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Hi! could not remember last account's password, so this is my new account! I like Warhammer, MLP, LOTR, Hetalia, Homestuck, LARPing, art, science, etc. With that said, enjoy my sh*t.

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#26 - Comment deleted  [+] (9 replies) 05/29/2014 on This is an extreme rage -7
#56 - anon (05/29/2014) [-]
So then why would you want to make more friends in the first place?
Smart friends aren't friends. They are coworkers. You won't have fun with coworkers the same way you would friends.
#55 - butakun (05/29/2014) [-]
Well... I mean, if you don't care about having a diverse or large group of friends, then sure. For some people, carefully curating the people they're friendly with is what works best. Don't underestimate the power of networking, though; just because someone isn't as smart as you doesn't mean they'll never be in a position to help out a more intelligent friend.
#52 - anon (05/29/2014) [-]
I bet you wear a fedora!
#38 - anon (05/29/2014) [-]
Sounds like assburgers to me.
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#29 - meganinja (05/29/2014) [-]
It's probably because even smart kids don't want to hang out with a prick who thinks they're superior to everybody because they have a good vocabulary.
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#111 - crazyolitis (05/29/2014) [-]
What did he say?
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#264 - meganinja (05/29/2014) [-]
That his teacher recommended for him to stop using such a large vocabulary when he spoke in order to get friends. He said that anybody who can't handle his vocabulary is too barbaric to be his friend.
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#266 - crazyolitis (05/29/2014) [-]
That is arrogant as fuck.
#217 - anon (05/29/2014) [-]
#31 - My only problem is when they cut out over half of the really i…  [+] (2 replies) 05/29/2014 on WWZ +6
#37 - AnonymousDonor (05/29/2014) [-]

its almost annoying when the authors get super descriptive like take three paragraphs explaining how a house or a person looks because as soon as theyre introduced i've already formed the image of the person/thing in my head (based loosely on experiences) and they...they try so hard to make it real but really theyre just making it harder for me to stick with my original templates
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#70 - unusualember (05/29/2014) [-]
That's why I dislike movies. Instead of allowing me to imagine what a person looks like or sounds like, the movie experience forces me more or less to except the producer's idea of said person. Granted, they're usually not that far off from what I was picturing, but still.
#7006 - **unusualember rolled image **  [+] (1 reply) 05/28/2014 on *roll picture* 0
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#7013 - unusualember (05/28/2014) [-]
A raccoon is fine too.