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#85 - As to avoid offending some religious person who has strong bel…  [+] (8 new replies) 11/22/2014 on Science +1
#120 - battletechmech (11/22/2014) [-]
I just figure god has a gambling problem and plays Job with every one.
User avatar #92 - mapleknight (11/22/2014) [-]
What I think is that there are troubles here, but they are our fault and the fault of the Beast. Satan, or the devil, or whatever you may call him.
We had the nerve to reject the kingdom of God and cling to ourselves for guidance. But as you probably know, we're not the best species to follow - particularly not the best species to be followed by ourselves.
God is to put a stop to it soon - that is his promise. He'll take care of it in a little while, but until then I am told that my job is to try my very best to turn men onto a more righteous path. The world is not a good place, and I want that to stop, just like you do.
User avatar #98 - wertologist (11/22/2014) [-]
My problem with that is that it seems childish to put punishment on every single human just because of some shit that happened a long time ago(according to Christianity?). Why punish people who have never even heard of said crimes or have any knowledge of god? Why would god put off fixing shit for another time? If he is all powerful why not just fix it now and the snap of his/her fingers? It just does not make sense to me and that is why I do no believe in any gods/goddesses.

I hope I'm not being offensive. Just stating my beliefs as requested.
User avatar #101 - mapleknight (11/22/2014) [-]
I don't believe in original sin. I do believe, however, that we did this. We ruined ourselves, and rejected God.
But is it childish for a judge to decide you are guilty for a crime you committed a couple of years ago? It is simple, we are not righteous. Not a single one of us is righteous. We are all criminals, breakers of universal law, and the word of Christ is the only way to save us. That is why there are missionaries all throughout the world. We're trying to save those who have not been saved, because we want glory for all.
Time is not for God like it is for us. Time comes to us constantly, we are always moving through time. Time is like a breath, though, for God. Time reaches us through Him. He is picking the right time that he knows would be best, where few to none could ever be saved. That's what Christians are trying to do - we're all just beggars, but true, real Christians who know the word of God are just beggars trying to help you find a loaf of bread.

You're not being offensive, these are things everyone has to come to terms with. I have.
User avatar #109 - wertologist (11/22/2014) [-]
It is childish to judge someone for a crime that happened a couple of thousand years ago if they had no part in it. I for one was only born 20 years ago. I am no criminal either. I strive to do good things whenever I can(within reason). If god can do anything, why can't he just fix things right now? If he views time differently than we do, why doesn't he look at it like we do and fix it? If he is all powerful he should be able to do it without a thought. Our society is fucked up nowadays, but don't try to say "we" as a whole. Everyone is different. Trying to judge the entire species guilty for all time is ridiculous in my opinion. That just sounds like ignorance to me. One other factor to me not being religious is pretty much every culture came up with it's own gods/goddesses. All these different cultures with different beliefs, but only one is right and it's the one that specific person believes in. One person knowing their religion is right while the other guy with a different religion who thinks theirs is right. It doesn't add up to me.
User avatar #112 - mapleknight (11/22/2014) [-]
Again, I don't believe in original sin. I just think that we, ourselves, corrupted Earth in our sin.
God is only judging us by his standards, as we judge others. But it is different for him, as He is holy and perfect. Nobody is innocent, by those standards. You cannot say that such standards are wrong, as we have laws in our societies that we judge criminals by. As does God.
And I think that, the reason there are so many religions are, to sum it up: Satan will never receive grace, as people have. He will never feel it. What do you do if you are deprived of the greatest, most glorious thing of all and all you feel is hate? You try to keep it from other people. You deceive them, and turn their own ideologies against them. You turn yourself into a God of these people, and convince them to believe whatever they're willing to believe. God will not stomp on their free will to believe or not believe in him, so He will not intervene. He knows who are His.
User avatar #128 - wertologist (11/22/2014) [-]
It doesn't make sense that a merciful god would punish someone who is unknowing. How many infants died at birth? Did they deserve punishment? Did they not deserve the chance to live, but corrupt evil people do? I am against following 1 individual without question. It feels too much like a dictatorship to me. I just do not believe in any god or goddess. I have stated my reasons and you stated your beliefs. I respect your beliefs so I will not bash them.
User avatar #129 - mapleknight (11/22/2014) [-]
Thank you, and I won't bash yours.
It's just a simple difference in perspective. God does not take pleasure in the death of the wicked - imagine your girlfriend or a family member or something like that, burning for eternity. I don't mean this as a scare tactic, it's just to provide perspective. Imagine, then, you knew every single person as intimately as you know this person, even more closely. They were like a part of you. Now imagine it.
Imagine the pure horror and dread you would feel. It's terrible. It is a pain I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. All of this, each ounce of this pain is our fault. We did this. We should not claim that it is God's fault, because he was trying to protect us from this. We should blame ourselves. We were too stupid to get out of the way, then we corrupted everything. We fucked it all up, threw it out of whack, and we can't fix it.
#48 - Unless it can't hold **** for music or doesn't wo… 11/22/2014 on This is how you sell a product 0
#45 - I like the feeling of rain on my head. I also hate running wit…  [+] (3 new replies) 11/22/2014 on This is how you sell a product 0
User avatar #46 - xsap (11/22/2014) [-]
no, u dont want it...
#154 - Kairyuka (11/22/2014) [-]
"I want this thing"
"no u dont"
User avatar #48 - wertologist (11/22/2014) [-]
Unless it can't hold shit for music or doesn't work, I don't see why I wouldn't want it.
#41 - I like to run in the rain. This seems like a good thing for me.  [+] (5 new replies) 11/22/2014 on This is how you sell a product 0
User avatar #43 - xsap (11/22/2014) [-]
wear a fucking hoodie, problem solved
User avatar #45 - wertologist (11/22/2014) [-]
I like the feeling of rain on my head. I also hate running with a hood on. It's just uncomfortable. I also prefer to run when it's pouring rain. A hood can only block so much water. I'd like to have this device.
User avatar #46 - xsap (11/22/2014) [-]
no, u dont want it...
#154 - Kairyuka (11/22/2014) [-]
"I want this thing"
"no u dont"
User avatar #48 - wertologist (11/22/2014) [-]
Unless it can't hold shit for music or doesn't work, I don't see why I wouldn't want it.
#18 - Picture  [+] (1 new reply) 11/21/2014 on The Graveyard Shift +36
User avatar #19 - windson (11/21/2014) [-]
#12 - Debating between Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule. A hard choice. 11/20/2014 on Choose Carefully 0
#20 - Way to ruin his fantasy, douchenugget. 11/20/2014 on Faith lost +10
#3 - I'm not a fanatical animal rights activist, but I think it's …  [+] (1 new reply) 11/20/2014 on Send this to Peta and let... +19
User avatar #8 - lorddarkskull (11/20/2014) [-]
You're looking for animal welfare then
#14 - Timmy Turner is voiced by a girl. I guess by that logic Timmy …  [+] (2 new replies) 11/20/2014 on penis 0
#26 - Womens Study Major (11/20/2014) [-]
well timmy isnt called tina turner so...
User avatar #15 - hadrian (11/20/2014) [-]
Timmy is a bit of a pussy sometimes..
#704 - Lvl 42: You are the answer 11/20/2014 on new levels, new classes, etc. +4
#4 - Hell, if they start cracking down on people harassing and doxx… 11/20/2014 on The Cyber Police might be... 0
#67 - Even in radiated areas, I always easily killed the super mutan… 11/20/2014 on Pick your Soldier 0
#65 - NCR because the Anti-Material rifle with incendiary bullets is… 11/20/2014 on Pick your Soldier 0
#29 - To be fair to his logic, her children were traumatized because… 11/19/2014 on Model Parents +5
#34 - Like soloman said. It's just a distraction to lift some of the… 11/19/2014 on Doesn't work that way? 0
#47 - I'm okay with putting women on money, but not if they replace … 11/19/2014 on Money 0
#84 - That bitch has a beard.  [+] (4 new replies) 11/19/2014 on Women on the dollar bill +6
User avatar #86 - pontusfogelberg (11/19/2014) [-]
#98 - oinos (11/19/2014) [-]
**oinos rolled image**

Joke is too complex 4 u.
User avatar #99 - pontusfogelberg (11/19/2014) [-]
I have no idea what you're referring to.
#101 - oinos (11/19/2014) [-]
Mmmmmm delicious bait.
#69 - They dubbed one episode and I think it was episode 3. I have n… 11/19/2014 on Code Lyoko +1
#230 - Doesn't affect you, but it affects others. Let's say you find … 11/18/2014 on that's illegal 0
#15 - I miss the Youtube side bar that had SIMILAR videos. I hate th… 11/18/2014 on Have you seen this bullshit? 0
#309 - Pretty depressed. Nothing new. 11/18/2014 on what's on your mind? 0
#71 - I know it's not entirely plausible, but I feel like Toph will … 11/18/2014 on Legend of Toph +1
#25 - Sadly I only recognize her from the Deadpool game.  [+] (2 new replies) 11/18/2014 on Last night I had the... +4
User avatar #62 - lordsepulchure (11/18/2014) [-]
I also recognize her from Lego Marvel Super Heroes, but that's it. Maybe I should add rule 34 to that list, yeah I'll do that.
User avatar #27 - mcstorms (11/18/2014) [-]
that's a shame she is awesome

3-Minute Expert: Who is Psylocke?
#157 - Wait, is Swype a thing or was it just another typo of Skype?  [+] (1 new reply) 11/18/2014 on An Alluring Appeal 0
User avatar #158 - keatontheghostfox (11/18/2014) [-]
Swype is a thing. On android phones instead of having to press every individual letter to type a word, you just have to slide your finger from letter to letter. When it works it's great.
#155 - No apologies needed. Swype sucks.  [+] (3 new replies) 11/18/2014 on An Alluring Appeal 0
User avatar #156 - keatontheghostfox (11/18/2014) [-]
It's the best worst thing ever. I hate it because it's wrong so often... But when it does work it's extremely convenient.
User avatar #157 - wertologist (11/18/2014) [-]
Wait, is Swype a thing or was it just another typo of Skype?
User avatar #158 - keatontheghostfox (11/18/2014) [-]
Swype is a thing. On android phones instead of having to press every individual letter to type a word, you just have to slide your finger from letter to letter. When it works it's great.
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User avatar #18 - wholesomeburn (09/15/2014) [-]
GREETINGS MORTAL... I REQUIRE YOUR AID... Some random guy said you knew a bunch of good mods for fallout NV, mind sharing?
User avatar #12 - sirbrentcoe (08/26/2014) [-]
thanks for the add mate, can't wait to see the next castle post!
User avatar #13 to #12 - wertologist (08/26/2014) [-]
No problem. I loved your McDisiasters as well. May be a while til the next one though. I have to be in the mood to play Sims. It takes roughly 30 minutes just to get in the game to kill people.
User avatar #15 to #13 - sirbrentcoe (08/26/2014) [-]
oh, and thanks for liking my content!
User avatar #14 to #13 - sirbrentcoe (08/26/2014) [-]
i know man, i got the sims 2 free on origin, all dlc and everything, still not interesting enough for me. i play minecraft instead, haha
User avatar #16 to #14 - wertologist (08/26/2014) [-]
I play Minecraft and Battlefront 2 (mods galore)mostly. I got a good server to play on for minecraft. If you'd like, I can PM you the IP.
User avatar #17 to #16 - sirbrentcoe (08/26/2014) [-]
sure, also a list of mods and forge version. I tried to play on Phanact's server, but i would rather eat a bullet.
User avatar #11 - thewitchking (07/10/2014) [-]
ur a faggot
User avatar #10 - iamatroll (03/06/2012) [-]
User avatar #9 - TheFixer (03/06/2012) [-]
User avatar #8 - dennisc (03/06/2012) [-]
Why are you such a dumbass?
#7 - Womens Study Major (03/06/2012) [-]
hey dumbass
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