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i fell right into the arms of venus de milo

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#1 - join list: pol  [+] (6 new replies) 06/24/2016 on RIP EU +12
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#3 - girguy (06/24/2016) [-]
you must follow cant stump the trump on twitter
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#6 - Sunset (06/24/2016) [-]
no i just saw it on pol
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#12 - greyhoundfd (06/24/2016) [-]
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#13 - Sunset (06/24/2016) [-]
together we will flood the front page with brexit posts
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#14 - greyhoundfd (06/24/2016) [-]
We can only hope, brother.
#7 - girguy (06/24/2016) [-]
#1 - join list: pol 06/17/2016 on you reap what you sow +34
#1 - join list: pol 06/13/2016 on jimbles nutrongo +8
#1 - join list: pol 06/12/2016 on Reddit on """"""freedom of... +6
#1 - join list: pol  [+] (1 new reply) 06/09/2016 on suspicious +2
#3 - Sunset has deleted their comment.
#1 - join list: pol 06/06/2016 on gommies +23
#1 - join list: pol 06/05/2016 on SJWs in a nutshell (very loud) +18
#1 - join list: pol 06/04/2016 on /pol/ +13
#1 - join list: pol  [+] (49 new replies) 06/03/2016 on moonman moonman can't you see +2
#36 - skelebones (06/04/2016) [-]
>check list of thumbs
>only one thumb

fuck off cucklord
#76 - cuck (06/04/2016) [-]
Why do you mention me so much?
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#103 - badgoodass (06/04/2016) [-]
their mental capabilities are no different from SJWrinas that keep shouting "cis scum"
#79 - skelebones (06/04/2016) [-]
because people like ohem are weak willed and unable to cope with lifes realities so they project insecurities and deflect their problems and ignore and outright shunt responsibility by acting like petulent manchildren.
they refuse to stand up for their own beliefs when confronted and are the epitome of weakness and weak willedness. when confronted they deflect hide give up/quit or outright have autistic spazz tantrums like ohem

its not a buzzword its coloquialism to call weak people cucks.
in the traditional sense a man who is willing to let another man fuck his wife? is usually rather weak and is popularly viewed as weak
so it stands to reason that weakness is similar. you wont stand up for your shit you wont stand up for your shit
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#78 - ohemgeezus (06/04/2016) [-]
Because he likes to parrot /pol/ memes
#40 - asdasdzxczxc (06/04/2016) [-]
>he downthumbed you anonymously
What a fucking cuck
#50 - skelebones (06/04/2016) [-]
the thing is the img there i posted? is old. like over a month old. ive got the damn thing saved on my drive
#53 - asdasdzxczxc (06/04/2016) [-]
>He still downthumbs you anonymously
Oh boi I'm dying
#59 - skelebones (06/04/2016) [-]
he has to
1 put down his laptop and grab his phone and thumb me with data
2. log out and clear cookies to thumb me on laptop
3 log out and cleare cashe to thumb me on phone

either way he is putting in waaaay too much effort to sprinkle a few red thumbs.
#64 - anon (06/04/2016) [-]
>log out
>thumb down
For an obese person like you that's probably waaaay too much effort
#67 - asdasdzxczxc (06/04/2016) [-]
Nice anon pal, why don't you log in? Oh wait you blocked both of us because you got triggered

boo hoo
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#62 - asdasdzxczxc (06/04/2016) [-]
But he has to prove he's right
And how else is he gonna do that without his anonymous red thumbs?
#66 - skelebones (06/04/2016) [-]
oh ohh look hes projecting his insecurities
he did this last time we went at it.
hes unfortunately less healthy than he should be so he projects his insecurities by commenting "hurr durr ur fat"
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#68 - asdasdzxczxc (06/04/2016) [-]
>is a cuck
>and also projects
Literal pottery
#71 - anon (06/04/2016) [-]
>literal pottery
You're so dense you can't even spell basic words. Stay in school, kids
#72 - asdasdzxczxc (06/04/2016) [-]
>not knowing the pottery meme
>using my exact same pic
Get a life kiddo
#74 - anon (06/04/2016) [-]
>thumbs down an anon
#75 - asdasdzxczxc (06/04/2016) [-]
>thumbs down as an anon
#77 - anon (06/04/2016) [-]
>thinks you can thumb down someone that has you blocked
You're autistic, aren't you? And I mean literally, not the meme kind
#80 - asdasdzxczxc (06/04/2016) [-]
>blocks me so I can't thumb him down
>realizes I blocked him as well so he was to anon-thumb me
"Y-You're a-autistic!"
#82 - anon (06/04/2016) [-]
Where are you getting your information that I blocked you so you couldn't thumb me down?I blocked you because you're a bit dense, seeing how you parroted skeles "LMAO LOG IN XDDDD" idiocy. But yeah, it's pretty clear there might actually be something wrong with you based on your reasoning skills.
#84 - asdasdzxczxc (06/04/2016) [-]
I know for sure that you blocked me because you can't stand someone disagreeing with you. But it's not like I excepted anything better from a pathetic little shit that has to resort to anon thumbs because he was blocked out for being a complete cunt.

Mfw you got triggered this hard
#85 - anon (06/04/2016) [-]
thanks for proving my point
#87 - asdasdzxczxc (06/04/2016) [-]
If your point was that you're a huge cuck then you're welcome
#52 - asdasdzxczxc (06/04/2016) [-]
And he blocked me as well, right after he wanted me to define what he is
This guy is hilarious
#55 - skelebones (06/04/2016) [-]
he is right tho i have a massive dick *ahem* block list
#60 - asdasdzxczxc (06/04/2016) [-]
I don't blame you, I have blocked a lot more idiots like him
#63 - skelebones (06/04/2016) [-]
jets is another cuck ive had on my block list for even longer than ohem
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#65 - asdasdzxczxc (06/04/2016) [-]
He blocked me way ahead of even talking to me. I guess they just get triggered really easly.
#69 - skelebones (06/04/2016) [-]
quick list of my top of the shitlist cuck users

i have no idea how to spell their names properly but yeah those assclowns generally tend to be the most left cucks on FJ
User avatar
#70 - asdasdzxczxc (06/04/2016) [-]
I don't mind if they don't like what I say and thumb me down, but blocking is just showing how much cowards they are.
It's a literal "lalalala I can't hear you so I'm right lalalala"
#73 - skelebones (06/04/2016) [-]
eh i blocked them first cuz i dont wanna deal with their bullshit. but thats just me

the sad thing is i made that block list when i was drunk for a satan joke. i added in a bunch of random users and now i cant tell the legit shitlisters from the randoms but theres several hundred on my block list for a reason

some degenerates in NSFW who are deluded into thinking traps=/=gay furfags and bronies are on my shitlist along with left cucks. then theres the half dozen recent mime acounts. the buhjillion shit tier theme accounts like tumblr and the maple syrup brand accounts.
ppl who should be blocked...
sadly there are some that shouldnt be now...

i do stupid shit when drunk
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#42 - ohemgeezus (06/04/2016) [-]
nice buzzword
kinda hard to thumb him down when he has half of FJ blocked
#48 - asdasdzxczxc (06/04/2016) [-]
>When you're an actual cuck
Sure thing pal
User avatar
#49 - ohemgeezus (06/04/2016) [-]
define cuck, and not using the /pol/ definition
#37 - anon (06/04/2016) [-]
the autism is real
#38 - skelebones (06/04/2016) [-]
#39 - anon (06/04/2016) [-]
yeah, for sure autistic
#43 - skelebones (06/04/2016) [-]
ohemgeezus m8 youre still just a butthurt little autistic kid. i would keep bullying you but i am tired and i need to poop and sleep ok? so get mommy to tuck you in its bedtime
#46 - anon (06/04/2016) [-]
>has 600 people blocked
>calls people butthurt
#41 - asdasdzxczxc (06/04/2016) [-]
>says the coward that doesn't want to log in
User avatar
#44 - ohemgeezus (06/04/2016) [-]
are you actually retarded or just pretending?
#45 - asdasdzxczxc (06/04/2016) [-]
So now you log in?
Ebin, simply ebin
User avatar
#47 - ohemgeezus (06/04/2016) [-]
ah I see, you're "pretending"
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#51 - mvtjets (06/04/2016) [-]
i'm sorry you have to deal with so much cringe
User avatar
#54 - ohemgeezus (06/04/2016) [-]
it's bad enough dealing with the skele retard because it's worse than talking to a wall, but when there's two of them it's pretty hard
#89 - anon (06/04/2016) [-]
Did someone say wall?
User avatar
#57 - mvtjets (06/04/2016) [-]
/pol/ needs to stop becoming normal
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#58 - ohemgeezus (06/04/2016) [-]
it wouldn't be so bad if people were able to reply without using only buzzwords
#1 - join list: pol 06/02/2016 on SHOOT IN SCHOOL -7
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