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#13 - I'm pretty sure his is actually illegal. You can't legally run…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/24/2016 on Fighting oppression with... +3
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#17 - frenzyhero (03/24/2016) [-]
if it's charity it's legal.
#1 - Picture 03/24/2016 on Damn Daniel +1
#16 - This is my MC project: 03/24/2016 on Sand Castles: A 18 player... 0
#2 - Is the HD remake any good? I heard they were adding new dungeo…  [+] (7 new replies) 03/24/2016 on Woof Link +1
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#3 - spacepenguin (03/24/2016) [-]
I thought the original was mediocre, good but mostly meh, and I played it on the Gamecube and the Wii. I'm about halfway through the HD remake and I can honestly say I really enjoy it. I'm also playing it on Hero mode, which is substantially better considering how ridiculously easy the game is. It's a lot better. There's only one new dungeon though, which is basically the same as the cavern you play in as Link where you go stage through stage defeating enemies without any health drops, only this time it's Wolf Link exclusive and you need the Wolf Link Amiibo to access it. Nonetheless, the game is a substantial improvement and I recommend you get it (and play it on Hero Mode).
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#4 - wertologist (03/24/2016) [-]
I'll be sure to get it when I get a Wiiu then. Is Hero mode like the OOT Master Quest? To try to make up for lack of difficulty in TP, I played without a shield so I took all the damage I didn't dodge.
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#5 - spacepenguin (03/24/2016) [-]
There's no heart drops and you take double damage.
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#6 - wertologist (03/24/2016) [-]
Do you still use a wiimote and nun-chuck? Or is it just a controller? I want to get this game. I wish they would make a sequel. It was such a great game.
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#7 - spacepenguin (03/25/2016) [-]
No, you can only use the Wii U Gamepad or the Pro Controller.
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#8 - wertologist (03/26/2016) [-]
Eh, I was fond of the Wiimote and nun-chuck.
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#9 - spacepenguin (03/27/2016) [-]
I prefer the pro controller, honestly. I haven't played a single Wii U game without it.
#8 - He barely lost those fights. Roshi was only barely stronger th…  [+] (3 new replies) 03/24/2016 on Gonna Need a Senzu Bean For... +1
#28 - veya (03/24/2016) [-]
Even better, Goku was so close to Roshi's power, the fight actually came down to the simplest elements of martial arts at least, that's how I understood it , in this case, reach, the only real reason Roshi seemed to have won was because his leg was longer and they performed the same kick at the same time, implying if Goku had chosen to fight differently, he could have won.
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#32 - wertologist (03/24/2016) [-]
While that was the deciding factor of the fight, you still have to take into consideration of the whole great ape thing. Roshi used a lot of power to blow up the moon and when Goku transformed back to normal, he was mostly fine. I'm pretty sure Roshi was a little stronger than him.
#27 - veya has deleted their comment.
#7 - Haven't the refugees already filled your slots?  [+] (3 new replies) 03/21/2016 on Young women vote 0
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#8 - europe (03/21/2016) [-]
Not as much as rioting niggers have filled America's
#9 - anon (03/22/2016) [-]
eh, blacks are mainly killing blacks, so I don't see any issue.

not the white man's fault they are oppressing themselves.
#10 - europe (03/22/2016) [-]
And destroying the shops of white people when they chimp-out
#4 - Is that Pete Holmes?  [+] (5 new replies) 03/21/2016 on To bad +12
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#6 - thebenders (03/22/2016) [-]
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#9 - bendingtimeisgood (03/22/2016) [-]
I'm still sad that his show got cancelled so soon.
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#10 - thebenders (03/22/2016) [-]
Yeah, it just didn't get the ratings because most of his audience only watched his shorts online
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#11 - bendingtimeisgood (03/22/2016) [-]
My god. I was part of the problem
#27 - growlgorii (03/22/2016) [-]
Same here,...Maybe next time, we will learn our lesson.Try out the new 'Mention Lists'. Click the red link below this.
#25 - I'm pretty sure Russia is qualified as Europe despite most of … 03/21/2016 on Europe in a nutshell +3
#9 - What I want them to do is remake the old RE games with mechani… 03/19/2016 on It's happening! 0
#8 - The story was very confusing, the weapons were very ******, Le… 03/19/2016 on It's happening! +1