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#23 - Got any source on that?  [+] (1 reply) 09/06/2016 on Robin 0
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#46 - equestriaman (09/07/2016) [-]
i don't know which comics it happened in, but the first one was an assassin named Tarantula, and the second time was a shapeshifter that posed as his girlfriend (he got called out for cheating on her even though he didn't know it wasn't her)
#20 - Being a big brother, I can confirm this.  [+] (5 replies) 09/06/2016 on ONEE CHUN +4
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#23 - mrmystery (09/06/2016) [-]
I was an only child. Is it cool having a brother?
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#32 - nigeltheoutlaw (09/06/2016) [-]
It has its ups and downs, and depends on whether you guys are close. I've seen some brothers that are like strangers in their own house, and some like my brother and I who are best friends. I love my brother and am very grateful to have him in my life, but growing up definitely had some bad points. Namely the time he locked me out in the snow for half an hour with just my boxers on. Dick.

But he's cool overall.
#30 - anon (09/06/2016) [-]
It sucks at some points but overall it would suck more without them, they're cunts but sometimes they're chill cunts
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#24 - virtigo (09/06/2016) [-]
Sure, if you're the oldest.
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#21 - erotictentacle (09/06/2016) [-]
You better think twice about that tho. By now i am bigger and stronger than my brother so the tables have turned~
but now i gotta act like an adult....
#90 - I don't really have a strong stance on this, so I wouldn't be …  [+] (1 reply) 09/03/2016 on emotion 0
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#91 - madmanransom (09/03/2016) [-]
Well, if you scroll down, you'll see someone took the time to rant.
I'm tellin' ya man.
It's about to get ugly.
#62 - Vicar Amelia. Bloodborne boss.  [+] (2 replies) 09/03/2016 on squeak noise +6
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#98 - bagofshit (09/03/2016) [-]
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#79 - sirhaddock (09/03/2016) [-]
The health bar says Cleric beast tho
#71 - Picture 09/03/2016 on emotion +12
#21 - This guy just loves to draw emotion in "clever" scenarios..  [+] (10 replies) 09/03/2016 on emotion +43
#89 - mvtjets has deleted their comment.
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#85 - catburglarpenis (09/03/2016) [-]
I love to draw my penis because it just doesn't take very long

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#84 - madmanransom (09/03/2016) [-]
1. bored/unamused reaction image
2. comment making a generalization about a certain artist's content
3. decent green thumb rating

These are signs.
FJ's about to turn on this poor bastard.

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#90 - virtigo (09/03/2016) [-]
I don't really have a strong stance on this, so I wouldn't be too bothered.
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#91 - madmanransom (09/03/2016) [-]
Well, if you scroll down, you'll see someone took the time to rant.
I'm tellin' ya man.
It's about to get ugly.
#74 - anon (09/03/2016) [-]
At least he's not myopicprophet.
#36 - anon (09/03/2016) [-]
That's basically what the artists of Inside Out did.
#26 - englman (09/03/2016) [-]
Well what're you doing with your life?
#71 - virtigo (09/03/2016) [-]
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#59 - emotionexplain (09/03/2016) [-]
Dis made me giggle
#9 - Was she hiding inside the hat?  [+] (1 reply) 09/02/2016 on Tokyo 2020 will have... +2
#16 - kwanzalord (09/02/2016) [-]
**kwanzalord used "*roll picture*"**
**kwanzalord rolled image**Yea, I think she was in the head
#38 - What confuses me is why are they doing this..? What is it …  [+] (2 replies) 09/02/2016 on Irony +25
#42 - miasaki (09/02/2016) [-]
-They are doing it because they have nothing better to do, everything else stems from that.

-Nothing, like most of them throughout their lives.

-Would not surprise me in the least bit. This is the same "Group" (Its more of a shit mindset TBH. Group implies some sort of cohesion or cooperation) that thinks getting rid of cops will better society. These are the same people that contribute little to nothing to society in the first place (As they are able to attend rally's, protests and what ever else may be time consuming instead of taking care of obligations.) but talk and rant like they are pushing it in the right direction.

Not to mention their consistent method of operations included picking out the most impoverished areas, looting and ransacking them all while saying their community is in harms way because of whites. They do make sure to skip the gov benefit buildings for the most part.

Gif - Oh and this waste of oxygen has done jack shit to help the matter. I guess unless its an executive action hes at a loss. Its a lot easier to sign a dotted line than lead a nation.
#101 - anon (09/03/2016) [-]
Obama saying 'thanks obama' is the greatest meme of all time.