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#7 - Some people just jump to conclusions without any logical reaso…  [+] (1 reply) 09/23/2016 on Drugs are bad, M'kay? +90
#25 - anon (09/24/2016) [-]
My mom got pissed a me the first time she caught be smoking weed, because it was her weed. She said that shit is expensive and buy your own.
#8 - Picture 09/23/2016 on Oh, poor Luigi... +21
#39 - Have you been in a car with someone stoned out of their mind? …  [+] (1 reply) 09/22/2016 on What Choice Would YOU Make? 0
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#40 - arkis (09/22/2016) [-]
Yes actually I HAVE been in cars driven by stone people, they drove just fine, but it differs for each person and how much they use and how often, making someone stupid does not necessarily mean they will be unable to drive. I refer you to half the fucking world that is borderline retarded that still drive all the time. Also I live in Washington state, its legal here for recreational use, but before that there were still TONS upon TONS of potheads in my county alone. For the record they are trying to come up with a system to treat it like alcohol and legal limits but unfortunately due to the nature of it that is proving exceedingly difficult as there is no real point where a person becomes 'too stoned to drive' that can be measured for all people. About the most harm pot will do, period, is causing to people to be annoying fuck wits, make them generally lazy ( Study or two was actually done to prove this and did) and damage a persons lungs but that is self inflicted. Pot smokers that drive are typically less likely to get in accidents that THEY caused, because they tend to drive paranoid and slower than normal, the whole sluggish reflex thing is also partly bullshit and again depends on the person.

Also you obviously did not read what I said or didn't comprehend, I said In the privacy of their homes and so long as they are not doing anything to endanger the well being of others or property.

Also public intoxication laws a fucking stupid, the moment you step out of a bar even to get into a cab you are technically violating public intoxication laws, in some places you can potentially get a DUI for being drunk on a bicycle, not a motorized bike but a fucking bicycle dui.drivinglaws.org/resources/dui-arrest-on-bicycle.htm#
#72 - I don't think Anastasia was a Disney movie.  [+] (2 replies) 09/22/2016 on win the euromillions ffs +1
#85 - machomustachio (09/22/2016) [-]
#87 - anon (09/27/2016) [-]
Don Bluth made it. He used to work for Disney, though. Other examples include an American Tale, The Secret of Nimh, the Land Before Time, etc.
His Disney work included work on Robin Hood, the Rescuers, and Pete's Dragon. He developed a certain style of motion which has much in common with the Disney style, but which evolved in its own direction.