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#66 - Same. 10/07/2016 on ...yay... 0
#4 - What the **** is a leppo?  [+] (37 replies) 10/02/2016 on Aid +213
#53 - barsaka (10/02/2016) [-]
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#37 - therealbadman (10/02/2016) [-]
It's short for Leprechaun. They all bathe in pots of gold there.
#49 - satoshimiwa (10/02/2016) [-]
Wait, they're sending us aid? Holy shit I hope I can still grab something!
User avatar
#28 - mattdoggy (10/02/2016) [-]
Nothing, what's a leppo with you?
#13 - anticitezenone (10/02/2016) [-]
#26 - anon (10/02/2016) [-]
a what?
#12 - anticitezenone (10/02/2016) [-]
#24 - OldSnake (10/02/2016) [-]
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#82 - turdburgalar (10/02/2016) [-]
How the fuck do you think about that off the bat lol
#11 - agronimo (10/02/2016) [-]
Ask Gary, he just found out too
User avatar
#16 - leftypol (10/02/2016) [-]
I didn't at all understand the controversy surrounding this. Who the fuck cares what specific cities you have in Syria, you have other people to know that shit for you.
User avatar
#56 - uglychino (10/02/2016) [-]
3/4 of a commander and chief job is to listen to your generals.
Somehow FJers are too supid to understand that.
I'm sure Trump doesn't know the capital of North Korea, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran but he's still qualified to command a 1,300,000 solders.
#84 - jwalton (10/03/2016) [-]
If Trump has shown one thing on this campaign, its that he's top notch when it comes to listening to advisors who know better.
User avatar
#27 - platinumaltaria (10/02/2016) [-]
I'm pretty sure if you plan on leading people you ought to know some shit about the world.
User avatar
#34 - leftypol (10/02/2016) [-]
"Some shit about the world". Yes I'd rather have my president know the capital of all Western countries from the start, than the biggest city in Syria, when that get's relevant he can inform himself. Names get in the news and dissappear all the time, everybody is doing a catch-up race with the news and the relevance of a piece of information is often already lost by the time you hear it. At the moment he has to make decisions regarding the city sure he has to be informed, but I don't really care that he didn't know just now.

Just like I don't care if he knows that Basra is the second largest city Iraq, or the name of the city Srebrenica. Yes if you have to call the shots when shit goes down I want him to know everything about said cities, but at the moment they are of little revelance to him.
User avatar
#54 - platinumaltaria (10/02/2016) [-]
The world doesn't revolve around the west you know, and given how important the crisis in Syria is I'd say it's worth noticing.

But it's not that he doesn't know much about it, he doesn't even know the name, which suggests he hasn't watched news in the past... year or so? What exactly makes him qualified to lead a country if he doesn't pay attention to what's going on.

Regardless, he's pro-TPP, so he's not an option; this is just the icing on the cake.
#45 - iwantattention (10/02/2016) [-]
"hundreds of thousands of people caught in the crossfire of a war with American involvement is not relevant information for a potential president"
User avatar
#68 - leftypol (10/02/2016) [-]
"One of the hundreds of locations in a war where millions of people are caught in a crossfire with American involvement is not relevant information for a potential president"

People are acting as if the Syrian civil war is fight in a single fucking city which is the thing I am opposing.
#85 - iwantattention (10/03/2016) [-]
Aleppo isn't the only place where they fight, but at the moment it is without a doubt the most important. It has a key role in the negotiation of a ceasefire. It has major strategic and symbolic value. And the humanitarian situation in the city is undeniably the worst in the entire civil war. A civil war that has featured ethnic cleanses and crucifixions,
#36 - anon (10/02/2016) [-]
Shut up asshole, quit when you're behind

#21 - jwalton (10/02/2016) [-]
I don't know what Aleppo is
I'm certain I'm not fit for the presidency

Gary Johnson doesn't know what Aleppo is

Solve for X
User avatar
#79 - loganmadder (10/02/2016) [-]
I can't force God to come out of the Heavens and shit on all of humanity
I'm certain I'm not fit for the Presidency
User avatar
#70 - wrpen (10/02/2016) [-]
Bill Cosby is black
Bill Cosby is a known rapist

Do you see the problem?
#83 - jwalton (10/03/2016) [-]
Do I think that [joke] association is applicable to every single comparison/situation? No.
Do I think it apllies to the given situation. Yes.
User avatar
#59 - esselhornthal (10/02/2016) [-]
as much as its inexcusable. the media only gave him the light of day once he fucked up, despite him climbing in the polls.

And no, im not voting for him, fuck him. I was but he supports the TPP and ending net neutrality.
User avatar
#73 - esselhornthal (10/02/2016) [-]
whoa thank you.

i hate being misinformed and owe you my soul
#75 - failflyer (10/02/2016) [-]
He's still against any govt. involvement in the internet though (net neutrality). I would agree with that position if most people's internet wasn't handled by a shitty region monopoly like Comcast and the likes. So until there's proper competition for ISPs, net neutrality has to stay.

But ya, he understands that it's not the best, but still believes it's a net positive. Hopefully that means he would lobby for changes to the TPP, but who knows.
#17 - agronimo (10/02/2016) [-]
You better be jestin', mate. Aleppo is the biggest city in Sirya and the epicenter of violence in the middle east right now, it ain't no obscure, minor town. If I, an average joe from a country barely involved in this war, know what is Aleppo, then a fucking candidate for the presidency of the United States should too
User avatar
#18 - leftypol (10/02/2016) [-]
It doesn't bother me. It's not the capital just a big city. With ISIS around a lot of cities are major epicentres of violence. I don't find it more important than him knowing all the capitals of countries in Europe, which I am sure he doesn't know either.

When he get's involved in the war, yes sure it's important. But unless you are discussing actual indepth measures to be taken in Syria, seeing Syria as a problem in it's whole is fine when discussing his stance on matters there.
User avatar
#20 - agronimo (10/02/2016) [-]
Nah, mate, you didn't listen here. Aleppo is not "just a big city", it's the biggest city of Syria by population, and when I say it's "the epicenter of violence" I mean it's being bombarded fucking constantly, man. It's on the news every other week, dude, I seriously can't understand how someone couldn't know what Aleppo is at this point, moreso when it's someone who hopes to become the president of the most influential country around

But I get ya, your philosophy here is to elect someone who knows fuck all about the subject and then hope he gets his shit together by the time he's in charge. It's a bold move, mate, I can respect that standpoint, but understand how some people may be quite reticent to vote for someone like that
User avatar
#22 - leftypol (10/02/2016) [-]
I'd rather have an intelligent man who happens to not know what allepo is at some point, but makes the right decision when it's explained to him than some dude who happens to have a lot of trivial information but is a complete fuckwad in every other aspect.
#44 - iwantattention (10/02/2016) [-]
"Trivial information"
Aleppo is currently the center of an enormous humanitarian catastrophe. Hundreds of thousands of people are trapped in the ruins, cut of from water, food, electricity, mix that up with an ongoing war and you have a pretty shit situation.

Not the only shitty situation in the world, but America has a not so insignificant stake in this situation. American planes are actively bombing in the area, some of the players involved are armed with American weapons. If thats not enough, Syria is a major part in the power-struggle starting to resemble the cold war between the west and Russia, with Aleppo being the centerpiece.
User avatar
#71 - leftypol (10/02/2016) [-]
Sure he needs to know about the situation in Syria, but I am missing how Aleppo somehow has to be the buzzword in that case. Sure it's the biggest city, but it's far from the only one. Not knowing this city, somehow equates to being unfit for being president. But thinking that global warming is a conspiracy by China is something that everybody can overlook? I just think that is moronic.
#86 - iwantattention (10/03/2016) [-]
It's the center piece in the current civil war, the American stake in the war makes it vital that the future president understands the situation.

And believe me, i don't buy into the Trump
User avatar
#8 - pawnman (10/02/2016) [-]
Aleepo is in Syria. Epicenter of the refugee crisis
User avatar
#7 - fightforfate (10/02/2016) [-]
someone with leprosy
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