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#27 to #26 - Meef (03/02/2011) [-]
See the little girl in the background? she could make you explode before you could even blink =3
#28 to #27 - seelcudoom
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#29 to #28 - Meef (03/02/2011) [-]
So Flandre with the power to annihilate everything and anything a whim couldn't beat Richard the undead mage? i'm kinda doutful since he probly ranks as a stage 4 boss in terms of power (possibly ex midboss) (take into consderation that stage 5/6/ex bosses have apoclyptic powers such as time control at will, fate manipulation and able to destroy anything. Patcholi has mastered 7 magics and she is still stage 4/ex mid boss (when feeling good)) Just remember richard can't deal with the damage when he pretty much don't exist. Oh and i haven't read the web comic hes in for years now...