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#82 - I feel like I'm the only one who thinks the idea of a human/di…  [+] (4 new replies) 01/28/2015 on Jurassic World +4
#122 - fefe (01/28/2015) [-]
jurrassic park is pretty much frankenstein meets dinosaur , so it would still fit in sense
User avatar #123 - wertologist (01/29/2015) [-]
That's a horrible comparison. Frankenstein was a monster made from the parts of dead people. Jurassic Park was about dinosaurs that were brought back to life through science and made to live on an island in a park. This new one just sounds like an old cheesy scifi movie you see on syfy during those marathons of cheap budget films.
User avatar #94 - glassskulljack (01/28/2015) [-]
I agree but at the same time were talking about dinosaurs being resurrected and a theme park being built around em, also weve had 3 movies about pure dinosaurs so time to change it up, so fuck it! Why not Humasaurs!? The kids will love it, merchandise galore, and hopefully a video game that lets you make and fight humasaurs!
But yes that is kinda stupid.
User avatar #90 - ducksarekawaii (01/28/2015) [-]
Not the only one. I would like to see those ideas in a film, just not Jurrasic Park.
#16 - >famous themed account Never heard of you. Few themed a… 01/27/2015 on Rused 0
#6 - Navi is the fairy. I thin Na'vi are those giant smurfs. 01/27/2015 on Oh Link 0
#5 - >Toon Link >Navi Anyone else wondering what the … 01/27/2015 on Oh Link 0
#8 - Picture 01/27/2015 on Sonic +62
#17 - There is no truck. Bakers circle around it, pick it up, and jo…  [+] (1 new reply) 01/26/2015 on That nut though +10
User avatar #26 - dorfdorfdorf (01/26/2015) [-]
it's been a while since a comment made me laugh out loud. thumb 4 u
#4 - How the hell does me eating a cow change the climate?  [+] (7 new replies) 01/26/2015 on Spot the vegan +2
#8 - grantyboy (01/26/2015) [-]
Basically if you'd gotten the same calories and nutrients from a grain and a bean (for whole protein) there'd be much less damage to the environment and you'd have ingested less saturates, more fiber and vitamins, blah blah
#7 - grantyboy (01/26/2015) [-]
The cow must be fed and watered for years to provide much less meat, so the calorie efficiency of meat if far lower than plant material. It also has to be cooked, processed, transported more tfor the different stages or processing. Cows respire and fart and need open pastures (which require deforestation). Their feed was fertilised and comes from large, intensive monocultures yada yada yada

Not even vegan but just because they're uppity does not mean they're wrong. She is correct.
User avatar #11 - boomerpyro (01/26/2015) [-]
but meat contains important nutrients that plants lack, do you want your nervous system to cannibalize itself just because you eat green?
at a balanced meal for fucks sake we're omnivores and we evolved to survive with one foot in each pile of arguments
#19 - fefe (01/26/2015) [-]
Surviving on a meat-free diet is perfectly possible, most proteins can be obtained from beans and similar vegetables. I have a friend who was on a meat-free diet because of health reasons and he did just find (was much skinnier than the rest though, admitted).

Apart from that, though, fuck it all, bacon is too goddamn delicious to pass
#6 - fefe (01/26/2015) [-]
It doesn't, it's "Science" according the children raised by the hippie generation. most of the vegan "Science" is fake, like a lot of "facts" you can find on the internet. Something happened in the last 30 years, Science stopped being objective moving away from "come up wit ha hypothesis, test it and throw it out if proved false" to "make a hypothesis, fake numbers to make it true and call any one who denies it a science denier" This is just one example of many.
#25 - fefe (01/26/2015) [-]
#20 - dijonmustardgas (01/26/2015) [-]
The production and maintenance of livestock has a massive ecological footprint, that is not vegan gibberish, it is a fact. Wether or not that is important enough (compared to industry and other forms of pollution) to change eating habits, is another question
#6 - That ain't Gohan...  [+] (1 new reply) 01/26/2015 on Growing Stronger +2
User avatar #10 - kinchou (01/26/2015) [-]
But they wish to be.
#13 - >internet quotes These are quotes from the great Grouch… 01/25/2015 on Internet Quotes +1
#71 - Tell that to Dredd.  [+] (1 new reply) 01/25/2015 on Now I have house 0
#75 - Kairyuka (01/25/2015) [-]
"Hey Dredd, who are you to be judge, jury and-wHAWSDHO"
#61 - Nothing. If you were to travel back in time to kill someone th… 01/25/2015 on History is inevitable 0
#2246 - I guess my dilemma fits best on this board. Hope somebody can … 01/24/2015 on /hobby/ 0
#4 - Please tell me that is voiced.  [+] (1 new reply) 01/24/2015 on So you what... fetch the mead? +1
User avatar #5 - plasticcup (01/24/2015) [-]
Heard the mod was never uploaded or existed.
#16 - It's easy. I'm anti-social by nature, but I force myself to be… 01/24/2015 on Jennifer Lawrence 0
#29 - thelizardlord, I summon you to answer a question that has alwa…  [+] (4 new replies) 01/23/2015 on People 0
User avatar #35 - thelizardlord (01/23/2015) [-]
1st Recon. Veterans are just averagely awesome at all forms of combat. Veterans also have bigger guns. So if it's skill you're asking about, then it's Recon.
User avatar #34 - loopymoomoo (01/23/2015) [-]
NCR veteran rangers.
#33 - fefe (01/23/2015) [-]
Well, the 1st Recon snipers have a reputation for being the best snipers in the NCR, whereas the Rangers are just extremely skilled in a variety of combat styles that include sniping. On average, I'd say the 1st Recon Sniper Battalion would probably be better than Veteran Rangers at sniping, albeit by a small margin, but in close combat a Ranger will vastly outshine a Sniper any day, and the average 1st Recon member would be much worse at sniping.

As for stats, Veteran Rangers have 100 Guns skill, and Boone maxes out at 100 Guns skill, so read that as you will.
#31 - fefe (01/23/2015) [-]
Just a friendly anon here. I'm going to go with 1st recon, as that's what they're trained to do. Rangers are pretty much just skilled soldiers who are more well rounded rather than dedicated snipers.

That being said, I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of either of their rifles.
#28 - Copied from the wiki "When she was kidnapped, he trac… 01/23/2015 on People 0
#6 - Yes. If you go to certain spots and do certain things(usually …  [+] (4 new replies) 01/23/2015 on People +2
User avatar #14 - azimuth (01/23/2015) [-]
None of that shit even matters! Rivet city was fallout 3. Are you telling me that boons wife moved to DC and travelled back in time by 200 or so years to live in a fucking ship?
User avatar #27 - sixdollarbudget (01/23/2015) [-]
The time difference between Fallout 3 and New Vegas is about 4 years.
User avatar #36 - azimuth (01/24/2015) [-]
Fuck, I got mixed up. It was 200 years between the great war and fallout 3, my bad.
User avatar #15 - hourlyb (01/23/2015) [-]
It's a tabloid parody. They make shit up all the fucking time.
#4 - Not sure if you're being serious or living up to your name, bu…  [+] (12 new replies) 01/23/2015 on People +21
User avatar #38 - goneanddonefor (02/06/2015) [-]
Also if you enter the novac motel you will find out who sold her. There is a Sale Receipt in the Safe.
User avatar #39 - wertologist (02/06/2015) [-]
That's part of the quest to get him as a follower. Most people do the quest the right way by finding the bill of sale. You are also very late to the conversation.
User avatar #17 - Indoknight (01/23/2015) [-]
Does he explain why he didn't try to free her?
User avatar #28 - wertologist (01/23/2015) [-]
Copied from the wiki
"When she was kidnapped, he tracked down the slaving party in hopes of rescuing her, only to find her being auctioned off with hundreds of other slaves to Legion soldiers. All Boone had was his rifle and the distance between them. Instead of subjecting her to the horrors of Legion slavery, he chose to take her life in a mercy killing, due to him only having one bullet left."
User avatar #23 - veya (01/23/2015) [-]
Yes, think about it that way, there was about a thousand or more legionaires, and, consider this outside of in-game combat for a second, if he tried to get close, he would stick out like a sore thumb and be killed in less than a minute, mercy killing her was the only way he could make sure she wouldn't live as a slave.
User avatar #24 - Indoknight (01/23/2015) [-]
Oh, I assumed he had found her among a small group transporting slaves to their main camp. If he found her in their main camp or fortress then it would be totally implausible to go after her. Damn selfless of him to mercy kill her. I would have been too selfish to pull the trigger.
User avatar #5 - thechosentroll (01/23/2015) [-]
He occasionally says things?
User avatar #6 - wertologist (01/23/2015) [-]
Yes. If you go to certain spots and do certain things(usually helping out the NCR) he opens up little by little. The mission where you have to clear out Nelson, if you choose to rescue the troopers from the crosses Boone will talk about how troops often had to make the choice to mercy kill those crucified by legion if they were out of reach.

User avatar #14 - azimuth (01/23/2015) [-]
None of that shit even matters! Rivet city was fallout 3. Are you telling me that boons wife moved to DC and travelled back in time by 200 or so years to live in a fucking ship?
User avatar #27 - sixdollarbudget (01/23/2015) [-]
The time difference between Fallout 3 and New Vegas is about 4 years.
User avatar #36 - azimuth (01/24/2015) [-]
Fuck, I got mixed up. It was 200 years between the great war and fallout 3, my bad.
User avatar #15 - hourlyb (01/23/2015) [-]
It's a tabloid parody. They make shit up all the fucking time.
#17 - I never had trouble with the puzzles in Pokemon. Am I the only…  [+] (2 new replies) 01/23/2015 on Ahh, memories 0
User avatar #21 - wedgehead (01/23/2015) [-]
Everyone pretends it for attention.
#19 - senhortobias (01/23/2015) [-]
they're not that hard... i got mine when i was 8 and (after i went in random directions) i just looked at it for a moment a figured it out
#10 - Never really played Duke Nukem. Played through one level on N6… 01/23/2015 on Chuck Nukem 0
#34 - Every time I see that I wonder who the **** made that a…  [+] (1 new reply) 01/23/2015 on cringe comp 2 +25
#68 - fefe (01/23/2015) [-]
Hey guys come on most of the time the artists are commissioned by cringe fucks who can't draw. You fucks think that is bad I had to draw A pony version of spider man fucking Twilight. I was so horrified that I deliberately made it shit and the fucker still paid me 400 dollars for 5 art pieces. Even worse he wants incest pics now of a young Aunt may and Peter Parker. Granted he is paying 500 dollars for those but still. Do I like that shit no. Why do I do it because I get paid good money for it.
#3 - The few celebrities I have seen I had walked straight up to th…  [+] (2 new replies) 01/23/2015 on Jennifer Lawrence 0
User avatar #9 - andimac (01/24/2015) [-]
I can't even walk up to friends i know.
User avatar #16 - wertologist (01/24/2015) [-]
It's easy. I'm anti-social by nature, but I force myself to be social. Just crack jokes a lot.
#77 - Snood scorch These were my "no internet" games. 01/23/2015 on No internet 0
#76 - What is the name of that game? I have been trying to remember …  [+] (1 new reply) 01/23/2015 on No internet 0
User avatar #80 - cyborgbanana (01/23/2015) [-]
Rodent's Revenge shit was so cash.
#14 - I have never once used a mini-nuke. 01/23/2015 on A Simple Guide to Fallout 0


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User avatar #18 - wholesomeburn (09/15/2014) [-]
GREETINGS MORTAL... I REQUIRE YOUR AID... Some random guy said you knew a bunch of good mods for fallout NV, mind sharing?
User avatar #12 - sirbrentcoe (08/26/2014) [-]
thanks for the add mate, can't wait to see the next castle post!
User avatar #13 to #12 - wertologist (08/26/2014) [-]
No problem. I loved your McDisiasters as well. May be a while til the next one though. I have to be in the mood to play Sims. It takes roughly 30 minutes just to get in the game to kill people.
User avatar #15 to #13 - sirbrentcoe (08/26/2014) [-]
oh, and thanks for liking my content!
User avatar #14 to #13 - sirbrentcoe (08/26/2014) [-]
i know man, i got the sims 2 free on origin, all dlc and everything, still not interesting enough for me. i play minecraft instead, haha
User avatar #16 to #14 - wertologist (08/26/2014) [-]
I play Minecraft and Battlefront 2 (mods galore)mostly. I got a good server to play on for minecraft. If you'd like, I can PM you the IP.
User avatar #17 to #16 - sirbrentcoe (08/26/2014) [-]
sure, also a list of mods and forge version. I tried to play on Phanact's server, but i would rather eat a bullet.
User avatar #11 - thewitchking (07/10/2014) [-]
ur a faggot
User avatar #10 - iamatroll (03/06/2012) [-]
User avatar #9 - TheFixer (03/06/2012) [-]
User avatar #8 - dennisc (03/06/2012) [-]
Why are you such a dumbass?
#7 - fefe (03/06/2012) [-]
hey dumbass
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