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#79 - rekt 07/13/2015 on ISIS -1
#78 - (old account, I am guessing because you blocked me though that…  [+] (7 replies) 07/13/2015 on ISIS -1
#80 - skeletorexplains (07/13/2015) [-]
( I don't care. )

I'm sorry but out of all your Autism how was i suppose to Decipher that "see Gundam Creator" was "The gundam creator" Git gud at english, fuckhead. I don't like riddles. For all i fucking knew that was someones youtube name or something.

No. But at least i know the anime(s) i am talking about...

"Goku was killed by piccolo in the first five episodes" If only there was an entire series to explain things in the anime before DBZ? Y'know so you knew what dragonballs were and goku was a kid..and you knew people could be revived..A man can dream. After Goku dies, The series still goes on because HES IN THE FUCKING AFTERLIFE, You KNOW he's coming back BECAUSE THEY FUCKING TELL YOU HE IS. How fucking retarded are you when they're saying "We'll just wish him back with the dragonballs!" and you go to "I guess he ded for gud noa." What type of Autism do you have so i can look this shit up? Because out of everything, It isn't Anime that belongs in the trash, It is you.

"it was obvious" Fucking bullshit.. Don't sit there talking shit dude as if you're the master planner of every single one of your edgy dark fantasies, dude. From what i remember EVEN THE CREATOR doesn't know what's up half the fucking time, But of course, You, a Random anime viewer who heard about an anime, What it's about, And then complained after watching it. Know far more than the own series writer. Where exactly did you GET a Horse that tall? Again In DBZ they fucking tell you "We're gonna revive him with the dragonballs." it isn't a magical hidden plot, it is literally telling you in your fucking face.

=Time out=
Now, I'm gonna pause because this is really bothering me, When people told me about Attack on Titan, I was hyped. It's an anime type i like. It's not cute shit, It's anime with some good action. They told me about the gore, etc etc. I knew what i was walking into and i wasn't disappointed. Now being a sane and rational person, I assume YOU Were told equal stories as i were, So you were TOLD it had a lot of gore and you STILL walked out thinking "Wow dat had a lot of gore" How? Seriously, HOW do you function. Do you think a Stop sign is a fucking riddle?

Now back on topic
Black lagoon: A bunch of mercs doing shadey shit. That's so original. Serial Experiments Lain. I have not honestly seen this, but looking at google images, it looks like the Matrix only in anime. Very original. Welcome to NHK: why am i not surprised you put cute fedora wearing shit in here? A mech anime. Very original. Eva: So an anime where the main character destroys -the entire fucking planet- is ok, But attack on titan "Woah this is too edgy, there's no character development, durr hurr" Ghost in a shell nearly every single sci fi film with androids. nearly all of these anime ARE actually entry level fucking Anime, Holy fucking shit. You could go to Cartoon network to watch HALF of these back in the day. Please look into shit before you TRY and tell people they're wrong and show yourself as a fedora wearing bodypillow lover..

I'm 24 goddamn years old, I like an anime that is actually mature, Not "omg he kissed his Sister, so cute <3<3<3" I'm an action man, I love action, I love fighting animes, I love power ups. I'm fair about my opinions but i won't be ridiculous enough to say "This is an original story with a story as deep as Game of thrones." I like Dragonball Z, But i'd be a fucking IDIOT to say It's an Original story when it's just an Anime adaptation of a fucking NOVEL called "Journey to the west" I could hardly call myself a fan if i wasn't willing to admit a few harsh truths. "yeah the Tokyo ghoul anime gets a bit edgy, but i like it, I knew what i walked into." Berserk is really the ONLY anime / Manga that you've mentioned with the all time BEST character development Since its main character is voted to be "THE MOST HUMAN" in terms of emotion.

Please consider to get yourself Chemically neutered.
#82 - anon (07/13/2015) [-]
>I'm sorry but out of all your Autism how was i suppose to Decipher that "see Gundam Creator" was "The gundam creator"

hope that was a joke lolol

I guess if you need to be told everything and can follow the obvious signs that he is coming back. To me, Goku's and Erns death held the same amount of disbelief. They were coming back it wasn't suspenseful at all.

> EVEN THE CREATOR doesn't know what's up half the fucking time
What!? Maybe when its being written yea but there is a whole process, the creator wasn't sitting there like "Oh I wonder what happens next episode" You're also acting like I am the only one saying this. It is the main complaint against snk.

>"Wow dat had a lot of gore" How? Seriously, HOW do you function. Do you think a Stop sign is a fucking riddle?
Dude, for the third time I don't care about gore. I like it when done well. Snk doesn't do it well. It rides to much on it, it wants edgy teenagers to be like OH MY GAWD THATS GOREY and forget that the rest of the show sucks.

>Now back on topic
This whole paragraph was honestly to funny. I am saying original for anime, obviously if you want to apply basic plot patterns that all creative works follow then yeah it is hard to find originality.
Welcome to the N.H.K is really cerebral through all the mediums and it is basically the only good NEET anime.
In addition, Classic=/=Entry
Level The fact you haven't seen Serial Experiments Lain just shows that you don't have a clue.

Oh my god you are 24 and like Snk and Tokyo Ghoul, you must be a hit with the ladies. Let me say here this just got a whole new level of sad. You'd think that by that age you'd atleast have wizard level tastes. You are only up to 70-80 at 24 too! Stop trying to act like you know anime and try watching some.
#84 - skeletorexplains (07/13/2015) [-]
I hope this is you Votejello / desudesudesudes (holy fuck that's cringey to type.) if not, Anon just wasted your one post to me, I didn't even block you to give you a chance to redeem yourself from this autistic cesspool.

The only joke here is you. Anyone who replies with "Rekt" to their own comment probably is the most desperate fucker in the history of fuckers. You don't win an argument because you got blocked. Sorry that's not how the internet works. I use block as a method of weeding out the idiots / Trolls. Take your pick as to which you are.

*nods sarcastically* Ok, Of course this was all according to your keikaku..Such foreseeing events you can see since you equal "A guy dying in a creatures stomach, slowly being digested with people around him, With no real honest hint of "People can be titans"Anywhere near to Krillen saying "Let's revive him with the dragon balls." Please stop being such a conceited asshole, Return to your fucking Moe trash..

This is literally done with a lot of fucking writers, if you knew anything you'd know even the game of thrones writer did this, It's to build suspense on his part as well to create a better novel. Parts of nearly every anime in history are not written to be left Ambiguous and up to the reader / watcher. "The main complaint" my ass, It's idiots like you that have the complaint, You're the type of douchebag who gets a warning, then complains after the exact thing happens, You are literally the image of the idiot shoving a stick into the front wheel of a bike and complaining when he falls to the ground. If i watched Moe anime, I wouldn't walk out and say "Omg it's so cute and disguising, How dare they" I KNEW what i was walking into. so My opinion would be "ok, Not my thing but it was ok i guess." or i wouldn't watch it at all. No one is forcing you to watch an anime you do not like and if you heard about an anime then went "omg this is exactly like everything i've heard! DISGUSTING!" You are probably the stupidest person on the entire planet. True?

"When done well" It's..A drawing dude..A series of drawings in motion...The quality of the gore doesn't..Improve..drastically..The art style may change, sure..but you're not gonna get super 3D realistic intestines in an anime that gets a budget of..Let's just say for arguments sake of 100k. its market is Shock value, and less of the gore factor, since i am sure if any gore fan wanted gore there's a lot more better places to find it rather than a M13+ cartoon... (oh look at that, it has 13 in it..I guess it's for teens after all...And above!)

There's no such thing as Originality for -anything- Anime, Novel, Or movie. Everything everyone has ever done, or doing, has been done by someone on this planet, Or written, Or theorized. Nearly all these anime you suggested were Entry level anime. Please shut the fuck up and return to your moe "Classic" is more or less ENTRY level anime. Just because something ages doesn't make it a fucking classic. It's an old gen anime which will, more or less, probably get a reboot sometime within your life time. In all honesty.

Yeah the last three girlfriends i had didn't really seem to care i watched anime since a lot were actually into it as well, You see that's what happens when you go outside and away from your keyboard kiddo, You meet girls with the same interest...But sure, let's talk about Perspective here, You watch Moe anime and you expect to have children? Please Kettle, Keep talking shit.

So other than angsty 13 year old insults and shit. Go back to your Moe garbage, Stop being a panzy, And stop acting like you're a critic with any good taste. You would have done fine with just saying "I did not enjoy this anime" and i am sure myself and any other fan would have just went "ok it's not his thing, Can't force him to watch it." Anyways, Good luck with the ladies Kiddo, I'm sure you'll find a girl who likes Moe as well and bodypillows just as much.
#85 - anon (07/13/2015) [-]
Okay it's a lot funnier reading your posts now that I know you are 25.
Okay first off fuck all the anime shit because you honestly defending snk is all I need to know you have shit taste. Let's just say you are right and snk is actually not "edgey gore porn marketed to teenagers that will start shaking in their seat the moment we start telling the voice actor to scream BLAH BLAH HUMANITY SCOUTS I AM GOING TO SAVE YOU GUISE AFTER I GET DONE KISSING LEVI" Congrats dude youre 25 and just won an internet argument about chinese cartoons.

Your posts reek of damage control and it was really fun doing this but I can't find a way to respond that won't warrant a, "LOL U WATCH MOE ANIME, HAHAGA ME AND MY 3 GIRLFRIENDS WATCH SUPERIOR HORROR ANIME LIKE SNK AND ATATK ON TITAN. ITS SO DEEP!"

Before you go "LOL SOUNDS LIKE YOU CANT REPLY" I am just unsure where to go from here. If you want to talk more just give me a topic to start. This is really fun
#86 - skeletorexplains (07/13/2015) [-]
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#81 - votejello (07/13/2015) [-]
test to see if I am unblocked, dont wanna type alot to be disapointed
#79 - votejello (07/13/2015) [-]
#76 - I have this memorized but not the Our Father... Jay and Silent…  [+] (2 replies) 02/16/2013 on internet 0
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#77 - shazmothree (02/16/2013) [-]
I remember rapping this with my friends in like 5th grade not knowing what any of it meant
User avatar
#79 - votejello (02/16/2013) [-]
Its really an amazing movie a stoner cornerstone
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