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i like funny people, and i like music, i like videogames and the occasional recreational drugs.

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latest user's comments

#10 - that's not how acid works...  [+] (9 replies) 7 hours ago on text +19
User avatar
#28 - catburglarpenis (2 hours ago) [-]
Yeah it melts faces but so does hard rock
#16 - rousingloki (4 hours ago) [-]
And you would know?

Not judging, actually asking
User avatar
#24 - vikingfaen (3 hours ago) [-]
done it about 4 times so I know how it works alright
User avatar
#19 - sirsolo (4 hours ago) [-]
If it was mushrooms maybe, but acid is like applying a few photoshop filters over your eyes for 12 hours. Doesnt affect your thinking as drastically. Also might depend on how much they did
#21 - anon (3 hours ago) [-]
Especially not shrooms. If you do 5g, you'll properly feel like you're in another world, but no way in hell you would have the energy to ride a fucking stick for an hour. All you do is lie down and follow along with the trip.
User avatar
#22 - sirsolo (3 hours ago) [-]
What I mean is shrooms are more mentally stimulating, while acid is more visually stimulating. Its easier to forget yourself on shrooms
#20 - anon (3 hours ago) [-]
Mushrooms won't disconnect you from reality all together either.
#18 - anon (4 hours ago) [-]
No drugs make you behave like that for hours unless you get a real fucking psychosis. This story is 100 + 10% percent fake.
#26 - ayystation (2 hours ago) [-]
Idk man, i know a guy that took 3 maybe even 5 i dont know for sure papers and i seriously tought that he will stay retarded for the rest of his life
On his phone he repeately refreshed his facebook feed and every time he did he laughted at the same picture some 9gag meme about rainbow coloured condoms
Not to mention the faces and hand gestures he was making
#33 - It amazes me that I live in a small town in Norway, and this w…  [+] (3 replies) 7 hours ago on Marilyn Manson +53
User avatar
#122 - mephiblis (1 hour ago) [-]
Same in Macedonia, weird.
User avatar
#86 - goldenglimmer (2 hours ago) [-]
Holy shit, du også? Dette var stort i Tønsberg.
#127 - jdizzleoffthehizzl (9 minutes ago) [-]
Bless you
#163 - this is hilarious when you actually understand what they're sa…  [+] (1 reply) 09/23/2016 on I aim to be this man +6
User avatar
#187 - veightard (09/23/2016) [-]
From Lofoten. They're all stereotypes
#21 - You should definitely try acid. As long as you got the right m…  [+] (6 replies) 09/22/2016 on neat gifs 0
User avatar
#32 - infinitereaper (09/23/2016) [-]
Oh trust me I want to, probably should have instead of buying the shitload of 25c which is kinda a wild card anyway. Apparently it was cheaper and more plentiful back in the day. I am looking forward to shrooms though.
User avatar
#33 - papersword (09/24/2016) [-]
I love both for different reasons. Personally though, I feel acid gets in more of a eye opening realization kind of mindset whereas with shrooms its more ridiculous giggly kind of shit but still very introspective. But it's different for everyone. If you do it with others, make sure they are your homies, who won't freak out and they are nice folk.
User avatar
#34 - infinitereaper (09/24/2016) [-]
down the line for sure, and shrooms for me were highly spiritual, not in a religious sense, but it broke the bounds of reality more than say, any dream I ever had.
User avatar
#35 - papersword (09/24/2016) [-]
Spiritual is definitely a word that can be applied. Idk why but I've always liked to describe it as Shrooms are more earthy and Acid is alot more outer space like, if thats makes any sense. I remember the first time I did shrooms I was at a show with some friends and god damn, I felt like everyones souls were resonating during that whole set.
User avatar
#36 - infinitereaper (09/24/2016) [-]
I do look forward to working with both substances again, shrooms first if anything, then acid. I love the earthy feeling. When it comes to space I just get frustrated by what I don't understand even with an overclocked brain.
User avatar
#37 - papersword (09/24/2016) [-]
I can feel that, it can be frustrating trying to work out feelings that you can't really put into words. Good luck on the path brother, let me know how it goes whenever you do those.