULA is pure bullshit.

The crosshair was put in for the CoDfags. Killing floor 1 had no crosshair, which was good. It added a bit of depth and challenge, although there were work-arounds, it wasn't a part of the game itself. The new one has it for some reason, dunno why.

"Is my keyboard broken"
You're kidding right? This is a BAD fucking mechanic. Don't kid yourself. "Press M1 to kill the clot!" appearing on the screen would be the same fucking thing. And the clots don't pull you towards them, they hold you still so you can't move, making it so you can't kite around larger enemies, and so they can sneak up on you and pin you when you're focussed on gunning down/kiting an enemy.

Yeah, development is gonna take forever with the complicated maps and AI and such, which is why I think they should open it up to mods as soon as possible, so people don't get bored. Then again, who knows how well that'll work out with steam's new paid mods.

Yeah, the bosses need a change. The patriarch fights were always a dissapointment in the first game, because by that time you had the AA12.
User avatar #210 - alstorp (04/24/2015) [-]
Quit the stupid smirky "I'm superior" talk without actually making a point or saying anything to prove me wrong. Makes you look like an idiot.

>Every game with crosshair is a CoD fag game
Yeah fucking okay, mate

Yes it is. Not alone maybe since you can kite like a motherfucker, almost as much as you could in the first game. But with more people with the amount of zeds more than doubled and their health fucktoupled, it's challenging.

Yeah, then you are fucked, because you ran into a clot. That's completely your own fault. Good luck turning away from a bio-engineered super mutant that is holding you down with all its strength. It's definitely not there to make it easier, the devs has even claimed the mechanic is there to punish you for not focusing.

Most of the people on /v/ are just elitists crying about "hardcore gaming" and how "OLD GAMONG WAS DE BESDT EVRYTHAN IS CASUL NOW". It's seriously infuriating just watching them bash literally every game for absolutely nothing, I don't understand how you stand going there. But each to their own.

I'm sure they have. EA is generally a pretty shit thing in my opinion, but it can be done well for what it is. I think that KF2 is a rather good EA game considering that there's a minimal amount of bugs, the game is very well optimized and the game just works. The game itself is more or less finished, it's simply lacking content. I think that's the way you should do EA.

And yeah Tripwire has worked a lot on the game before it went EA, allegedly they worked a full 2 years on the gore system alone.
#211 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
Dude, quit getting butthurt. You don't understand law, EULAs, or even how contracts can be made illegal just by being poorly written. Get over it, cause I'm not gonna explain it to you.

Where'd I say everygame with crosshairs is a CoD fag game? I didn't. You're anger is blinding you to seeing any sense. Killing floor didn't have it, and shouldn't have it, to discourage using guns from the hip.

I'd love to play with some friends, but LAN wasn't implemented in the copy I pirated yet. If it is now, I'll give it a shot to see if they've changed it, but when I did try it, it wasn't challenging.

Except now, you don't get a choice. The game forces you into it more than ever, and regardless, it makes it easier. It isn't a good mechanic, because you immediately look back to your target. There were a few webms on the /v/ threads showing how the mechanic made shit like that easy. That, and it has little to do with focussing/awareness when you're being chased by a big scary specimen, It worked better when it would suddenly surprise you, and potentially make the player panic.

Yeah, /v/ on halfchan is absolute garbage. It's got a few good threads every once in a while, but compared to Fullchan, it's just shit. However, despite the incessant shitposting, whining, and calling every game ever trash, they're not always wrong, and are usually correct. Older games were definitely harder, and required more critical thinking and skill from the player for the most part. Alot of the newer games have become easier and simpler, and not in a good way. Personally, I just stick around for news, and rarely post.

Unfortunately, there are flaws with that idea. The less that's in a game, the less problems will be produced, and the easier it is to polish it and make it look good. Quality > Content, but if there's almost no Content, the quality matters little. In KF2's case? It's either gonna take forever if they're going for perfection, or it's gonna be somewhat rushed and result in a buggier game as you go along. Then again, the game is already fairly repetitive given that it's a horde game.

Indeed, It's rather clever how they did it too, given that most other devs would go "But that would be impossible stressful on the system", although it has the side effect of making mods for new creatures/maps a bitch.
User avatar #208 - alstorp (04/24/2015) [-]
Yeah if the EULA is against the law it becomes invalid, but this EULA is not against the law, so it is valid and protected by law.

Of course it's still fucking legal, you're only bound to these terms if you agree, and if you agree it's your own fault. You're not bringing up any points, you're just saying "I'm right you're wrong, you don't know how law works", why would this not be legal?

You know the crosshair is optional, right? The default is it being off. There were tons of crosshair mods for Killing Floor 1 that people used who wanted crosshairs, this only makes it easier for those people. And have you actually seen the crosshair? It's shit and barely helps anyway.

Oh right, you haven't even played the game, what a great position you are in to criticize the difficulty then. 'Hard' is challenging, 'Suicidal' is brutal and HoE is borderline impossible. I took HoE as an example for the game definitely not being easy.

It's supposed to be annoying, it's punishing you for having a tunnel-vision on one target without having any situational awareness. In KF1 you could focus down on one target without minding the trash zeds because in endgame they never did any significant damage, so tunnel-vision and lack of awareness was okay, which it shouldn't be, so this is here for punishing you for not paying attention. Kill the clots before they get close and problem solved.

How the fuck would you know if it was easier or not if you didn't play the game? You're taking those chantards voices for law, pirate the damn game and play some for yourself, I assure you it's exactly as difficult as the first game.
#209 - gangbangtime (04/24/2015) [-]
You demonstrated an unfortunate lack of knowledge of how the law works, once more. I'm not going to continue until you do a little research on your own, since I'd have to write a bloody novel to explain it.

Mods are different. And it's not shit either, it was put there for CoD Fags.

Played an earlier version of it, uninstalled after a few games.
Yeah ok bruv. And no, Hard is barely challenging.

Ah, no. Unfortunately. Lets take this scenario which happens all the time, but is now meaningless.

A fleshpound is coming after you.
You have to reload. Reloading would take too long. You start to run away, but you find that a clot has grabbed you, rendering you motionless while the fleshpound closes in. Now, do you try to blast the fleshpound into pieces before it gets to you, or do you go for the clot and try to run away? Priotization, it makes you panic. On higher difficulties, hesitation would result in death. KF2? Press M1 to kill the clot. Press F to pay respects. This takes away from the game, it is a mechanic added to make it easier. At the very most, you could argue that it's somewhat sp00ky for the camera to suddenly switch, or that it's somewhat realistic. Otherwise, you're bullshitting yourself.

Most of the fags on /v/ shitpost, but atleast some of them know their shit. Their word isn't law, but they're not wrong when some claimed that KF2 was becoming a casual-ized piece of shit.

And, to add something about early access and why it's shit, look up Angels Fall First on steam. That is how early access is done. Those glorious faggots worked for 7 years on the game before even asking for a greenlight. There is no excuse for other games.
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Yep. And the SJW fucks will vote for her because she has a vagina.
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If you think Cruz would be worse that Hillary Clinton your head needs to be checked.
#105 - wickedninjaking (04/15/2015) [-]
Wait I thought the Hilary thing was a joke.

she's actually trying to run my 'merica?
#112 - RiflemanFunny (04/15/2015) [-]
Yep. And the SJW fucks will vote for her because she has a vagina.
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